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Long Family of North Georgia

Anson County, North Carolina
Formed 1750 from Bladen County

Note: Most of the abstracts below relate to the part of Anson County which became Richmond County or near the Richmond boundary which remained within Anson. Also note that many of the families mentioned below are from Orange/Augusta VA: Pickets, Robertson/Robinson, William Terry was from Lunenburg VA. The families around Cartledge Creek migrated to Anson/Richmond from Maryland

Research targets:

1. James Long of Cabarrus - Probably born about 1740. Will proven in 1802 Cabarrus court with letters of admin granted to James Long Jr.[will - not found] He is the progenitor of the Longs of Burke NC etc. Signed 1779 petition as a resident of Anson County to form Montgomery County. Lived on Bear Creek, Montgomery Co in 1784. Children attended Meadow Creek Baptist Church.

2. James Long, carpenter of Little River - died before 1772. Married Elizabeth (who probably married ___McDowell next). "Orphan" children named: Walter Long, Short Long. Little River is opposite the Pee Dee from Browns Creek and just north of the area settled by John Long of Cartledge Creek. This is a Richmond County family. Involved with same families who are later connected with James Long who married Francis Watkins of Richmond County, son of Benjamin Long.

3. James Long of Flat Fork - Wife Elizabeth. Appears in land records as living on Flat Fork of Brown Creek from 1777 to at least 1814. (land remained in Anson Co.) Was "of Mecklenburg County" in 1780.

4. John Long, blacksmith of Cartledge Creek (became Richmond Co in 1779) - Wife Mary. This is a Richmond Co. family. Appears in Anson records as early as 1758. Signed petition in 1779 to form Richmond Co from Anson. Appears in 1790 and 1800 Richmond census. Involved with numerous families who migrated from Maryland settling at Cartledge Cr.

5. John Long of Coldwater Creek - Born 1758. Wife Mary. This is a Cabarrus family with connections to Old Crystal Springs presbyterian church across boundary in Rowan County. Children are identified including a son, David Long. Involved with the Shinn family.

6. Capt. John Long of Long Creek - This is a western Mecklenburg family. Presbyterians. Supposedly born in Antrim Ireland. Died 1799 age 55. Rev. War soldier. Signed regulator petition. Wife supposedly Elizabeth Shields, but an "Agnes" Long was named his relict and left a 1801 will with children named.

7. James Long of Buffalo Creek. Probably related or the same person as other Longs who lived on the Anson/Richmond Co border. Documents mentioning Buffalo Creek are referring to the area on the Richmond border, not the creek of the same name in Cabarrus Co. (as confirmed by where the Auld family lived)


