Robert Dowdy
Branch #4

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1 Robert DOWDY b: Abt. 1775 in North Carolina. Died 14 August 1849 in Benton/Calhoun Co AL (source: Liberty Church, Benton Co. AL)

Note: Census records indicate that this Robert Dowdy was born between 1770 and 1775: 1820 Hall-b.bef 1775, 1830 Hall-b.1770-1780, 1840 Benton AL-b.1770-1780. Robert registered land at the Mardisville AL Land Office in 1834 in Benton County AL (later named Calhoun County) Sec 6, Township 6, Range 11.

+[Catherine?] Whitmire "Robert Dowdy is the uncle of George Whitmire by marriage. Dowdy married the sister of Plaintiff's father [Stephen Whitmire]" source: George Whitmire vs. Robert Dowdy  Benton Co AL 1846.

1820 Hall GA Census

Robert Dowdy 110101 - 32011 (9 children)

1830 Hall GA Census

Robert Dowdy 0110000100000 - 1120001000001 (6 children, 3 new, and an elderly parent) He is age 50-60, wife 40-50

1840 Benton (Calhoun) Co AL census

Robert Dowdy 0010000010000 - 001100010000 (3 children) He is age 60-70, wife age 50-60

He died 1849.

Possible descendants:

2 William DOWDY b: 30 November 1801 in Georgia d: 11 December 1863

This lineage is also theorized by the descendants of William Dowdy m. Amasy Roe of Hall GA- DOWDY BRANCH #17

THEORY: Is this William (m Margarett Myers) really descended from the Cumberland VA groupings? The name "Albert" is common in that family and they also moved into GA. In Walker AL census, this family spelled their name "Dowda" which appears in the Halifax/Iredell NC families (which also may be connected to the Cumberland VA Dowdys.)

+Margarett MYERS b: 23 September 1804 in South Carolina d: 23 October 1860 m: 27 March 1823 in Hall County, Georgia

3 Marcus Lafayette DOWDY,Sr. b: 5 December 1824 in Monroe County, Georgia d: 5 February 1897 in Erath County, Texas of congestion of the heart, Burial in Clairette, Cemetery

+Elizabeth "Bettie" SIDES b: 27 February 1825 in Alabama d: 2 October 1909 in Hico, Erath, Texas, Burial in Clairette Cemetery, Clairette, Texas m: 4 November 1845 in Walker County, Alabama

4 William Albert "Will" DOWDY b: 8 November 1846 in Jasper, Walker, Alabama d: 18 September 1920 in Clairette, Erath, Texas

+Mary A. SALMON b: 30 August 1857 in Clairette,Erath, Texas d: 23 January 1947 in Clairette, Erath, Texas m: 15 December 1872 in Erath County, Texas

4 Martha Ann DOWDY b: 1 September 1848 in WalkerCounty, Alabama d: 8 December 1924

+Jonathan Cregg COPELAND

+(2nd)Elbert E. SIDES m: 27 December 1866

4 Henry James DOWDY b: 23 October 1849 in Jasper,Walker, Alabama d: 8 March 1931 in Center Hill Community, Houston, Texas,Burial in Antioch Cemetery

+Emma Virginnia "Jenny" HOLROYD b: 5 October 1858 in Alto, Cherokee, Texas d: 18 January 1941 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery m: 7 March 1876

4 John Benjamin DOWDY b: 30 January 1851 in Jasper, Walker, Alabama d: 11 November 1944 in Kingston, Oklaoma

+Mary Francis COX b: 10 August 1846 d: 30November 1938 in Kingston, Oklaoma m: 12 September 1874

4 Margaret Jane DOWDY b: 29 December 1852 in Anderson, Grimes, Texas d: 6 March 1919 in Clairette, TX

+James Houston SIDES b: 27 April 1844 in Jasper, Walker, Alabama - came to Texas with his father in 1849 d: 13 April 1913 in Hico, TX m: 1 September 1870

4 Robert Freeman DOWDY b: 28 February 1854 in Grimes County, Texas d: 12 January 1863

4 Barbara Susan DOWDY b: 9 February 1856 in Grimes County, Texas d: 28 June 1884

+Joseph S. EDWARDS m: 10 November 1872 in Erath County, Texas

4 George Washington DOWDY b: 3 March 1858 in Grimes County, Texas d: 15 January 1876

4 Nancy Elizabeth DOWDY b: 6 December 1859 in Kaufman County, Texas d: 1872

4 Louisa Mahaley DOWDY b: 4 February 1862 in Arkansas d: 29 March 1939

+Thomas Malcolm BARMORE m: 12 October 1879 in Erath County, Texas

4 Marcus Lafayett DOWDY, Jr. b: 10 April 1864 in Ratcliff, Houston County, Texas d: 29 March 1939 in Burial in Clairette Cemetery

