O'Dubdha Clan
Information and Recent Developments


Website: http://www.odubhda.com/

Report of the 2006 O'Dubhda Clan rally at Enniscrone, Ireland 15th - 17th September 2006.


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Recent developments

"In 1990, an Oireachtas or clan gathering was held at Enniscrone where a Clan Association was founded, a Rowan tree planted, and a plaque was unveiled. A company, Clann Uí Dubhda Teo., was set up to promote the O’dubhda clan and Irish heritage. Their clan rally in 1992 was one of the most successdul events of the Irish Homecoming Festival. The 1994 event was even more successful. In 1997 a new Taoiseach was elected according to the old Brehon Laws, a Mr. Tom Dowds of Scotland."


"For more information regarding clan events, contact: O’Dundha Clan, 30 Lakelands Drive, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel/fax: +353 1 2884250. Email: heritage@iol.it" 


The O'Dubhda Clan DNA project is currently underway. Of course, the project includes all variations of the surname in addition to Dowdy. This website recommends Dowdy family researchers participate in this DNA project.


Surname variations within the Clan O'Dubhda

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