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The Legend of Betsy Dowdy
An Historical Tradition of the Battle of Great Bridge

"The winter of 1775 was a dark and gloomy time for the Revolutionary Patriots of Eastern Carolina. Governor Tyron had left his "palace" in New Bern secretly and hurriedly, had taken refuge on board the armed Cruizer and was stationed at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, issuing orders, fortifying the Tory feeling in the Colony, and inciting the slaves to servile insurrection. Lord Dunmore had been driven from Williamsburg Va., by popular indignation, had gone down to Norfolk, VA., and intrenched himself there. From this position he was annoying the adjacent sections of Virginia by hostile raids, and was expected to make incursions into the adjacent section of North Carolina..." read more 

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Dr. Lewis Carnegie Dowdy,

Sixth president and first chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, died Dec. 17, 2000, in Greensboro. He was 83.Dowdy was appointed acting president of A&T, then known as A&T College, in January 1962 more>>



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The following added 1 September 2015

Added a new Dowdy branch to the lineage page

42. SAMUEL DOWDY born about 1831 (or 1835) in North Carolina. He married Lucy/Leetha Cagle about 1873 in Moore County North Carolina. His children primarily stayed in the Moore County area. African American Ancestry.NEW

The following added 10 April 2014

An Amazing New Dowdy Book!!!!

Crimson Waterfall: The story of the Dowdys and six related families, by Harry Kendall Dowdy, Jr

Buy the book (and more information)

from the website:

Crimson Waterfall tells a series of gripping true stories about individuals who accomplished extraordinary things or made the best of life in spite of hard times and misfortune. There are stories about:

  • a white man who fell in love with and married a mulatto woman four years after the Civil War;
  • how the mulatto son of a white man became a plantation owner and sent many of his 21 children to college;
  • a white father who tried to leave his mulatto son an inheritance and the almost-six-year court battle that ensued;
  • a university dean/president who was at the center of first sit-ins at Greensboro, North Carolina;
  • a man who started high school at 21 and became a renowned research scientist; and
  • a black teacher who was the first to integrate an all-white public school in a small Southern town.

Harry Dowdy's book contains new information about THIS Dowdy family, which is presented on the Dowdy Family Branches website.


The following added 17 February 2014

Thanks to Diane for sending along her spectacular finding!!

Virginia Chancery Records, Prince Edward County, Index #1804-007, Heirs of Richard Dowdy vs. Administrator of Richard Dowdy, filed 1804: To the Worshipful Court of Prince Edward County sitting in Chancery, Humbly Complaining sheweth to your Worships your Orators & Oratrixes, Martin, Henry, John, Benjamin & Mary Anne Dowdy who are children of Richd Dowdy by his first wife Allen & Prudence B. Dowdy, who are children of the sd Richd by the second wife, and Martha Dowdy widow & relict of the sd Richd Dowdy, decd. That the said Richard Dowdy died on the ___ day of ___ intestate, leaving a small estate in this county, that on his death his estate descended One third to his widow & the rest to be equally divided among all the children. That at the Testators death, he left a son called Burd Dowdy a child by the second marriage that Burd Dowdy died in 1802, an infant, intestate & childless. ...
Ibid, undated list of heirs: Martin Dowdy, Henry Dowdy, John Dowdy, Benjamin Dowdy, Mary Ann Dowdy} children of Richard Dowdy by a former wife.
Bird Dowdy who died (under age) a few weeks after his father, father died in 1802, Allen Dowdy, Prudence B. Dowdy} Children of Richard Dowdy by the present Widow.
Martha Dowdy Widow of Richard Dowdy.
Ibid, inventory of Richard Dowdy, dated 16 Dec 1803, abstracted: 8 slaves, 3 horses, a yoke of steers, a bull, 7 cows, 4 yearlings, 6 sheep, 21 hogs, various farming and household items.
Virginia Chancery Records, Prince Edward County, Index #1805-011, Heirs of Richard Dowdy vs. Heirs of Richard Dowdy, filed Aug 1804, abstracted: Richard Dowdy died in Prince Edward County, possessed of 150 acres on Vaughans Creek, and leaving a widow, Martha, and eight children: Martin, Henry, John, Benjamin Dowdy, Mary Ann who has intermarried with James McNeal, by a former wife, and Allen, Prudence B., and Bird Dowdy, by the last wife. Bird Dowdy has died under age and intestate. Allen and Prudence are under the age of 21. Samuel Baulding has been appointed guardian of Allen and Prudence. Rob Kelso, administrator of Richard Dowdy's estate, is entitled to the portions of Martin, Henry, John and Benjamin Dowdy.
Virginia Chancery Records, Prince Edward County, Index #1841-043, Benjamin Dowdy, Etc. vs. James McNeal Etc., filed Apr 1828, abstracted: The heirs of Richard Dowdy, dec'd, are Benjamin Dowdy, Allen Dowdy, Martin Dowdy, and Henry Dowdy; John and Nancy Dowdy, children of John Dowdy, dec'd; Mary Ann wife of James McNeal; and Prudence wife of John M. Whorley. Richard Dowdy's widow, Martha, has died.
Martin Dowdy and Henry Dowdy are living in Lexington, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Comment by Diane: Richard Dowdy's first wife was a daughter of Henry Martin, and sister of John Martin. Henry mentions 3 daughters in his will: Amie, Drucilla, and Ann. I believe Ann was Richard Dowdy's first wife, simply because Amie and Drucilla are uncommon names that might have appeared in the family later. So take that with a grain of salt. However, Henry Martin had sons named Henry, John, and Benjamin, which are names of Richard Dowdy's sons by his first wife. Richard's sons Martin and Henry did go to Oglethorpe Co. GA, so that matches. However, Richard Dowdy himself must not have gone to Georgia, since he died in 1802 in Prince Edward Co.