1757 Oct 24 Page 99: Richard Dermund of Anson, laborer, to John Mesho of same, planter for (pounds) proc. money. . .100 A, part of a grant to sd. Demund (sic), 27 Sept 1756 on Mill Creek. . . Richard Dermund (D) (SEAL), Wit: John Long, John Brown (sign), James Lewis  [note: this area is in the southeast corner of Anson toward the SC border]
1757 Oct 27 Page 154: Richard Dermund of Anson, labourer, to James Lewis of same, trader, for (pounds) 50 proc. money. . . land granted to Dermond 27 Sept 1757, 200 A on S side Mill Cr. . .Richard Dermund (D) (SEAL), Wit: Jno Brown (sign), Jno Misho, Jno Long
1758 Oct 3. DB Vol 6 p 34-35. William Blewett and Edmund Cartledge to John Husband. Land E side of Pee Dee R. Patent to Blewett Sept 1748. Wit: John Long , George Martin. (#4)
1760 Dec 5. Patent Book 15 p 327. NC Grant to John Long. 120 ac in Anson on N side of Pee Dee River adj: John Cole, George Martin, Thomas Mason and land Cole bought of Edmund Cartledge on S fork of Cartledges Creek. (#4)
1761 Nov 20. DB Vol 6 p 377-8. Francis Ashley, planter of Anson to James Long , Carpenter of same, 100 acres on West side of Little River of Pee Dee. adjacent: Jordan Ashley. Part of the grant to John Ashley and conveyed to sd Francis. Wit: Henry Touchstone, Christopher Touchstone. [note: the Ashley family migrated to Anson from Bertie NC and then afterward to SC] (#2)
1761 Apr 17. DB Vol 6 p 18-19. John Long and wife Mary of Anson, blacksmith to John Cole of same, yeoman. 120 ac on N side of S. fork of Cartledges Creek, John Coles upper line, land he bought of Edmd Cartledge, Thomas Mason's land, George Martins land granted 5 Dec 1760. Wit: Benjamin Martin, John Cundall.  (#4)
29th May 1761 Book 6, p. 199 William Blewett of Anson County, Taylor and Sarah his wife to
Thomas Blassingin of same county Tract of land in Anson County on the South side of Cartledge Creek
beginning at a white oak - to the creed part of a tract granted to thesaid Wm Blewett March 6, 1759 beginning as a white oak on the East side of Cartledges Creek crossing a spring branch to a black jack - to a whiteoak Wm Blewett beginning - 102 acres - that the said Wm Blewett and Sarah his wife are seized thereof a good absolute and indefeasible estate of inheritance. Test: Xtopher Hunt John Long  [note: most of the families who settled on Cartledge Creek migrated from Maryland] (#4)
1762 April 24. Patent Book 15 p 426. NC Grant to John Long. 200 acres in Anson County on the N. E. Side of P. D. River, joining William Blewett, both sides of Baggots Branch near the lick branch, Edmd. Cartledge, and the bank of Cartledges Creek.  (#4)
11 October 1762, Abram Baggett of Pitt county, NC to John Long of Anson County for 20 pounds proceeds money . . . land on Bagget's [sic] Branch, a drain of Cartledge Creek, 150 acres granted to Baggett 5 December 1760. Abraham Baggett (seal). Witnesses: John Cundall, William Stunkey   (#4)
1762 Mecklenburg County formed from Anson County 
1763. July 7. DB Vol 3 p 42. John Cartrite of Anson to James Sheppard of same. Land on N side of Pee Dee. adj: James Long. Wit: Shadrach Denson, William Coleman. (#2)
1765 Jan 1. DB Vol 3 p 179-80. James Sheppard of Anson, planter to William Mask of same 3 tracts granted to James Denson 1746 and 1 tract granted to John Ashley 1746. conveyed to Francis Ashley and then to John Cartrite, then to Sheppard. Adjacent to James Long, Jordan Ashley. Signed by both James and Lucy Sheppard. Wit: Dennis Nollen, Charles Robinson.  (#2)
1765 Jan 1. DB Vol 3 p 181-82. James Long of Anson, Carpenter, to William Mask 200 acres on Little River. Part of a grant to John Ashley 1746. Adjacent Jordan Ashley. Signed James Long, Elizabeth Long wit: Dennis Nollen, Charles Robinson [note: The Mask family is a Richmond NC family originally of Goochland VA] (#2)
1765 Summons from Salisbury to Thos Boldin, James Long, Cornelius Robinson and Elinor Sutton all of your county (Anson). To appear at Superior Court 2 Sept next. Controversy Sampson Thomas, plt vs Chas Robinson deft. March 25, 1765 (#2)
1765 John and Wm Mask to Short Long  for L110 paid by James Long. We deliver to S. Long son of James Long, negro woman Nan ..wit: Dinnis Nowland, Charles Robinson. Ackn in court July 1768. [ note: Charles Robinson lived near Cheek Creek in Richmond/Montgomery Co] (#2)
[no date] Court. James Long estate, Inventory by Elizabeth Long (#2)
1766 Jan 15. DB Vol 3 p 361-2. Thomas Blassingame of  "South Carolina" to John Long of Anson land on S side of Cartledges Creek part of grant to William Blewett 6 Mar 1759 sold to Blassingame 1761. 103 ac. Wit John Cole, William Watkins. Reg July Court 1766. (#4)
1766 Jun 16. DB Vol 3 p 377-8. Thomas Blassingame of "North Carolina" yeoman to John Long, blacksmith of Anson. 200 ac on Cartledges Creek adj: William Blewett granted Apr 1762 to John Long and conveyed to Blassingame 1762. Wit: John Cole, William Watkins. Reg July Court 1766.  (#4)
1768 - William Thomas obtained two tracts of land on the NE side of Pee Dee River per Grant No. 16 for 300 acres and Grant No. 17 for 200 acres. The grants were surveyed by Robert Edwards on 28 July 1768 with the patents issued 12 December 1769 in the name of William Thomas, Jr. John Bean and John Long were chainers.  [The Thomas family migrated from Queen Anne Co MD] (#4)