+Annie MEDFORD b: 27 August 1869 in Hamilton County, Texas d: 9 March 1916 in Clairette, Texas, Burial in Clairette Cemetery m: 3 October 1889 in Clairette, Texas

4 Phebe DOWDY b: 28 June 1867 in Houston County, Texas d: 13 May 1944

+Benjamin Franklin THOMASON b: 9 December 1862 d: 17 June 1937 m: 19 October 1884 in Erath County, Texas

3 Sarah Evaline DOWDY b: 19 July 1826 in Georgia

+Alfred SIDES m: 29 July 1850

3 Kathern Barbara "Barbery" DOWDY b: 29 July 1829 in Georgia d: 29 September 1907 in Houston County, Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas Judy Strickland

+John Elijah Weaver "Eli" WELLS b: 9 February 1827 in South Carolina d: 5 May 1906 in Plain, Houston, Texas - Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County m: 3 August 1848 in Walker County, Alabama

4 Margarette Jane WELLS b: 9 May 1850 in Alabama d: 16 May 1883 in Houston County, Texas - Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

+Zebulon "Zib" OLIVER b: 19 March 1846 in Layfayette County, Mississippi d: 9 March 1924 in Diboll, Texas, in the home of son John B. Oliver - Burial In Antioch Cemetery m: Abt. 1865 in Houston County, Texas

4 Sarah Hasseltine "Hassie" WELLS b: 11 July 1851 in Alabama d: 20 August 1935 in Texas of heart trouble, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

+Banion Guinn KILGORE b: 29 December 1853 d: 10 April 1923 in Texas of heart trouble, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas m: 7 November 1872 in Old Wells home near Ratcliff, Texas

4 Mary Frances WELLS b: 10 April 1853 in Texas d:19 June 1930 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

+Silas S. CAMPBELL b: 18 July 1855 d: 14 March 1916 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

4 James Wiley "Jim" WELLS b: 22 December 1856 in Houston County, Texas d: 16 November 1926 in North Cedar Creek, Burial in New Church Cemetery, Trinity County, Texas

+Georgia Anner Harriet HOLROYD b: 4 February 1862 in Alto, Cherokee, Texas d: 6 August 1942 in Texas, Burial in New Church Cemetery, Trinity County, Texas m: 24 January 1877 in Erath County, Texas

4 Moses W. "Mose" WELLS b: 24 December 1857 in Texas d: 12 March 1951 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

+Mary MASON b: 10 September 1866 d: 14 November 1907 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas 14 Nov. 1907 m: Abt. 1887

4 John Marcus WELLS b: 5 February 1864 in Texas d: 7 February 1933 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

+Jennie DRENNON b: 30 May 1870 d: 9 April 1889 in Texas - Burial in Old Zion Cemetary m: 18 June 1886

+(2nd) Minnie BENNET b: 15 December 1875 d: 9 January 1900 in Texas - Burial in Antioch Cemetery, Houston County, Texas m: Abt. 1890

+(3rd) Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzy" BEST b: 8 September 1878 d: 18 June 1923 in Texas, Burial in Antioch Cemetary, Houston County, Texas m: Abt. 1902

4 Darlin' Katherine WELLS b: 22 April 1867 in Texas d: 7 December 1929 in Texas, Burial in Conner Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

+Robert Abner MCKINNEY b: 2 December 1857 d: 10 March 1905 in Texas, Burial in Conner Cemetery, Houston County, Texas

4 Robert Sanford "Bob" WELLS b: 10 February 1868 in Texas d: 29 August 1931 in Oklahoma

+Malvina Mahala "Sis" OLIVER b: 23 February 1870 d: Aft. 1908 in Oklahoma m: 23 September 1886

4 Malvina "Nan" WELLS b: January 1870 in Texas d:1873

4 Barbara Susan WELLS b: 31 January 1872 in Texas and did not marry d: 3 July 1893

3 Mary Carline DOWDY b: 14 December 1830 in Georgia d: 21 August 1854

+John W. SIDES m: 18 August 1848

3 Nancyan Elizabeth DOWDY b: 11 July 1832 in Georgia d: 1901

+Flavious William MCCARTY b: 15 September 1829 in Mississippi m: 27 December 1852 in Anderson County, Texas