The following added Sept 2012


CREED H. DOWDY s/o Albert T. and Elizabeth Dowdy, born Wilkinson Co., Miss. March 6, 1842; died Elkton, Ky. April 1, 1872; smallpox; moved to Todd Co., Ky. as a child; Confederate veteran; POW, Camp Chase during war.

The following added August 2012

Cumberland Virginia

Thanks to an email from a Cumberland Co VA Dowdy descendant, I have significantly revised the Branch 10 lineage.


The following added July 30 2010

Cumberland Co Virginia

23 Apr 1764. OB p 435 Thomas Yuille plt agst James Dowdie, Richard Dowdie, James Dowdie junior, Robt Scruggs and Wm Mills, defs. In Debt.

The following added June 20, 2009

Monroe County West Virginia


Edward Dowdy, son of a large tobacco grower living near Bedford, Va., located near Salt Sulphur Springs about 1825. He married Elizabeth Clark, granddaughter of Ralph Clark, a very early settler on Indian Creek. John H., son of Edward, is the present owner of the old stone house on Indian built by Isaac Estill. His wife is a great granddaughter of Joshua Mitchell. Her parents are J. R. and Nancy (Smith) Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Dowdy have four sons, George, Glen, Lee, and Hedley. - A history of Monroe county, West Virginia
By Oren Frederic Morton

Goochland Co VA

November Court 1741 - Wood vs Dowdy. In the action of debt between Leighton Wood plt and James Dowdy deft. Oyer is granted the deft. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

May Court 1742 - Wood vs Dowdy. In the action of debt between Leighton Wood plt and James Dowdy deft. The deft appears but failing to plead on the motion of the plt Judgment by nihil dicit is granted him for what damages shall be recovered in this suit to be discharged nevertheless if the deft shall plead at the next court. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

June Court 1742 - Wood vs Dowdy. In the action of debt between Leighton Wood plaintiff and James Dowdy deft. for nineteen pounds sixteen shillings and six pence current money due by bill date the ninth day of January 1739 the deft failing to appear and plead on the motion of the plt. the judgment by nihil dicit granted him against the deft is confirmed and it is thereupon considered that he do recover against the deft the sum of nineteen pounds sixteen shilings and six pence current money to be discharged on the payment [of said sum] with interest thereon after the reate of five pr ecntum pr annum from the 10th day of Jan 1739 til the same shall be paid together with the costs of this suit and lawyers fee. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

June Court 1742 - Harris vs Dowdy. On the petition brought by Benjamin harris agt James Dowdy the deft failing to appear the petitioner proves his account and it is considered that he do recover agt the deft. Thirty four shillings and ten pence half penny current money with costs and half a lawyers fee. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

October Court 1742 - Gaines vs Dowdy. In the action of trespass on the case between bernard Gaines plt and james Dowdy deft for ten pounds current money due by account the sherif having returned on the capias non est inventus and the deft now failing to appear on the motion of the plt it is ordered that an attachment do issue against the deft's estate returnable to the next court. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

November Court 1743 - Gaines vs Dowdy. In the action of trespass on the case between Bernard Gaines plt and James Dowdy deft the deft failing to appear on the motion of the plt it is ordered that an alias attachmet do issue agt the deft's estate returnable to the next court. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

December Court 1742 - Underwood vs Dowdy. the action of trespass on the case between Thomas Underwood plaintiff and James O Dowdy deft is dismissed. No prosecution - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

March Court 1742/43 - Gaines vs Dowdy. The action of trespass on the case between Bernard Gaines plt and James Dowdy deft is dismist no prosecution.

May Court 1743 - Crosby vs Dowdy. In the action of debt between James Crosby plt and James Dowdy deft for [ ] current money due by bond the sherif having returned ont he capias copy left and the deft failing to appear on the motion of the plt it is ordered that an attachment do issue agt the deft's estate returnable to the next court. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

June Court 1743 - Crosby vs Dowdy. In the action of debt betw James Crosby plt and James Dowdy deft for six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence half penny current money 91 lbs of neet tobacco adn fifteen shillings current money or one hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco due by bill dated the fifteenth day of September 1742. On attachment granted at May court the sherif hath made the following return "June the 11th 1743. I have attach't of the estate of James Dowdy one puter plate. John Woodson S. Sher." the deft now failing to appear on the motion of the plt it is considered that he do recover agt the deft the said sum's of money and tobaco together with the cots of the suit and a lawyers fee. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

September Court 1743 - Eagle vs Dowdy. The petition of Francis Eagle against James Dowdy is continued. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

November Court 1743 - Eagle vs Dowdy. On the petition brought by Francis Eagle agt James Dowdy for thirty six shillings and six pence current money due by account prov'd the summons and copy of the petition being returned executed and the deft failing to appear it is considered that the petitioner do recover agt him the said sum of thirty six shillings and six pence with costs and half a lawyers fee.

March Court 1743/44 - Coles vs Dowdy. On the scire facias brought by John Coles agt George Dowdy to renew a judgement of this court dated in March 1738 for seven pounds current money also seventy seven pounds and three quarters of neet tobacco and fifteen shillings or one hundred adn fifty pounds of tobacco for costs the sherif having return'd the scire facias executed and the deft failing to appear it is considered that the said judgment be renewed for the said sums of seven pounds current money seventy seven pounds and thee quartes of neet tobacco and fifteen shillings or one hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco together with the costs of this suit and a lawyers fee. and that execution do issue thereon. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

May Court 1744 - Wood vs Dowdy. On the scire facias brought by Leighton Wood agt James Dowdy to renew a judgment of this court dated in June 1742 for nine pounds eighteen shillings and three pence current money and interest thereon after the rate of five pr centum pr annum from the tenth day of January 1739 till paid and one hundred and two pounds of neet tobacco and fifteen shillngs current money or one hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco for costs. the sherif having return the scire facias executed and the deft failing to appear on the motion of the plt the said judgment is renewd for the said sums of money tobacco adn interest together with the costs of the scire facias and the lawyers fee and it is considered that execution do issue thereon. [in the margin: Costs to clk and sheriff 101 lb tobo. and 15/. or 150 lb tobo.] - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745

August Court 1744 - Jordan vs Dowdy. In the action of trespass on the case between Samuel Jordan plt and James Dowdy deft the deft failing to appear on the motion of the plt it is ordered that an alias capias do issue agt. him returnable to the next court. - Goochland County OB 5 1741-1745


The following added May 2, 2009

Teresa Dowdy Powell sent the following addition to Dowdy Branch #10. Thanks!!!

