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1. AMOS DOWDY b. 1777 of Moore NC. Family moved to Lumpkin GA. Theorized son of Daniel Dowdy of Moore NC

2. THOMAS DOWDY of Albemarle Parish Sussex VA. born about 1730; Married Lucy. Family moved to Chatham NC in the Rocky River area. Then migrated to South Carolina, Alabama, and Kentucky. This lineage has been substantially restructured. Please also see the new Branch #40 for information on families no longer believed to be lineally descended from Thomas Dowdy of Branch #2. NEW

3. DANIEL O'DOWDEY d. 1765 of Currituck NC

4. Rev. ROBERT DOWDY b. abt 1775 Family of Hall GA and Calhoun County AL

5. AARON DOWDY of Lumpkin GA

6. DANIEL DOWDY of Hertford NC

7. JOSIAH DOWDEY of Currituck NC

8. WILLIAM O'DOWDEY of Currituck NC

9. JAMES R. DOWDY of Moore NC

10. JAMES DOWDY of Cumberland VA Some of family believed to have moved to Fayette TN UPDATED 2012

11. JOHN DOWDY of Bedford VA

12. JOHN DOWDY of Goochland VA

13. EDWARD DOWDA of Halifax VA/Iredell NC. This branch was formerly William A. Dowda of Cherokee GA

14. RICHARD DOWDY of Ogelthorpe GA

15. BENJAMIN DOWDY of Tattnall GA

16. WILLIAM DOWDY of Bedford VA


18. JOHN DOWDY of Williamson TN.

19. RICHARD DOWDY of Telfair GA

20. BENJAMIN F. DOWDY SR. of Fayette/ Hardeman TN

21. JOHN CROUT DOWDY b abt 1795 of Bedford VA (includes brother Woodson Dowdy and sister Lucy Dowdy Overstreet

22. LOUISE HONEY DOWDY of Florence County SC. African American ancestry

23. NICHOLAS DOWDY b. 1825 of Chatham NC. Family to Carroll VA and Greene MO

24. GEORGE K. DOWDY b. abt 1772 of NC, Hickman KY, and Stoddard MO. Likely connected to Dowdys of Chatham NC

25. JOHN DOWDY b. abt 1779 Chatham NC. To Wilkes NC, Wayne NC and Davies MO

26. WALTER B. DOWDY b. abt 1813 VA Lived in Bedford VA. Likely connected to Branch #11

27. JOSEPH DOWDY b. abt 1774/1785 (?) Family to Williamson and Wayne Co TN and to Graves Co KY [may be related to Branch #18]

28. WILLIAM DOWDY b. abt 1778 Family to Williamson TN and Marshall MS [may be related to Branch #18]

29. THOMAS DOWDY b abt 1770 NC. In Perry Co TN as early as 1820. Married Francis Hinson whose family was of Anson NC.

30. GEORGE W. DOWDY born about 1811. Supposedly lived in Cumberland Co VA. Is this person the son of Adam Poindexter Dowdy? See Branch #10

31. WILLIAM DOWDY b before 1775 Lived in Stewart TN by 1806. Children born in South Carolina.

32. ORREN DOWDY b about 1797. Married Zilphy York in Wilkes NC. Mother : Francis Ticer Dowdy. Moved to Vigo Indiana.

33. SOLOMON DOWDY of Drew County Arkansas. African American Ancestry

34. JOE DOWDY b abt 1830 of Richmond VA and Madison GA. African American Ancestry

35. JAMES C. DOWDY b. abt 1815 GA . Family lived in Floyd Co GA and Whitfield Co GA

36. JAMES M. DOWDY b. 1844 GA/AL d. Swartz LA  

37. CONGRESSMAN JOHN V. DOWDY b. 1912 Waco TX (Descended from a James Dowdy b 1759 of Eastern NC)

38. SANDY DOWDY b abt 1858 Goldston Chatham Co NC. African American Ancestry

39. JOSEPH DOWDY b abt 1819 Georgia. Family appears in 1870 DeSoto MS census and Tate Co MS. Some family moved to Michigan. African American Ancestry

40. THOMAS DOWDY b abt 1738. Lived in Chatham NC around the Deep River area. Married 1) Elizabeth Parsons and 2) Rebecca. Most descendants either remained in Chatham or moved to Missouri. This lineage has been separated from Branch #2, Thomas Dowdy of Rocky River, Chatham NC due to the new belief the two Thomas Dowdys are not lineally related

41. LEMUEL DOWDY born 1795 in NC and died 1856. He married Emma Sawyer in 1825 in Wake Co NC. His descendants include Dr Lewis Carnegie Dowdy, Chancellor of North Carolina A&T University, among others. This family clearly originates from the early Dowdys who lived on the eastern shore of North Carolina.

42. SAMUEL DOWDY born about 1831 (or 1835) in North Carolina. He married Lucy/Leetha Cagle about 1873 in Moore County North Carolina. His children primarily stayed in the Moore County area. African American Ancestry.NEW