18 April 1771 NC Grant to Thomas Dockery 100 acres in Anson on the N. E. side of Peedee river, joining the E. side of Cartledges Creek on the W. side of a small hollow, (a point) near the Home line of Wm Blewits survey, George Webb, John Long, Dockery’s Home Line and Longs Home line (#4)
1772 Ordered that subpoena issue agst Eliza McDowell administrator of James Long to appear to render an account of her administration (#2)
1772 July Court. appoints Wm Terry guardian to Short Long, orphan of James Long Bond: Cornelius Robertson and Wm Pickett. Ordered that William Terry take possession of orphan's estate immediately. (#2)
1772 July Court. appoints Wm Terry guardian to Walter Long, orphan of James Long, dec'd. be bound to William Terry till of lawful age, being now 16 years old to lear the trade of cordwainer. (#2)
In 1774, John Long sold three acres of land to Simon Thomas, William Covington and Thomas Dockery. This was part of the land that had been granted to William Blewett on the east side of Cartledge creek and it was to be used for a Baptist meetinghouse and burial place. (#4)
1774 Jul 23. Patent Book 26 p 62. NC Grant to James Long 100 ac in Anson on Buffelow Creek SW of Pee Dee River joining James Auld.  [note: James Auld was an attorney from Dorchester Maryland. Moved to Halifax NC in 1765, died in Anson 1782] (#7)
1774 Apr Court. Deed proven in court. Thomas Dockery and wife to Jeremiah Strother proven by John Long Jr. 
1774 Administration on estate of William Watts, dec'd granted to John Watts with bond, John Preslar, James Long [note: according to Watts family descendants, a Nancy Long b ~1760 married a John Watts in Anson NC]
1775 Apr Court. Deed proven in court. John Richardson to James Ray proven by John Long Jr.  
1775 William Terry guardian of Short Long returned account and balance due ward (#2)
1775 Proven Estate of Shact Long (Short?). John Auld Clerk (#2)
1777 Petition to the NC legislature by the residents of Anson to divide the county by the Pee Dee River. [list] John Long Sr, John Long Jr (next to each other on list) (#4)
1777 Aug - DB 7 p196. Frederick Bass and wife Olive of Anson County to James Long of same. 200 acres on SW side of Pee Dee River and on Flat fork of Brown Creek; border a white oak on lower bank of the creek about 2 miles above James Stevens' survey; granted Dec 24 1770 by the King to Shadrach Denson who sold to Frederick Bass. [both Bass and wife signed] Wit: Shardrach Denson and Isaac Belyeu.[note: Frederick Bass is part of a known free mulatto and Nansemond indian family] (#3)
1777 John Chiles overseer of road to Charles_____ with Wm Terry, _____Long, James Pickett, J. Douglass, Thomas Douglas, John Booth, John Newton, Jas Vanderford, Wm Yew, Wm Ross, John Hendricks, Andrew Ross, Richard James, Dan'l Vine, Joseph Ingram.
1778 Court. Joshua Morgan enters land on Buffaloe Creek includes James Long House. (#7)
1778 Court. Frederick Bass enters 600 acres in Anson on Great Flatt fork of Brown Creek border James Long's upper line (#3)
1778 Aug - DB 4 p24. James Long and wife Elizabeth of Anson County to Frederick Bass of same 30 acres on SW side of Pee Dee River and on Flat fork of Brown Creek; border James Long's second line; part of 200 ac granted Dec 24 1770 by the King to Sadrach Denson and "since conveyed as by Anson Co records will appear"; except half of gold and silver mines and quit rents. signed James Long's mark "I L" [note the "I" contains a strikethrough]. Elizabeth does not sign. Wit: Moses White, Shadrach Denson and George Jowers. (#3)
1779 Grant 1147 pg 192. Francis Shula. 3 Sep 1779 200 ac on SW side of Pee Dee River and on both sides of Buffalow Cr joining James Long and James Auld. (#7)
1779 Sept - DB 4 p15. NC Grant 1214 pg 259. Josh Morgan 3 Sep 1779. 150 ac SW of Pee Dee River on the Flatt Fork of Brown Creek joining Geo Belyen [Belyeu] James Long and Burwell Lenair (#3)
1779 Sept - DB 4 p13. NC Grant 1288 pg 333 to Burwell Lanier dated 3 Sep 1779. 300 ac on SW side of Pee Dee River on the head of Flatt Fork of Brown's Creek joining Micajah Stinson, James Long, and a line of marked trees. (#3)
1779 Petition to the NC legislature by the residents of Anson to form Montgomery County ...[begin long list]...James Long. [list includes Peter Watts, David Watts, Wm. Watts, Wm Pickett, John Short and many others] (#1)
1779 Petition to the NC legislature by the residents of Anson to divide the county by the Pee Dee River. [list] John Long Sr, John Long Jr [note: this is likely the 2nd petition since 1777 to form Richmond County] (#4)
1779 Montgomery County formed from Anson County 
1779 Richmond County formed from Anson County
1780 Feb - DB 4 p26. James Long of Mecklenburg County to Ralph Vickers of Anson 170 ac on SW side of the Pee Dee River and on Flat fork of Brown Creek; border: lower bank of the creek about 2 miles above James Stephens' survey and second line of said Long's land; except 30 ac sold by "said" to Fredk Bass; part of 200 acres granted Dec 24 1770 by the King to Shadrach Denson; except half of gold and silver mines and quit rents. Signed James Long's mark "ok" [sic] Wit: Shadrach Denson and John Hardy.   (#3)
1783 Estate of Willim Leaks paid [list] ...John Long...Wm Pickett, Mr. Mask...