5. SHIRLEY PRESTON2 DOWDY (THOMAS HENRY1) was born Nov 17, 1877 in Cumberland Co, VA. Occupation: Virginia State Highway Department. Died July 3, 195?

He married ANNE WOOTEN. (ANNIE SUE WOOTEN b.Nov 14, 1879, Buckingham Co.)
Children of SHIRLEY DOWDY and ANNE WOOTEN are:
i. ELWOOD3 DOWDY, b. 1904.
I don't know the order but here are the other children:
- Vertie Belle Dowdy (married Joseph Blankenship)
- Nelson Page Dowdy (married Evelyn Brizendine)
- Helen Hope Dowdy (married (1) George Raymond Oakes and (2) Lon Fournier)
- Herman Lightfoot Dowdy (married Bessie Jamerson)
- Thomas Ryland Dowdy (married Katherleen Elizabeth Fulcher)
- Elsie Mabel Dowdy (married Ralph Brooks)
- Floyd Garland Dowdy (married Euthia Rafferty)
- Clyde Preston Dowdy (married Betty Irene O'Brien)

11. ii. HORACE CHRISTIAN DOWDY, b. Abt. 1914. (Married Elsie Griffith)


The following added March 5, 2009

Dowdys of Chatham NC DNA result found on Sorenson Database website.

A descendant of Baalam Dowdy (via son Benjamin Jeeter Dowdy) has submitted a male lineage Y-chromazone DNA. The following are the markers:

This Dowd family DNA website offers the following matches to the Dowdys of Chatham NC. Without knowing the descent of any of the English Dowdy families found in the international section on this website, this evidence is strong that the Chatham NC Dowdys are indeed Irish

MARKER  DOWDYS OF CHATHAM NC Peter Dowd born c1790-Scrabby, Co. Cavan Ireland. Lived Princeton, NJ  James Dowd born 1802-Co. Fermanaugh Ireland 
DYS393  13  13  13
DYS390 25 25 25
DYS394/19 14 14 14
DYS391 11 11 11
DYS385a 11 12 12
DYS385b 13 13 13
DYS426 12 12 12
DYS388 12 12 12
DYS429 12 12 12
DYS389I 13 13 13
DYS392 14 14 14
DYS389II 29 29 29
DYS458 17 17 17
DYS459a 9 9 9
DYS459b 10 10 10
DYS455 11 11 11
DYS454 11 11 11
DYS447 25 25 25
DYS437 15 15 15
DYS448 18 18 18
DYS449 30 30 31
DYS464a 15 15 15
DYS464b 16 16 16
DYS464c 17 17 17
DYS464d 17 17 17


The following added August 25, 2008

Chatham Co NC

New! 1860-1880 Heirs Lawsuit over the Estate of Thomas Dowdy Jr
of Georges Creek (died 1859)
>> Here


The following added August 18, 2008

Perry Co. TN

Dowdy Cemetery
contributed to GenWeb by Rembert Woodroof

"The Dowdy cemetery is on highway 412 in Perry County TN about one thousand
feet east of the junction of 412 and highway 100. It on the south side of 412.
It is on part of a land grant to Thomas Dowdy, grandfather of Allen Jordan
Dowdy who was burried in this cemetery in 1918. He has five sons in this
cemetery: Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Cal Roy, Ralph Truman, Baker Lock and Tom."