4 Sarah E. MCCARTY b: January 1856 in Texas

+W. DANIEL m: 18 December 1879 in Tippah County, Mississippi

4 Cinthia MCCARTY b: 1857 in Texas

+B. WEATHERLY m: in Arkansas

4 Nancy Caroline MCCARTY b: 12 September 1862 in Ripley, Tippah County, Texas d: 23 January 1912 in Hemming, Cooke County, Texas

+John Lewis WALKER m: 25 April 1883 in Erath County, Texas

4 William L. MCCARTY b: Abt. 1863 in Mississippi

4 Marcus Lafayette "Bud" MCCARTY b: Abt. 1864 in Tippah County, Mississippi d: Abt. 1949 in Purcell, Oklahoma

+Maggie BLAYLOCK b: in Texas

4 Jessie MCCARTY b: Abt. 1869 in Tennessee

4 Barbara Alice MCCARTY b: 22 February 1872 in Tippah County, Mississippi d: 26 May 1945 in Houston, Harris County, Texas

+Charles Scott PENRY

3 Margaret Rebecca DOWDY b: 11 February 1834 in Georgia d: 23 January 1854

+William Hiram JONES b: 3 January 1827 in Illinois m: 30 November 1851 in Cherokee County, Texas

4 John Frances JONES b: 26 November 1852

3 Melisa Jane DOWDY b: 2 January 1837 in Walker County, Alabama d: 11 July 1907 in Young County, Texas, Burial in Eliasville Cemetery

+William Hiram JONES b: 3 January 1827 in Illinois m: 30 January 1855 in Cherokee County, Texas

4 William Russell JONES b: 13 December 1856 d: 1924-1927 in Wewoka, Oklahoma


4 James N. JONES b: Abt. 1858

4 Marcus JONES b: Abt. 1860

4 Andrew J. JONES b: Abt. 1861

4 George S. JONES b: 1864 in Houston County,Texas

4 Henry Payne JONES b: 14 April 1870 in Ratcliff, Houston County, Texas d: 26 October 1922 in Stephens County, Oklahoma

+Julia Arlean COLLIS b: 17 January 1884 in Mountain Home, Arkansas d: 18 May 1966 in Holdenville, Oklahoma m: 26 December 1903 in Stephens County, Oklahoma

4 Stephen Dowdy JONES b: 23 May 1873 in Houston County, Texas

4 Mary Jane JONES b: Abt. 1877


+(2nd wife of William Dowdy) Elizabeth PRICE m: 17 January 1861

2.Robert DOWDY,Jr

2 Ross DOWDY

2 Racheal Rebecca DOWDY

2 7 female DOWDY

2 1 male DOWDY      

Website editor has theorized the following children of Rev. Robert Dowdy in addition to William Dowdy (above)

The following provided by Barbara Barton "researched by Lonnie Tubbs (last address I have is:) 4360 Cunningham, Wichita Falls, Tx 76308.

Hannah Abercrombie (c 1800 Laurens Co., S.C.) married James Baxter. After his death, Hannah married Michael Dowdy (b 1804 Ga.) 2 May 1834 probably Henry Co., Ga. & died Hopewell, Talladega Co.,Al ca 1890. "

2. Michael Dowdy  b 1804

+ Hannah Abercrombie Baxter on 2 May 1834. d. Talladega Co AL ca1890

3. Robert Marion b 1835-36

+ Nancy Breedwell

3. Michael Reuben b 1836-37

+ Phebe Nalls

3. H.L. (female) b 1838-39 ( Name may have been Hannah?)

3. Isaac Newton b 1840-41

+ Mary A. Hollingworth

3. Elizabeth C. (Betty) b 1842-43

+ Washington Jones

3. David A.J. b 1844-45 died at batttle of Shilo 1862

3. Monroe Harrison b 1846-47 d 1899 Jefferson Co. Al

Other children listed as Baxters in 1850 Benton Co AL census are children by Hannah's first marriage.

Also in 1850 HH were: J.M. Baxter (male) age 26, Mary Baxter age 22, and John Powell age 55 bNC

"Some of Hannah & Michaels children are named in the records of Old Liberty Church, Benton Co. 1840's & 1850's. This church book was given to Samford Univ. to be published almost 2 yrs ago and may be in print now. I am trying now to get information on a Lower Cane Creek Church record which also has data on John Dowdy."

