Balaam Dowdy of Cherokee GA
Branch #40 continued

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2. Balaam DOWDY b 31 Mar 1777 NC; moved to Franklin Co. GA by 1813 when he appears with brothers James and Armstead in the tax roll; On 29 March 1837 he purchased land from M. W. Stamper in Cherokee County and lived in that county until his death at the age of 101; d 2 Mar 1878 in Canton Cherokee GA. Buried Dowda Family Cemetary; Changed his name to "Dowda" following move from Hall GA to Cherokee GA. Member of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Cherokee GA

Deed Book X, pg. 271 Power of Attorney given to Thomas Dowdy by his brothers James Dowdy, Aarmstead Dowdy Balaam Dowdy & Benjamin Dowdy of Franklin co. Georgia, to sell their land they inherited from their father, Thomas Dowdy (II). Witnesses Samuel Mosby Sr, James Dowdy & Benjamin Dowdy. 24 Nov 1820. Proven during Chatham Co NC May Session 1821 by oath of Benjamin Dowdy.

married Keziah RIDDLE 2 May 1806 in Chatham Co NC; daughter of Thomas Riddle. died 29 October 1865 in Keithsburg,Cherokee County GA

1820-70, Page 117, May Term 1832 for Chatham County Court Records included a petition that Balaam Dowdy and his wife, Keziah, being non-residents and failing to appear should be excluded from the settlement of the estate of the late Thomas Riddle, deceased. In the Nov. 1832 Term, pp. 118-10, the petition was amended to include them in the settlement of the estate.

3.i William Balaam "Buck" DOWDA b.  Aug 28 1813 in GA d. Jun 4 1904 GA

married 1st Mahuldah WORLEY likely in Lumpkin Co GA

4.i William Kage DOWDY b: 13 OCT 1833 in Lumpkin County,Georgia
4.ii Sarah DOWDY b: 29 AUG 1836 in Cherokee County,Georgia
4.iii Susan DOWDY b: 13 SEP 1838 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.iv Kissiah DOWDY b: 15 MAR 1840 in Georgia
4.v Allen S. DOWDY b: 29 OCT 1842 in Cherkee County,Georgia George W. DOWDY b: 22 MAY 1845 in Cherokee County,Georgia

married 2nd Julia Ann Williams b: 10 FEB 1828 in Georgia; Married: 25 JAN 1846 in Cherokee County,Georgia

4.vii John G. DOWDY b: 22 NOV 1846 in Cherokee Co.,GA
4.viii California DOWDY b: 29 SEP 1848 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.ix Thomas W. DOWDY b: 16 FEB 1851 in Cherokee County,Georgia
4.x James P. DOWDY b: 29 AUG 1853 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.xi Jonathan Balaam DOWDY b: 4 DEC 1857 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.xii Mary Jane DOWDY b: 23 JUL 1860 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.xiii Martha DOWDY b: 10 JUL 1863
4.xiv Morgan L. DOWDY b: 2 JUN 1866 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.xv Julia A. DOWDY b: 13 MAR 1868 in Cherokee County Georgia
4.xvi Margarette D. DOWDY b: 9 AUG 1872 in Cherokee County Georgia

3.ii James Elias DOWDA born Jun 8 1818 GA; died 23 November 1900 in Kerr County,Texas; Burial: Sunset Cemetery,Mountain Home,Texas

Note: On October 5, 1878 four of James Children, Alice C., Martha F., Susan V., and James C. were murdered. An article in the Kerrville Times February, 1969 attributes the deaths to the last Indian raid in the Kerr County area. An article in the San Antonio Express/News, March 19, 1972, suggests that the murders may have been done by "... ugly [White] men around in those days who did things to make it look like Indians."

married Susan G. CASTLE born 12 MAY 1830 in Marion County,Mississippi

4.i Thomas Anderson DOWDY b: 21 AUG 1854
4.ii Richard Balam DOWDY b: 3 MAY 1856
4.iii Mary K. DOWDY b: 15 MAY 1857
4.iv Alice C. DOWDY b: 1 JAN 1860, killed 1878
4.v Martha F. DOWDY b: 31 MAR 1862, killed 1878 Susan V. DOWDY b: 17 SEP 1864, killed 1878
4.vii James G. DOWDY b: 15 DEC 1867, killed 1878
4.viii George Elias DOWDY b: 9 AUG 1871 in Texas


3.iii Benjamin Jeeter DOWDA b abt 1820 GA d. 1907 GA; buried Dowda Cemetery,Cherokee County,GA

married 1st Margaret WILSON 8 December 1842 in Cherokee County, Georga

4.ii Milbra DOWDY b: 1842 in Cherokee County, Georgia
4.iii William A DOWDY b: ABT 1844 in Cherokee County, Georgia
4.iv Anderson Polk DOWDY b: 7 OCT 1844 in Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia
4.v Anderson S. C. DOWDY b: 1845 in Cherokee County, Georgia John DOWDY b: ABT 1848 in Whitfield County, Georgia
4.vii Kizzirah DOWDY b: ABT 1848 in Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia
4.viii John Thomas DOWDY b: 1 APR 1849 in Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia
4.ix Mary DOWDY b: ABT 1850
4.x Georgia DOWDY b: ABT 1858 in Shaunee, Oklahoma

married 2nd Caroline Riggins 31 July 1859 in Cherokee County, Georgia

4.xii James Carroll DOWDA b: 30 MAY 1860 in Cherokee Co,GA
4.xiii Melinda DOWDY b: ABT 1862 in Prob. Cherokee County, Georgia
4.xiv Elizabeth DOWDY b: ABT 1864 in Prob. Cherokee County, Georgia
4.xv Roxie Ann DOWDY b: 24 DEC 1865 in Georgia
4.xvi Nancy DOWDY b: ABT 1867 in Prob. Cherokee County, Georgia
4.xvii Sallie K DOWDY b: 1870 in Cherokee County, Georgia
4.xviii Benjamin William DOWDY b: 3 AUG 1871 in Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Georgia
4.xix Charles F DOWDY b: ABT 1876 in Prob. Cherokee County, Georgia
4.xx Allen Archelaus DOWDY b: 1 JAN 1879 in Prob. Cherokee County, Georgia

3.iv John Gibson DOWDA b abt 1824 in Georgia moved to Kerr Co TX in 1878

married 1st Sarah ________

4.i John Dowdy b: UNKNOWN in Beeville, Bee County, Texas
4.ii Bailum Dowdy b: UNKNOWN in Beeville, Bee County, Texas
4.iii Roxie Sally Dowdy b: UNKNOWN in Beeville, Bee County, Texas

married 2nd Peggy Croft in 1869

4.iv Allen Dowdy b: 1871
4.v Robert Lee Dowdy b: 14 MAY 1873 Maggie Dowdy b: 1875
4.vii Ewell M Dowdy b: 1877 in Texas

3.v other children of Balaam and Kizziah DOWDA may be Milbra DOWDA, Sarah King DOWDA, Hester H. DOWDA, Charles DOWDA and/or Jacob DOWDA