1. Anna E. Dowdy 20 Aug 1889 16 Oct 1908
Grover Cleveland 29 Oct 1888 5 Feb 1912

2. B. C. R. Dowdy June 21 1881 May 2 1923

3. Irene Dowdy Aug 17 1907 Apr 10 1909

4. Odell Daughter of R T and Alice Dowdy 24 Mar 1915 27 Mar 1915

5. Infant son of R T and Alice A Dowdy 4 May 5 May 1923

6. R. T. Dowdy 19 Feb 1887 31 Oct 1938
Alice A. 31 Mar 1886 19 Mar 1925

7. Villous C. Dowdy son of Ralph Truman Dowdy Jan 6, 1914 Oct 13, 1965

8. Woodroof Rembert B Nov 13, 1917 Mar 9, 1984
Margrette D Oct 27, 1918

9. Dowdy Baker L. Apr 12, 1891 Mar 25, 1941
Ila R. Nov 30, 1892 Mar 24, 1971

10. A. J. Dowdy Oct 5, 1852 Mar 6, 1918
M. N. Dowdy June 1, 1853 Dec 27, 1919

11. Dowdy Eve 1885 1979
Tom 1883 1955

12. David Eugene Dowdy Sep 10, 1953 Apr 29, 1976

13. Dowdy Molly R. Apr 18, 1923 Sep 30, 1998
Tom July 18, 1916 Sep 15, 1983

14. Sanders Jess W. Sep 20, 1918
Evelyn Feb 19, 1918 July 9, 1995

15. Dowdy Forrest Winder Nov 18, 1919 Sep 22, 2000

The following added August 15, 2008

Chatham Co NC

Adjacent land plats of the Dowdys of Deep River, Chatham Co. (thanks to Nancy Reeves for researching and constructing these plats!!)

IMPORTANT - The following new information is potentially very important for two groups of Dowdy researchers. First the info for William Dowdy Sr could link many new stray Tennessee and Kentucky Dowdys back to Chatham Co NC. Second, there is new and valuable info for African American Dowdys who might connect their lineage to slaves enumerated in estate records for Thomas Dowdy (d 1859).

New! Chatham County Tax Lists (1874, 1884, 1885) >> Here

New! Estate Records of Thomas Dowdy Sr of
Deep River (died 1815)
>> Here

New! Estate Records of Thomas Dowdy Sr of
Deep River (died 1859): Slave Records
>> Here

New! Estate Records of William Dowdy Sr of
Deep River (died 1826)
>> Here


1805 Will of Thomas Dowdy Sr of Deep River (click to enlarge)

The following added July 26, 2008

Descendants of Thomas Henry Dowdy of Cumberland Co VA

Email Received July 2008

Find attached the family tree information I have for consideration for branch #10 .4 Thomas H. Dowdy family of Cumberland Co., Virginia.

Thomas and Kate's daughter Elizabeth Ann married David Asa Dunkum. They bought a store at Green Springs Depot in 1905. Dunkum died in 1911 and Lizzie married Victor K. Hall. Victor was murdered in the store in 1914 and sparked hysteria in the county that resulted in the arrest of Elizabeth Ann Hall nee Dunkum for the murder.

This became one of the largest newspaper sensations ever in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Elizabeth Hall was convicted by the media in a courtroom circus and sent to prison for ten years. The story was covered up when everyone realized they had convicted and innocent woman.

It is all in my book Murder At Green Springs: The True Story of the Hall Case, Firestorm of Prejudices.

The Dowdy family figures prominently. All of the children of Thomas H. Dowdy are mentioned, some by the newspapers. Thomas was dead by 1914, but Kate writes the governor to request pardon.

The story is so amazing. If it was not so thoroughly documented, even I would not have believed it.


J. K. Brandau


The following added July 10, 2008

History of Kentucky, By Charles Kerr, William Elsey Connelley, Ellis Merton Coulter