2 Elizabeth Dowdy (Lvg Benton AL 1840)

+William Henry Pesnell b 1803 and married Feb 15, 1827

The following is from a "Presnell" Genforum posting by Candace Gravelle :" Elijah P. Pesnell (1852-1917), son of William Henry Pesnell and Elizabeth Dowdy was born in Cleburne County, AL. In 1874 he married Lucy Ann Garner, daughter of Thomas Garner. William Henry Pesnell was born in South Carolina in 1803. He and Elizabeth Dowdy were married Feb 15, 1827. William Henry Pesnell's parents were John R. and Sarah A. Pesnell. John Pesnell had come to America from England. He was shot through the thigh during the Revolutionary War while he fought under the command of General Francis Marion "The Swamp Fox". It is told that he was captured by Creek Indians in 1793, probably in Georgia.

A 40 acre mill lot was granted to William Henry Pesnell on Feb 10, 1836. This property was later sold to the Bells family, leading to the community name of Bells Mills (Cleburne County). Land was also granted to William Henry Pesnell in 1835 and 1856.

Elijah P. and Lucy Ann Pesnell were blessed with eleven children, Billy, Napoleon Jackson, Jim, John Robert, Lewis, Laura, Molly, Docia, Nora, Annie and Ella. William Jackson "Billy" Pesnell married Della Pirkle; Napoleon Jackson Pesnell married Nannie Prichard; James S. "Jim" Pesnell married Christine Voss and Izora Dunn; John Robert Pesnell married Lona Deese; Lewis Patterson Pesnell married Rilla Brand; Laura Pesnell married M.M. :Bud" Tims; Molly Pesnell married Walt Lambert; Docia Pesnell married Noah Beason; Nora Pesnell married Wilie Prichard and a Pope; Annie Pesnell married Roy Smith; Ella Pesnell married Columbus Gaines."

2 Rebecca Dowdy (Lvg Benton AL 1840)

+ John Pesnell

3 Mary Susan Pesnell [source Claudia Reeves at  Cleburne County Al query]

+ Jesse James Tolleson

4. Mary Ann Tolleson{10/8/1861-5/3/1951}

+Alpheus Augustus Hurst{1850-1931}

2 John Dowdy b 1810 GA 1850 Benton AL census (Lvg Benton AL 1840)

+ C. _______ b abt 1817 SC source: 1850 Benton AL census

A John Dowdy married Clerressa Estes in 1835 Benton AL

3. W. Dowdy (male) b abt 1836 AL

3. C. Dowdy (female) b abt 1838 AL

3. M. Dowdy (male) b abt 1840 AL

3. J. Dowdy (female) b abt 1842 AL

3. J. P. Dowdy (male) b abt 1844 AL

3. S. Dowdy (female) b abt 1847 AL

3. B J? Dowdy (female) b abt 1849 AL

2 Nancy Dowdy b. Nov 30 1811 Ga d Jul 11, 1912 in St Clair Co AL Buried Bethel Cemetery

+ Isaac Abercrombie b. Oct  23 1811 SC d. Sept 23 1855 Randolph Co., Al--Arbacoochee, Al-now Cleburne

Ch: listed in Calhoun Co AL Heritage Book

Family moved to Arbarcoochee between 1851-54 in Randolph County (now Cleburne Co) due to a gold rush during that time

2. Martha Dowdy

+ James Baber in 1838

2. Mary (Polly ) Dowdy Known as a sister to Martha Dowdy

The following lineage was submitted by Linda Cummings Cobb email address This lineage seems to be related to this branch. Cleburne County Alabama was next to Benton AL and many of the above Dowdys found themselves in Cleburne due to line changes.

1. William Robert Dowdy [Who is his father?]

+ Elizabeth Allbright Dowdy

2. Robert Marian Jeremiah Dowdy b:June 20, 1864 d: June 02, 1949 Born: Cleborn County, AL Died: Leslie, Sumter County, Georgia

+1) Harriett Sullivan

+2) Willie Maryetta Ables September 15, 1901 in Floyd County, GA.

3  Daniel Ezekiel Dowdy b: 08/16/03 d: 10/09/95

3. Jefferson Ferrell Dowdy b: 09/03/05 d: 10/20/73

3. Willis Nelson Dowdy b: 08/28/07 d: 10/26/82

3. George Alexander Dowdy b: 03/l6/09 d: 03/08/32

3. Etta Florene Dowdy Cummings b: 10/09/12

3. Richard Earl Dowdy b: 03/21/15 d: 09/14/96

3. Susie Nonie Elizabeth Dowdy Cheek b: 11/14/19


PRIMARY SOURCE: Genealogical research by Barbara Barton and Judy Strickland: