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Long Family of North Georgia

Cabarrus County, North Carolina
formed from Mecklenburg in 1792

See Map of Cabarrus County showing rivers and land owned by various Longs

1793. Account Ledger for John Melchior's store. Accounts for Peter Long, James Long, Senr (which names sons William, George and Peter), and for James Long Jr (which identifies two apparent slave names)

1794. Court. Third Monday in January, Ordered that letters of Administration issue on the estate of Jacob FRANCK, decd. to John LONG with Joseph SHINN, Eqr. Security in the sum of £200.[Note: Jacob Frank was a German who lived earlier in Rowan. His chain carrier for a land survey was the wealthy John Long of Rowan who died bef 1760 and who married Hester ?Cathey]

1794. Court. Third Monday in April, An inventory and Sales of the Estate of Jacob FRANC, decd. was produced by John LONG, admr. in the amount of £159.11.9.

21 Oct 1794. Petit Jury: Philip Shive, Jacob Boshard, Henry Simon, John Long, George Earnhart, Archibald M'Larty, Robert Davis, James Carrigan, Samuel Harris, Henry Pyler, James Scott, Jr., Martin Young. Trial: Jacob Mussgenug vs. James Curry. Verdict for the plaintiff. Assess damages of 38.5.6 pounds.

1794. Court. Third Monday in July, An additional return of the Estate of Jacob FRANC, decd. amounting to £21.8.9 by John LONG, admr.

[Approx] 1795 - To the honorable the general assembly of the state of North Carolina the humble petition of a number of inhabitants of the county of Cabarrus hubly showeth that whereas an act of aembly paed 1792 for dividing the county of Mecklenburgh and has in the Sixth Section of said act appointed a certain number of men to fix ont he most central place for erecting the public buildings in said county.....[list of petitioners]

John Long pg 1; (next to Jacob Barnhardt)

separate piece of paper

James Long pg 5; (next to John Long, Watts, Smith, Garmon, Howell, Freeman, Bonner Bird, etc
John Long
George Long
; (5 names down from James and John Long)

1795. Court. Wednesday, July 22, A settlement of the estate of Jacob FRANCK, decd. by the Admr. John LONG. Amount in the whole £180.3.0, as per vouchers filed £27.9.9. Balance in the Adminstr. hands £152.13.3.

1795. Court. Wednesday, October 21, A settlement of the estate of Jacob FRANC, decd. by John LONG, admr. Amount of sales £180.3.0. As per vouchers filed £27.9.9. Remains in the Admrs. hands £152.13.3.

1795 Tuesday April 21 Court - Ordered by the court that William Long an orphan child be bound to Michael Kline to be taught the art and mystery of a mason until he attains the age of twenty one years being now.

1796 Frederick Long plantation adjacent Rowan County line

1796 Names found in Freemason lists and documents: Stokes No. 32 Concord: John Long

1797 Names found in Freemason lists and documents: Stokes No. 32 Concord: Joseph Long (who is this? Joseph Long s/o John Long of Cabarrus was born about this same time. A Joseph Long m Catherine Phillips in 1793 Rowan and was on 1800 Rowan census. Some connect this Joseph Long to David Long rev. soldier b. 1758 Bedford Va. More Note: John Long of Coldwater Creek in Cabarrus named a son David.)

1798 Peter Long lives adjacent Bonner Bird, Wm Newell, John Watt on Watery Branch, Canadey's Branch and Long Branch.

Bonner Bird of Cabarrus to Thomas Ingram of same. 18 Dec 1798 - 50L. Land situate ont he watery branch and on Canadeys Branch and on the Long Branch joining William Newels lines, Bonner Birds and Peter Longs and his own and John Wattses lines containing 115 acres <s> Bonner (his X mark) Bird, Wit: James Little, George Tucker. Recorded Jan 1799.

1799 Court. July 15, Jacob FRANK dec's. Division of land among legatees by jury of John DUCK, John LONG, Samuel SHINN, Sr., Henry FURRER, Joseph SHINN. Report next session. John, Joseph, Susannah, Margaret - orphans of Jacob FRANK. John RIEDLING, guardian. Elias HOUSE, sec.

1799 Henry Long ...adjacent to Henry and Peter Simon, Andrew Crusse on Shaney Wolf Branch

1799 Frederick Kizer to James Long 50 acres on Rocky River....wit: George Kizer Sr, George Kizer Jr.(note: Frederick Kiser was uncle to Eliz Kizer Long, wife of George Long. George Kizer Sr & Jr was her father and brother)

Frederick Kiser to James Long 5 June 1799

L25. 50 acres lying on the waters of the Rockey River beginning at [Sin blow below the fifsing] on the bank of the river S80E54 black oak N80E50 black oak N20W20 pine N50 the p line to Joseph Howels branch thence down the various courses of the branch to the river then down the various courses to the beginning containing 50 acres. <s> Fred. Kiser. Wit: George Kiser Senior, George Kiser, Junior. Recorded April 1802.

1800 Cabarrus Census


John Long pg698 
George Long pg697
James Long pg695
Peter Long pg 693


2 1 1 1 -
- - 1 - -
2 - - 1 -
2 - - 1 -


3 2 2 1 - (2 slaves)  
1 - 1 - -
2 - - 1 -
1 - - 1 -

1800 Gold was discoverd by little Conrad Reed, 12 year old son of John Reed, Hessian soldier. The website editor believes the Longs of Burke NC and North Ga may have been involved in gold mining. They seemed to live in places where gold mining was very active. Conrad Reed lived next door to George Long in 1810 Cabarrus census. Conrad Reed was 1st cousin to Elizabeth Kiser who married George Long. George Long was living adjacent John Reed in
1800 Cabarrus census. See NC state account of the Reed mine.

1800 Jan 7 Bond Date - Bride: Elezebeth Orsburn, Groom: Henry Smith, Bond Date: 07 Jan 1800, County: Cabarrus, Record #: 02 181, Bondsman: Peter Long X, Witness: James Little, Bond #: 000010105

1800 Apr Jurors for next court [Capt.] Blackwalter: Jacob Misenhimer, John Long, Alexander McLarty

1800 Petition from residents of Cabarrus County living near Melchior's Mill to the NC legislature requesting matters relating to fishing around the mill and his dam. [list] John Long....George Long...Peter Long.

1801 State of NC vs William Long

1801 Sep 22 Bond Date - Bride: Prudy Long, Groom: John Mathews, County: Cabarrus, Record #: 02 131, Bondsman: Peter Long X.,Witness: John Simianer, Bond #: 000009153 Query at Genforum: John Matthews b.ca 1780 married to Prudence(Long?) b.1790 moved to Macon/Jackson Co NC in ca.1820 had daughter Sally b.1827 in Macon county. Other names that might be sons are: Peter,James,William,Matthews. John and Prudence are listed on 1850 Macon Co.Cullawhee Twp. NC census at household 799-814. I need to know anything at all concerning these two. What were parent's names and full list of children.They possibly spent some time in Burke Co.NC before coming to western NC. - Roger Mathis - John Mathews and wife appear in 1810 Buncombe census both age 26-45 next to Peter and Anthony Presley.

1802 Jan Court . James Long dec'd last will and testament proven by George and Mary [Dove] Kizer [father and mother of Eliz Kizer Long, wife of George Long]. Letter of testamentary to James Long. [note: "In 1875, a courthouse fire destroyed some records, including most of the original wills. The surviving original wills were principally for testators with surnames beginning with the letters H. M, W, and Y. At a later date, these surviving wills were copied into Will Book A. Many of the original wills are missing."]

1802 Jan 21 Jurors for next court term [Capt.] Charles Blackwalter: Charles Blackwalter, Mathias Phifer, John Long

1802 April Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: deed recorded between Frederick Kizer to James Long

1802 April Court. Bill of Sale James Long, dec'd inventory and sales by James Long... L55.0.0

1802 October Court. Petit Jury List....James Long

1804 Caleb Wolf to Peter Long 60 acres on Rocky River....adjacent Garmon's line...wit: James Little, Bonner Bird

1804 Peter Long to George Kizer the land conveyed to P. Long by Caleb Wolf West side of Rocky River 60 acres acknowledged in open court by P. Long ...wit: Samuel McCurdy (note: Peter Long signed with marke described as the letter P laying on its side facing down)

1804 Nov 30 - Divorce Petition by Delila Long, wife of James Long asking to be allowed to own property in her name. Granted.

1805 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: deed recorded between Godlieb [Caleb] Wolf to Peter Long

1805 Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: deed recorded between Peter Long to George Kizer

1805 Joseph Yates to John Long 213 acres crossing Muddy Creek... adj. Widow Shelby...wit: Jonathan Culpeper, Martin Phifer

1806 Jul 17 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - Rosena Long to George M Misenheimer; Jno H Brandon sec.

1807 (signed 1800) John Shellhouse to John Long 77 acres Little Cold Water Creek...wit: Frederick Frank, John Long Jr.

1808 John Polk to George Long 100 acres west side of Rocky River...adj. Henry Cagler...wit: David Pervence, Robert Fraser [interestingly, Ann Pervine, dau of William Pervine and 1st cousin of this David Perviance married a George Long. Nothing more known]

John Polk to Geo Long 4 Apr 1808 - $160. On the W side of Rockey River and bounded as follows. Begins at a WO on the bank of the Rivers, Henry Cagles corner and runs then N39W134 pole to a RO then N57W68 pole to a PO then N44E98 pole to a stake thence S56E142 pole to a PO thence along a hollow 35E12 pole to a WO then S56E64 pole to a BO on the River bank thence down the river as it meanders to the beginning containing 100 acres

1808 Henry Kagle of Montgomery County to George Long of Montgomery County 100 acres West side of Rocky River ...wit: George Stokes, James Little

Cabarrus County North Carolina
Deed Book 7, Page 131

This indenture made this 16th day of January 1808 between Henry Kagel of the County of Montgomery on the one part and George Long of the same County and State of the other part. Witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of 100 pounds lawful money of the sd (said) state in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by the sd Kagle hath given granted bargained sd lots aliened & confirmed same unto the said George Long his heirs and assigns forever all that Tract piece or parcel of land situated lying and being in the County of Cabarrus and on the west side of Rocky River, beginning at a P. O. (Post Oak) on the river bank and runs N 30 W 48 poles ( North 30 degrees West, 48 Poles) to a stump near a house thence with Rivers line N 48 W 166 poles to a stake in sd line thence N 54 E 80 poles to a P. O. thence S 57 E 60 poles to a Red Oak then S 39 E 134 poles to a Water Oak on the bank of the river thence down the river as it meanders to the beginning containing by survey one hundred acres more or less ------- (the usual legal stuff following)---------- Witness whereof the said Henry Kagle hath hereto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written .
Henry HK Kagle

January Session 1809
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of:
George Stokes
James Little

1808 Jul 8 Deed Book 7, pp. 206-207 Grantors: Jacob, John & Joseph Frank the heirs of Jacob Frank deceased of the County of Cabarrus Grantee: Isaac Blackwalder (of Cabarrus Co.) 147 acres of land in Cabarrus Co. “on a branch of Little Coldwater Creek on the east side thereof . . . Michael Stoughs corner . . . Henry Furrs line . . . John Dukes corner . . .Phillip Barnharts line”. Signed John Frank & Joseph Frank. Witness: John Long, Senr. Recorded: Jan Session 1810

1809 Mar 27 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - Peter Earnhardt to Elizabeth Furr; Jno Long sec

1810 Jun 4 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - Peter Earnhardt to Peggy Barbrick; Jno Long sec.

1810 Cabarrus Census


John Long

George Long

James Long

D. Long


2 1 1 1 1

- - - 1 -

3 - 1 - 1


1 3 - 1 - (3 slaves)

3 - 1 - -

1 3 - 1 -

(Where is Peter Long in 1810? He appears in 1814 Buncombe County deed)

1811 July. Members List of Meadow Creek Baptist Church (today in Stanly County): James Long, Delilah Long, Polly Long (wife of Peter Long)

1811 Jan Court: Road. To be laid off. Concord to Salisbury to join a road at Rowan line on Frederick Long's
plantation. Jury: Martin Blackwelder

1811 Michael Howel and Geo Reed to George Long of Cabarrus West side of Rocky River ...wit: Henry Howal, Geo Kizer [Michael and Henry Howell are brother-in laws of John Kizer, brother of Eliz Kizer Long, wife of George Long]

1812 War of - Muster Roll for Cabarrus

John Long, 3rd Sergeant

George Long, private

1812 Apr 22 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bond Martha Long to Matthias Bostian; David Long sec

1813 John Long Sr to Samuel Shinn...Little Cold Water Creek ...adj Jacob Joiles...wit: John Long Jr, Joseph Long.

1813 Mar 9 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bond - David Long to Peggy Andrew; Alex Holley sec:

1814 James Long to Edmond Smith [married Marg. Howell, sister to Henry and Michael Howell] 50 acres East Bank of Rocky River...wit: John Kizer [brother-in law to Edmond Smith], Evan Howell [brother-in-law]

James Long to Edmund Smith 28 Dec 1814 - $150. Bounded as follows: beginning at a line on the east bank of Rocky River below the fishing shoal thence S80E54 poles to a BO then N80E50 poles to a BO, N20W20 to a pine N50 the sett line to Joseph Howels branch down the various courses of sd branch to the river thence down the river the various courses to the beginning containing 50 acres <s> James (his mark) Long. Wit: John Kiser, Evan Howell. Recorded July 1821.

1815 Nov 15 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - Phereby Long to Jno McNeely Wallace (Aaron Wallace); Hugh Wallace sec.

1820 Cabarrus Census


George Long p 148 




00001 (1 slave)

1820 July 25. Western Carolinian (newspaper) Letters remaining at the post office at Concord, Cabarrus County [list] James Long

1822 Oct 14 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - John Long to Margaret Smith; David Storke sec.

1823 Jan 20 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - Henry Long to Catherine Suther; M. Hunt sec.

1826 Feb 4 Cabarrus Co Marriage Bonds - Henry Long Jr to Catherine Bost; G. H. Swearingen sec.

6 Feb 1826 Cabarrus NC, Deed 12-345, prv’d Apr 1826. George Cagle to George Kiser. Being 170 acres. Wit: George Long, Elizabeth (X) Long.

1828 From email of Eddie Hyland:

"The following article is about Elizabeth Kiser (27 Aug 1771- 27 Apr 1828) who married George Long. There were no children of Elizabeth Kiser and George Long. They were members of Meadow Creek Baptist Church in Stanly Co., NC according to Elaine Walsh research. No other information on George Long. Elizabeth was daughter of George Alexander Kiser Sr. (11 Mar 1754-11 Mar 1830) and Mary Dove (1756-27 Apr 1836). George Kiser purchased land from Peter Long Cabarrus Co.Deed Book 5 Pg 191. Elizabeth was murdered by one of her fathers slaves. The following story was copied from a newspaper article:

Shocking Murder - We learn, that on Sunday, the 27th ult. Mrs. Long, wife of Mr. George Long of Cabarrus county, was killed by a negro fellow belonging to her father, Mr. George Kiser. The fellow bore a bad character, and had been forbidden, by Mrs. Long, to visit her house, which he had been in the habit of doing clandestinely, for the purpose of seeing a negro girl belonging to the family. He consequently determined upon revenge; and on Sunday, about 3 o'clock, while Mrs. Long was passing alone along the road to her father's, the negro rushed from an ambush where he had been, lying all day, seized and strangled Mrs. L. with two handkerchiefs, tying one round her neck and stuffing the other in her mouth. The fellow was apprehended the same day, and confessed the murder. The negro girl was also apprehended as an "accessory before the fact" she having furnished the fellow with food while he was lying in wait, and being privy to his designs on Mrs. L.'s life. They were both put in prison, and will be tried at the superior court which sits this week in Concord. Source:Western Carolinian RRsw newspaper Tues. 13 May 1828 from 1820-1829 Abstracts NC Raleigh Newspaper Vol. II page 424 (item 3514)"

1828 North Carolina Criminal Executions


1830 Cabarrus Census


David Long
Henry Long





1833 Apr 6 Carolina Watchman (newspaper) List of letters remaining at the post office in Concord Cabarrus Co as of April 1 [list] George Long

General Information & Lists

Cabarrus Estate Records found at the NC Archives

Long, Bennie (?), 1919

Long, David, 1838

Long, Frances (Francis) S., 1907

Long, George W., 1905 or 1906

Long, Henry, 1857

Long, Jacob G., 1891

Long, James J., 1855

Long, James W., 1895

Long, John A., 1874

Long, John M., 1888

Long, Margaret, 1869

Rocky River Land Plat Map
The hard work of George Thomas

10. Deed 5-190, Cabarrus NC, 17 Feb 1804, prv’d ____. Calip Wolfe to Peter Long. Being 60 acres, the metes and bounds are: from ash (on the bank of the river at the mouth of Meeting House Branch) south 5 east 16 to large w. o. (Kiser’s corner), (with his line) south 70 west 66 to pine (at his corner), (his other line) south 48 to pine, south 75 west 104 to pine, north 64 west 18 to p. o. sapling (in Michael Garmon’s line, north 58 east 48 to p. o. (Garmon’s corner), (with this other line) 70 poles to two pines on branch, then down the Meeting House Branch to the begin. Jurat: James Little, (Bonner (x) Bird.

Deed 5-194, Cabarrus NC, 26 Oct 1795, prv’d ____. George Graham Esq., late sheriff of Mecklenburg to Calib Wolf by his agent Charles T. Alexander. Being two tracts. The first of which contains 60 acres “which was conveyed from Calib Wolf to Peter Long. Beginning at an ash at the mouth of Meeting House Branch & runs courses… (turn back to page 190).” The second tract -------------------------- Wit: Charles T. Alexander, David Kiser.

Deed 5-191, Cabarrus NC, 1 Aug 1804, prv’d Jan 1805. Peter (x) Long to George Kiser. Being 60 acres at the mouth of Meeting House Branch. Wit: Samuel McCurdy.

Deed 6-44, Cabarrus NC, 22 Oct 1805, Oct 1805. George Kiser to David Kiser. This 60 acres is the second of two tracts conveyed. The first tract is for 53 acres adjoining tract two. (See 1-164 above). Wit: Mark Kiser, Esther ( ^ ) Keiser.

17. Deed 3-301, Cabarrus NC, 14 Apr 1800, prv’d ____. Allen Freeman and his wife to Elizabeth, Mary, and Nancy Freeman, heirs of Clayborn Freeman, deceased. Being 100 acres on Muddy Creek and Rocky River. Wit: Gideon Freeman, Thomas Love.

Deed 8-70, Cabarrus NC, 27 Aug 1811, prv’d Jan 1812. Michael Howell & George Reed to George Long, being 100 acres “on the west side of Rocky River below Muddy Creek joining his own line. Wit: Henry Howell, Jurat: George Kiser.

18. Deed 4-283, Cabarrus NC, 3 Apr 1802, prv’d Jan 1804. Thomas (W) Wallace of Anson NC to John Polk. Being 100 acres on the west side of Rocky River. The metes and bounds are from a w. o. (on the river bank, Henry Cagle’s corner) north 39 west 134 to r. o., north 57 west 68 to p. o., north 44 east 98 to stake, south 56 east 142 to p. o., (along a hollow) south 35 east 12 to w. o., south 56 east 64 to b. o. (on bank of river), then down the river to begin. Wit: Henry (HK) Cagle. Jurat: William Polk.

Deed 7-82, Cabarrus NC, 4 Apr 1808, prv’d Apr 1808. John (I) Polk of Anson to George Long, being 100 acres. Wit: Robert Purser. Jurat: David Purviance.

19. Deed 7-125, Cabarrus NC, 16 Apr 1802, prv’d Jan 1809. Allen (A) Freeman of Mecklenburg to Henry Kagle. Being 100 acres adjoining George Kiser and John Polk. Metes and bounds are from p. o. (on river bank) north 30 west 48 to stump (near a house), (with George Kiser’s line) north 48 west 166 to stake (in said line), north 54 east 80 to p. o., south 57 east 60 to r. o., south 39 east 134 to w. o. (on bank of river), then down river to begin. Wit: Jacob (X) Steward. Jurat: John (I) Polke

Deed 7-131, Cabarrus NC, 16 Jan 1808, prv’d Jan 1809. Henry (HK) Kagle of Montgomery NC to George Long of same county. Being 100 acres. Wit: George Stokes, Jas. Little.

18 & 19. Deed 11-289, Cabarrus NC, 14 Apr 1830. Moses Archibald to Seneca Turner. “Whereas on the 20th day of Oct 1829, the said Archibald was joined in marriage with Ferebe J. Wallace, his present wife & the said Ferebe J. Wallace aforesaid was indebted at the time of her marriage with said Archibald ….in heritance from her father and former deceased husband …on eht west side of Rocky River. This deed is for the two tracts 18 & 19 on the key map.