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 This website specifically researches the ancestry of members of the Long family who lived at various times in Fannin County, Gilmer County, and Union County Georgia. It also researches their relatives who lived primarily in Jackson and Graham County North Carolina as well as those who lived in Blount County Tennessee. Other miscellaneous Long families are also profiled to help provide clarity.

Thank you for sending your research findings, family stories, and family photos for all to share.

 Long Surname DNA News

Update (August 10, 2017) Research for the Long family ancestry featured at this website has hit a brickwall. Since many other Long families are well researched back into time, DNA testing is a very intriguing possible solution. Several male descendants of Peter Long Sr and one from James Long Sr (of Burke Co NC) have submitted DNA to the Long surname DNA project. We'll keep you informed as more test results get posted.

New to the website:

1 December 2014

Thanks to Sherri for sending along the following original documents, descendants of Drury W Long of Fannin Co GA, lived Gordon Co GA

Gordon GA
Drury W Long Sr 1947
Rev. Bunion Long 1997
Drury W Long Jr 1983
John W Long 1964


Fannin GA
Drury W. Long to Mary Puckett 1883


30 May 2014

I have completely updated the lineage of Peter Long of Fannin Co GA (married Nancy Mashburn)

September 17, 2010

Posted new DNA results for descendants of Peter Long of Fannin Co GA (son of James Long of Burke Co) match those from descendants of Peter Long who lived Cabarrus, Buncombe, Macon, Haywood Counties NC. James Long of Burke Co and Peter Long were brothers, so the new DNA results only confirm what we have come to learn through records

New Longs descended from Peter Long (James Long II)

Kit: 120822 haplotype: R1b1 (match to both 44396 and 79068)
Marker Results
13 23 14 10 12 14 12 12 12 13 13 28

(144) Joe Long #120822 The most distant Long ancestor is James R. Long 1760-1842 from Cabarrus, Co, NC and Burke Co, NC. He married “Delilah”>son is Peter Long-Burke, Co., who married Nancy Mashburn. Peter and Nancy Long are buried in Fannin County, Georgia.

July 30, 2010 - Added the following land records for Montgomery Co NC

James Long 100ac; warrant #412 issued Jul 16 1785 by John Crump to James Long for 100 ac on Big Bear Creek and includes "plantation" where said Long lives; 100 ac surveyed Nov 18 1785 by Edmd Lilly on Big Bear Cr and includes the plantation; border: begins at Sherwood Roland's white oak line tree on E bank of the creek "just" below a small field and crosses the creek; Augustine Roland and James Long Jr, chain carriers; Grant #417 issued Aug 7 1787. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Sion Holland 200 ac; warrant #472 issued mar 4 1787....on Running Cr waters of Bear Creek joins Richard Almon's line runs westward through the fork of said creek adn includes a small improvement; surveyed Nov 30 1787 Thomas Motley and James Long, chain carriers; grant #536 issued Nov 17 1790. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Sherwood Roland 50 ac warrant #440 issued Sept 15 1785 in the fork of Bear Creek and joins his own line; surveyed Nov 18 1785 by Edmund Lilly in the fork of Bear Creek border: begins at sd Rowland's corner post oak, joins a small poind and crosses the creek Augustine Rowland and James Long Jr chain carriers; grant #410 issued Aug 7 1787. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Thomas Motley 100 ac warrant #1539 issued Jan 3 1795 on waters of Meadow Creek includes his own improvement and near the county line; surveyed Feb 1 1796 by J. Christian on SW side of Peedee River and on waters on Meadow Creek border begins at a pine near Rocky River path; Bonner Bird and Peter Long chain carriers; grant #1600 issued Jun 7 1799. - Montgomery Co Land Warrants and Surveys 1778-1833, by Dr. A.B.Pruitt

Stokes Pinyon 100 ac warrant #6526 issued Oct 7 1806 b Jos Parsons to Stokes "penyan" for 100 ac on N side of Rocky River joins David Burlison and the Turky "Rust" tract; surveyed Dec 15 1808 by Jas Chappell, Peter Long and George Tucker chain carriers; grant #2131 issued Oct 7 1809.