CHARLES L. DOWDY. During a comparatively brief career of a little more than twenty years Charles L. Dowdy has connected himself with some of the most substantial interests of Graves County, is a large farm and property owner, and has a thriving real estate and coal business at Mayfield. His ancestry were Irish, Colonial settlers of Virginia, in which state his grandfather, Joseph Dowdy, was born in 1806. As a young man he came West and acquired a pioneer farm in Graves County, Kentucky, where he spent his active life as a farmer. He died in 1895. He married in Graves County Miss Leechman. John Dowdy, father of Charles L. Dowdy, was born in Graves County in 1838 and died at Mayfield in 1915. He spent practically all his life in Graves County, for many years carried on extensive interests as a farmer and stock raiser, but after 1905 lived retired at Mayfield. He was a democrat and a working member of the Baptist Church. His wife was Donie Payne, who was born in Graves County in 1847 and died at Mayfield in 1913. Their children have all found roles of usefulness : Kurb, a tobacco dealer at Mayfield ; Mittie, wife of Simpson Erwin, who is employed in the tobacco business at Mayfield ; Thomas, foreman in a tobacco warehouse at Mayfield ; Roll, a tobacco merchant at Paducah ; Hanie, Wife of Charles Griffin, a Graves County farmer ; Zettie, unmarried and living at Mayfield ; Clifton, foreman in a tobacco plant at Mayfield ; Charles L. ; and Dell, in the confectionery business at Dawson Springs, Kentucky. Charles L. Dowdy was born in Graves County June 20, 1885, acquired a rural school education, and at the age of fifteen moved to Mayfield and for eight years was employed as clerk in a local grocery house. With that training and with a limited capital he entered the coal and real estate business, and along those lines most of his energies have been directed ever since. He has developed, a large coal business, with yards on West Broadway, and probably handles as much coal in a year as any other individual in Western Kentucky outside of Paducah. Both with his own property and as a broker he does an extensive real estate business, with offices in the T. P. Smith Building, opposite the courthouse. The owner of much valuable real estate in Mayfield, he has an attractive and tasteful home on West Broadway. He gives much of his time to the direct supervision of his farms, which include one of 165 acres two and a half miles south of Mayfield, another of 120 acres six miles north, and one of sixty acres ten miles north. Mr. Dowdy is a public-spirited citizen and for six years was a member of the City Council and in the fall of 1919 was candidate for mayor, being defeated by fifty-four votes. His name and good work were associated with all efforts of the county organization to raise funds and promote the efficiency of the Government during the World war. He is a democrat, a member of the Christian Church, and is affiliated with Mavfield Lodge No. 151, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Mayfield Lodge No. 565 of the Elks, Mayfield Camp No. 11651, Modern Woodmen of America, and also with the Woodmen of the World. He is a director in the Young Men's Building and Loan Association, which has a capital of $1,750,000. Jennie Hamilton, daughter of Ferd and Rosa (Woolen) Hamilton, the former now deceased. Her mother is living at St. Louis, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Dowdy have three children: Charles Weldon, born in 1909, Herbert Dean, born in 1914, and Rose Nell, born in 1917.

The following added June 30, 2008

Note: this emailer has confirmed that the wife of Joseph Dowdy (Branch 27) is "Miss Tucker"

My husband's great grandmother was Caroline Dowdy who married William Marvin Anderson. Her parents were Henry Petty Dowdy (son of George K) and De maris Dowdy(Daughter of Joseph Dowdy & Miss Tucker). Most of the information that I have came from Connie Perkins. However, recently I was able to find Demaris (listed as Dee M) Dowdy's death certificate. She died Jun 15, 1911 in Graves Co, KY. On her death certificate her parents were listed as Joseph Dowdy and Miss Tucker. I looked at I believe the 1830 Census where I found a daughter that would have been in the age range for Demaris for Jopseh Dowdy Branch #27 on oyour Web site. My husband's grandmother wrote down a marriage date of August 4, 1842 for Henry P and Demaris Dowdy. Unfortunately, she did not state where they were married. Since the Court House burnt in Graves Co, Ky during the Civil War, many records were lot. Nancy, I believe that I told you both Henry & Demaris were born in NC, I show they were born in TN, but both of their parents per the 1880 Graves Co, KY Census were born in NC.

I was unable to pull up George K Dowdy's Will at genconnett from your website. Probably it has moved elsewhere. I have also been unsuccessful in finding George K Dowdy in the 1850 Census. I did find his "supposed wife" Rebecca in the 1850 Obien Co, Tn living with a son.

Susan Renfro Anderson

The following added June 26 2008

1919 WWI Veteran's questionaire (1st page) for Shirley Cornelius Dowdy of Prince Edward Co VA, son of Archie James Dowdy. He was born in Cumberland Co VA in 1895. Posted to the Pr Edw Co VA webpage.

The following added April 12, 2008


Many decades ago, various Voss and Harrell descendants of Lucy Dowdy (married Augustin Ticer), the daughter of Thomas Dowdy of Rocky River, Chatham Co NC, applied and were accepted to the DAR and SAR based on their Dowdy ancestry. This website editor has long believed much of the submitted lineage was flawed.

1. The application claimed that the father of Lucy Dowdy Ticer was William Dowdy who was killed by Tories during the Revolutionary War in Chatham Co NC. This website has shown conclusively that William had no children - as his land was inherited by his elder brother (as was the law). Moreover, Lucy Dowdy Ticer has been shown in Chatham Co documents to be the daughter of Thomas Dowdy of Rocky River, Chatham NC

2. The DAR application claimed that the mother of Lucy Dowdy Ticer was Elizabeth Seabrook Bartlett. However, the wife of Thomas Dowdy was Lucy ____ according to Albemarle Parish records in Sussex VA, who apparently died sometime around 1790 in Sussex VA

No documents have ever surfaced to substantiate or clarify any of the above DAR/SAR lineage claims.

However, Glynnda Wallingford recently emailed several Ticer family documents, through Ruth McArthur, a very good supporter of this website, that has now provided new light on the subject. This website editor believes the following documents have very high credibility.

The first document, a letter written in 1910 by Laura C. Ticer, granddaughter of Lucy Dowdy Ticer identifies the month and year of the birth of Lucy (the date fits nicely into this website's lineage for her) and also the birth year of Lucy's illigitimate child Rachel Dowdy (who later assumed the surname Ticer). Interestingly, the letter describes family folklore about the first Dowdy immigrant to America in 1657. More important than the part about George Washington's father (which is factually wrong in part and likely wrong in association), is the claim the first Dowdy immigrant came from ENGLAND, not Ireland as many have presumed. This website has documented the tremendous number of Dowdys who have lived in England over the centuries and suggested the American Dowdys were English, not Irish. The letter also suggests that Thomas Dowdy, father of Lucy Dowdy Ticer was a shoemaker who made shoes for Gen. Green's troops during the revolution.

Laura C. Ticer is describing an old family quilt that was made by her grandmother Lucy Dowdy Ticer in Cinncinnati Ohio in 1832.

According to relative Glynnda Wallingford, Laura C. Ticer's inventory of personal effects are largely extant and appear to be substantial. The question is whether these documents are the source of the flawed Voss and Harrell DAR/SAR applications of the early 20th century. At first glance, these documents appear to be independent of those distant cousins' "connect the dots" research. However below, you will see they may have been seen by Harrell descendants (hopefully at a more recent date).




Interesting observed tidbits about the above document

1. It was written on the Andes Insurance Co ledger paper. The company went bankrupt in 1872 according to several New York Times articles of the period. The handwriting script appears to be early, maybe late 1800s (?)

2. The Dowdy siblings are all correct. But the list includes a James Dowdy, the eldest - if the list is in chronological order as it appears to me. This James Dowdy person is completely unknown. In other words, his naming is not the product of a "connect the dots" researcher of olden days who viewed known documents at the Chatham and Orange Co NC courthouse

3. This document confirms or is consistent with the list of Augustin and Lucy Dowdy Ticer's children as posted by Mary Harrell (note her surname) on Genforum HERE sourced from "handwritten notes"

4. Interestingly, the document lists Augustin Ticer's siblings. Once again on a different Genforum posting, Mary Harrell refers to these same siblings as being identified on a "handwritten note" HERE . It certainly seems that Ms Harrell is sourcing the above document as the "handwritten note".

5. The document names Lucy Dowdy Ticer's mother or "Mother of Dowdys"as Elizabeth Seaburn. Please note how very close that name is to the Voss-Harrell DAR/SAR application naming the mother as Elizabeth Seabrook Bartlett. When I first came across the Seabrook Bartlett surname at the DAR library in Washington DC, I immediately wondered if the name was not correctly SEABURN Bartlett instead - for the Seaburn family were very prominent in Albemarle Parish records in Sussex Virginia as were the Dowdys. The above document is now very intriguing and has much higher credibility due to the change to Seaburn. Although confusingly, the Albemarle Parish birth records clearly name the mother of many of the above listed Dowdy children as Lucy [unknown].



The following added April 6, 2008

Added the following email to the lineage for Branch #1 Amos Dowdy of Lumpkin Co GA. THANK YOU, Linda!!