1790 Anson Census

Josiah Long      1 2 - - -

Margaret Long - 1 1 - -

Nancy Long     - - 1 - -

Reubin Long    1 - - - -

1790 Mecklenburg Census

John Long     1 1 5 - -

Henry Long   3 2 4 - -

James Long   1 - 2 - -

Capt John Long 3 2 3 - 1

1790 Richmond Census

James Long      1 1 - - -

Mary Long       1 3 - - -

Benjamin Long 1 1 1 - -

John Long        2 3 2 - -  

Note: Nancy Long of Anson lives next to Frederick Bass Jr. (see above abstracts for James Long). She is likely the "Cherokee indian", Nancy Bird, wife of Josiah Long living alone as was often the custom. However, her indian ancestry is suspect. The census enumerator would have identifed her as 00010 if she was "other free", as they did Frederick Bass Jr. Reuben and Josiah Long appear to live in the same area - and live by persons who owned land in Brown's Creek area (same as James Long above) 
1793 Jan - DB C2 p142 Ralph Vickers of South Car. to William Johnson of Anson. Some time past Vickers sold Jameson 670 ac in 4 tracts on Flat fork of Brown Creek 1) 280 ac on the branches of Flat fork of Brown Cr; border: Fredrick Bass, sd Vickers, George Belyew, John Williamson and Isaac Belyew; granted Oct 14 1783 to Ralph Vickers 2) 150 ac on Flat fork of Brown Cr; border: begins at George Belyeu's corner pine, joins James Long and Burwell Lanier; surveyed Apr 27 1778 by Wm Love for Joshua Morgan who sold to Ralph Vickers; 3) 170 ac on Flat fork of Brown Cr; border: begins at a large white oak on lower bank of the fork about .5 miles above James Stephens' survey; excluding 30 ac sold by James Long to Fredrick Bass; and 4)..... (#3)
1796 Feb - DB E p4 Francis Smith of Anson to Stephen Hyde of same. 100 ac begins at James Auld's third corner stake of his survey; "granted" to Francis Smith by will of "Francis deceased"' surveyed Jul 28 1773 for James Long. Wit Wm Threadgill, Joseph Colson and John Kendall.  (#7)
1797 Jan - DB E p264. Francis Smith to Sarah Ferril 150 ac on SW side of Pee Dee River; border: begins at 3 pines in James Long's first corner and "James alls" third corner, joins Long's second corner and crosses the creek part of 200 acres granted Oct 17 1778 to Francis Smith Wit: Wm Howlett and John Kendall.   (#7)
1797 Jan - DB E p265. Francis Smith of Anson County to Lewis Atkins of same 50 ac on SW side of Pee Dee River; border: begins at a stake ...3 pines in James Long's first corner and James Auld's third corner, and fourth line of said 200 ac survey part of 200 ac granted Oct 1 1778 to Francis Smyth. Wit: Wm Howlet and John Kendall. [note: James Auld was an attorney from Dorchester Maryland. Moved to Halifax NC in 1765, died in Anson 1782] (#7)


Josiah Long Jr. 10110 - 12010 00 p 201 [lives 1810 in Lincoln and 1820 in Mecklenburg]

Josiah Long Sr. 00101 - 00000 00 p 201

Reuben Long 10100 - 1 ???? ?? p 200 [illegible] note: this name is at the bottom of page 200 near Josiah Long who is enumerated at the top of the next page. It is clearly "Reuben" and almost certain to be "Long". This name was not indexed as Reuben Long.

These names are enumerated in the same area as found in the 1790 census (same neighbors) 


Adam Long

Rebecca Long

Reuben Long  

1814 Mar - DB V p41 Emanuel Coatney [Courtney] of Anson to Benjamin May of same 147 ac on West side of Flat Fork of Brown Creek; border begins at James Long's corner white oak on the bank of Flat Fork, joins Pickett, James Long, Stephen Courtney's second corner and Daniel Gould.  Wit: James Gray and Solomon Boggan.(#3)

1815 Anson Tax List

Rebeka Long 75 ac, $75, 0wp - Capt Hough's
Adam Long 649 ac, $500, 1wp - Capt Vann's

Anson 1820  Census




1824 Feb - DB V p24 David Cuthbertson, attorney for Wm Johnson of Anson to Henry and John Higler; 300 ac on waters of Crooked Cr begins at a sweet gum near Co Br near Crooked Cr joins Pennion, head of a spring, another spring, and John Polk; Wit: James Long