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Long Family of North Georgia

Montgomery County, North Carolina
Formed 1779 from Anson County

research note: this is a burned county

1779 Anson Abstract. Petition to form Montgomery County from Anson....[begin long list]...James Long. [list includes Peter Watts, David Watts, Wm. Watts, Wm Pickett, John Short and many others]

1784 Abstract - James Long enters 100 acres on Big Bear Creek includes plantation where I live on both sides of creek.

James Long 100ac; warrant #412 issued Jul 16 1785 by John Crump to James Long for 100 ac on Big Bear Creek and includes "plantation" where said Long lives; 100 ac surveyed Nov 18 1785 by Edmd Lilly on Big Bear Cr and includes the plantation; border: begins at Sherwood Roland's white oak line tree on E bank of the creek "just" below a small field and crosses the creek; Augustine Roland and James Long Jr, chain carriers; Grant #417 issued Aug 7 1787. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Sion Holland 200 ac; warrant #472 issued mar 4 1787....on Running Cr waters of Bear Creek joins Richard Almon's line runs westward through the fork of said creek adn includes a small improvement; surveyed Nov 30 1787 Thomas Motley and James Long, chain carriers; grant #536 issued Nov 17 1790. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Sherwood Roland 50 ac warrant #440 issued Sept 15 1785 in the fork of Bear Creek and joins his own line; surveyed Nov 18 1785 by Edmund Lilly in the fork of Bear Creek border: begins at sd Rowland's corner post oak, joins a small poind and crosses the creek Augustine Rowland and James Long Jr chain carriers; grant #410 issued Aug 7 1787. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Thomas Motley 100 ac warrant #1539 issued Jan 3 1795 on waters of Meadow Creek includes his own improvement and near the county line; surveyed Feb 1 1796 by J. Christian on SW side of Peedee River and on waters on Meadow Creek border begins at a pine near Rocky River path; Bonner Bird and Peter Long chain carriers; grant #1600 issued Jun 7 1799. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt


James Long 00110 - 00301 - 00
[note this profile should represent James Long Sr who died 1802, however, he was born about 1740]

Stokes Pinyon 100 ac warrant #6526 issued Oct 7 1806 b Jos Parsons to Stokes "penyan" for 100 ac on N side of Rocky River joins David Burlison and the Turky "Rust" tract; surveyed Dec 15 1808 by Jas Chappell, Peter Long and George Tucker chain carriers; grant #2131 issued Oct 7 1809.

1808 - Grant # 1802, Montgomery NC, ent. 7 Oct 1806, sur. 15 Dec 1808, iss. 7 Oct 1809. Issued to Stokes Pinion, being 100 acres on Rocky River, “Beginning at the turkey rust tract.” The warrant is for land “joining David Burleson’s line and the Turkey Rust tract & between the same.” The metes and bounds are from a p.o (on the bank of the river, the beginning corner of the turkey rust tract) north 26 (with said turkey rust tract) to p. o., north 40 east 70 to stake, then north 65 west 75 to p. o. (corner on Love’s line) then with said line (south 82 west 146 to pine and three pine pointers (one of said Love’s corners), (with said love’s line) south 10 east 100 to small cedars and three hic. pointers (on bank of river), then down the river to begin. CC: Peter Long, George Tucker.


William Long 30010 10010
(near Henry Howell, George Cagle, Christ. Yow, Christ. Osborn -all connected to the Kiser and Long family of Cabarrus NC)

John Poplin Sr 100 ac; warrant #7151 issued Mar 5 1814 joins widow Hornshirk and includes Young Stokes improvement; surveyed Oct 30 1820 by L Simmons on SW side of Peedee River and waters of Bear Creek; border begins at William Long's corner pine; Benja Cagle and Linzy Cagle, chain carriers; grant #2659 issued Dec 22 1820

John Gilbert 150 ac; warrant #7921 issued Nov 5 1818 on SE side of Big Bear Creek joins Wm Long, John "Gilbart Lim" and Exodus Whitley; entered Sept 5 1818 surveyed Feb 14 1820 by Britain Chappell; grant #2663 issued Dec 26 1820 (sic).

[supposedly, this census is missing]


West Side Piper River
Charles Long 00001 - 0001 (age 20-30, wife age 15-20)


W. Pee Dee River
Thomas Long

1841 Stanly County formed from land west of the Pee Dee River