John Poplin Sr 100 ac; warrant #7151 issued Mar 5 1814 joins widow Hornshirk and includes Young Stokes improvement; surveyed Oct 30 1820 by L Simmons on SW side of Peedee River and waters of Bear Creek; border begins at William Long's corner pine; Benja Cagle and Linzy Cagle, chain carriers; grant #2659 issued Dec 22 1820

John Gilbert 150 ac; warrant #7921 issued Nov 5 1818 on SE side of Big Bear Creek joins Wm Long, John "Gilbart Lim" and Exodus Whitley; entered Sept 5 1818 surveyed Feb 14 1820 by Britain Chappell; grant #2663 issued Dec 26 1820 (sic).



Nov 28, 2009 - Added the death certificate for George W. Long (d 1930) son of Drury Long of Fannin Co GA.

June 11 - Added a second DNA result for a descendant of Peter Long Sr of Buncombe/Macon NC
June 8 - Added a chancery lawsuit involving James and Euly Long (dau of Conrad Cansler) for
Monroe Co TN
March 23 - Added the following death certificate images

Jan 30 - Added an 1838 Macon Co NC land abstract for Gilbert Falls, father-in-law of George I. Long (d. Fannin GA). Michael Long was a witness to the document. This is also a Gilmer Co GA abstract.
Jan 5 2008 - Added the
death certificate for Nancy Jane Chambers (nee Long), born 1854 Fannin GA daughter of Peter Long and Amanda Rhoades to the lineage of Peter Long m. Nancy Mashburn.
Nov 9 - Corrected the 1850 Union GA census HH of James Long (m. Uly Cansler); Corrected the lineage info for James Long III's daughter Elizabeth Thompson
Aug 29 - Added a
death index 1919-1998 for Fannin Co GA
Aug 28 - Added a
Fannin Co GA plat map for the 7th district. Long family properties were plotted using deed descriptons.
Aug 14 - Added several abstracts for
Rabun Co GA, 1910 Noontootla census, Fannin Co GA and a few Gilmer Co GA abstracts
Aug 11 - Added
marriages 1840-60 for Union Co GA
Aug 11 - Added the grantor/grantee
deed index for the 1830-1844 Gilmer Co GA
Aug 10 - Added 1880 and 1900
census for Polk Co TN
July 18 - Added 1900
census for Noontootla area of Fannin Co GA
July 7 - Created a
Cansler surname page in the Research section. This info provides an intriguing link for the Longs of Burke NC to the Long family originally from Prince George Co. Maryland
May 22 - Added the full text of the
Will of George Long of Monroe Co TN (family went to Harlan KY). William Henry Long at times lived in Monroe TN and then Blount Co. (border change most likely)
Apr 1 - Unknown child of James R. Long (m. Polly Griggs) lived Buncomb NC, identified by descendant. Thanks to Velda Hinton for this news. More information on this
family also posted.
Feb 9 - Added Civil War service for
Jackson NC residents
Feb 9 - Opened the state of
Tennessee research area: Blount Co, Polk Co, Monroe Co - these are the counties for William Henry Long, son of James Long II of Burke NC
Jan 7 2007 - Added the lineage of
John Long of Cabarrus NC - a neighbor of James Long I, but apparently unrelated
Jan 7 2007 - Updated lineage for
James Long III of Union GA (thanks to Debbie Wolf, chief researcher on this family)
Dec 30 - Images of Rev War
pension files for Bonner Bird (possible father-in-law to Peter G. Long Sr)
July 13 - Haywood NC
deeds 1808 - 1838
July 13 -
Photo of Cyrus Lafayette Long family of Fannin GA.
July 13 -
Photo of Peter Grayson Long family of Gilmer GA
July 13 -
Photo of Elizer Newton Long family of Marshall AL
July 13 -
Photo of Joseph Crayton Long family of Fannin GA
July 13 - Numerous
"notes" on several NC pages
July 13 - Civil War
letter mentioning that "Giled Long" (Peter G. Long s/o Michael) had been wounded in battle
July 13 - 1860 Fannin GA
agriculture census data for Peter Long (m. Nancy Mashburn)
July 10 - Numerous
abstracts for Anson, Mecklenburg, and Richmond Counties in NC
July 4 - Photos of some
graves at Dial Cemetery, Fannin GA (thanks to Abigail Edgell)
July 3 -
Lineage of William Riley Long (married Lucinda) - lived Union GA in 1850 (thanks to Anthony Vinson)
July 3 - 1914
LW&T of William Riley Long of Winston Co. Alabama (son of Charles R. Long)