Dear Distant Relation,

I came across your website about the Dowdy Family and had to let you know how grateful I am that you have posted this information. I would like to confirm that William R. Dowdy b. 1831 on your website (our Bible entry shows 1833) d. 4 June 1863 was my ggggrandfather. He married Mary A. Berry on 16 Nov 1862, Mary Berry was born 22 May 1845 and they produced a daughter Julie Emma Dowdy, called Emma on 8 Sept 1863 per the Bible of Mary A. Berry Dowdy Lockeby. The Bible has the generations of Rev. John Dowdy and the Bible is in the John M Murray Jr (son of Della Palmer Murray) family of North Georgia now (presently in storage due to a move). Emma was raised by her grandfather Rev. John Dowdy. Her grandfather was really good to her but her grandmother was very strict. She had a sore leg and Emma had to keep the leg really clean and treated as well as working to make butter, cooking, weaving, spinning and cleaning the house according to family stories. Mary remarried to John N. Lockeby on 10 June 1869 and produced more children. I have a pillow cover that Mary A. Lockeby embroidered on April 18, 1903. It is on white material with red embroider thread.

(The Bible also lists a Henry Dowdy b. 5 May 1865, William Ardrey Lockeby b. 19 Aug 1877 and a Doctor L. B. Lockeby b. 5 Feb 1883. Another record in the bible published 1869 is William R. Dowdy d. 4 June 1863, Bornthey? Berry d. 2 Dec 1868, Rachel Howard d. 17 Mar 1886, Mahaley Lockeby d. 3 Apr 1886, Andy Howard d. 2 Jan 1887, John N. Lockeby d. 15 Dec 1896 and Mr. Whitfield shot himself 11 Mar 1900. Also Sarah E. Berry and Benjamin Hatfield were married on 14 Nov 1867. Then Mary Lockeby moved to Doson (Dawson) County on 25 Mar 1873 from one of the Carolinas . Henry Dowdy b. 5 May 1865 went to Cuba to be an artist and never returned. Arch Dowdy d. 21 Jan 1876.)

Emma married Joseph C. Palmer 10 Mar 1883 who was raised in Union County , Ga. They had five boys: John Henry Palmer (my ggrandfather) b. 30 JAN 1887 d. 1963 in Fitzgerald , GA , Grady Palmer b.1880, William A Palmer b. 1876, Grover Palmer b. 1882, and Oscar C. Palmer b. 1884. Emma spun wool and weaved each boy a blanket. My mother has the one she did for John Henry Palmer. He had it covering a car seat in his vehicle and it was going to ruin and my mother asked him for it and since he loved her dearly he gave it to her.

John Henry Palmer married in 1906 Miss Carrie Bell Dowdy b. 13 Sept 1886 in Dahlonega , GA d. 14 Nov 1941 in Fitzgerald , GA and they moved to Athens , GA soon after marrying. Their children were Ruby Mable Palmer b. 27 Apr 1907 (my grandmother) d. 18 June 1994, Della and Stella Palmer (twins girls) b.15 Feb 1909, Henry Grady Palmer b. 1911, Fredrick Palmer b. 1913, Baby J. M. Palmer b. 1917 d. 17 months later, Marlene Palmer b. 1918 d. at birth, John Ford Palmer b. 1924 and Cecil Marlin Palmer b. 1927.

Ruby Mable Palmer married Thomas Henry Lott b. 22 Feb 1905 d. 2 Aug 1990 on 31 Oct 1926. Margaret Joan Lott was born to them on 14 Feb 1928 in Douglas , GA. They moved to Myrtle Beach , SC during WW2. Margaret married James Ambrose Smith on 12 Sept 1947, they had two children, Linda Margaret Smith b. 28 Jun 1948 in Portsmouth , VA (me) and James Ambrose Smith Jr. b. 4 Apr 1950 in Portsmouth , VA.

When my grandmother Ruby obtained a birth certificate for social security reasons in 1964, her birth was sworn to by an Uncle Allen D. Palmer who must have been her grandfather’s brother, because he was not her father’s brother.

This is all the information I have on our Bible entries. Please advise me if you have any more data on these names.

Sincerely, Linda Margaret Smith




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