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Unknown Dowdy - [either died before 1880 or never married]

+ Ann _____ b about 1842 NC Living with son Sandy Dowdy in 1910 census using the Dowdy surname. Enumerated as "widow" having 1 child living out of a total number of children of one. She married 2nd Lloyd Emerson before 1880 census. Update: Ann Emmerson (black, age 36) is living in HH of Lloyd Emmerson (white, age ?30) in the 1870 Gulf, Chatham Co NC census. In this household is Sandy "Emmerson" (black, age 8) and Emma "Emmerson" (black, age 6). The Emmerson household is enumerated next to James Dowdy (white, see Genforum posting just before the death cert. images below)

1.i Sandy Dowdy b. June 1858 (or 1862 according to 1870 census) NC., enumerated as a mulatto. Living Gulf Township Chatham Co NC in 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 census. In 1880, Sandy is living with his mother Ann and Stepfather Lloyd Emerson [ERROR ALERT - see SANDY DOWDY death certificate below.Another Sandy Dowdy b 1868 was listed in 1870 Hickory Mt. Chatham Co HH of Iven Dowdy b 1847 and wife Matilda. His death certificate posted below states he was the son of Fred Dowdy and Susie Womble and 69 years and born in 1871 in Chatham Co., NC. He died 22 January 1940 in Goldston, Chatham Co., NC and is buried in the Roberts Chapel Cemetery. [NC Death Certificate] Next door in the census is Ider Dowdy b 1825- all of African ancestry].

On 10 Nov 1899, Sandy Dowdy and wife Louanna sold 14 acres of land to Archie H. Oldham adjoining J.H. Burke, Jordon Tysor and J.R. Bright. Sandy Dowdy purchased 144 acres in Gulf Township on August 10, 1908 adjoining the land of John R. Dowdy, T. J. Goldston and S. J. Fields. He and wife Louanna sold the same land immediately to Adline P. Clark. Then on 14 April 1920, Sandy Dowdy purchased a storehouse and lot in the town of Goldston with Joe E. Reaves from R. D. Palmer of Niagra NY. In 1912, he purchased by mortgage 129 acres from J. M. Wicker adjoining Ed Hilliard and James E. Goldston. The mortgage was satisfied in 1919. In 1918 Sandy and wife Louanna sold to H.G Goldston and wife Golie Dowdy Goldston 33 acres on Indian Creek for $550 land adjoining W. L Goldston. In 1919, Sandy leased his farm 2 miles southwest from Golston to Fisher Holmes for 3 years. Holmes paid Dowdy 1/4 of the crops raised during the tenure. He also sold 20 acres to his son L.M. Dowdy for $100. He sold 3 acres to Fred Dark in 1921 for $43. Also in 1921, he signed over 114 acres to his wife Louanna Dowdy. The land adjoined J.E. Golston, F.R. Dark, W.L. Goldston and son L.M. Dowdy's property. Sandy and his partner Joe E. Reaves sold their storehouse and lot in the town of Goldston in 1927 to new partners, George and E.C. Wombley and the same Joe Reaves. At the time of sale, the storehouse was the location of the Goldston Fruit and Ice Cream Company. Louanna sold 2 acres for $1 to Frank and Ella Tysor in 1921. Louanna mortgaged her 114 acres for $463 in 1930 payable in 6 months. The note was stamped as satisfied. Finally on the 25th of May 1834, Louanna and Sandy Dowdy sold 114 acres on Indian Creek known as the "Sandy Dowdy Place" to W.O. McGibony for $800 payable in installments.

In 2007, the Chatham Co Commission approved the naming of a private road "Sandy Dowdy Road"

Directions: Take NC highway #902 West. Continue to Pittsboro Goldston Road. Turn left on South Main Street. Turn Right on Goldston Glendon Road. Sandy Dowdy Road will be on the Right.

he married Louanna Womble b 1868 [surname according to Genforum post by Michael Cotton] was born 26 April 1864 in Chatham Co., NC and died 11 September 1957 in Goldston, Chatham Co., NC. She was buried in the Roberts Chapel Cementer. [NC Death Certificate]

See this family in the 1900 Chatham Co NC Census for the Gulf Community

2.i Goldie Dowdy born 19 January 1887 in Chatham Co., NC and died 30 June 1941 in Goldston, Chatham Co., NC. She was buried in the Roberts Chapel Cemetery [NC death Certificate]. She witnessed the marriage of her brother Morton Dowdy

Goldie Dowdy

she married 1) Lee Oldham married 8 Jul 1903. Died before 1910

2.i McKinley Oldham b about 1907. Living with grandfather Sandy Dowdy in the 1910 and 1920 census

she married 2) H G Goldston married at Chatham Co NC 26 Nov 1913

(see email from Michael Cotton below for more information on this family)

2.ii Romulus [Romie] Dowdy born 20 November 1887 in Chatham Co., and died 6 December 1960 in Goldston, Chatham Co., NC. He was buried in the Roberts Chapel Cemetery. [NC Death Certificate.]

he married Ida Tysor married at Gulf Township, Chatham Co NC 19 Sep 1915 [marriage info also found on the link to marriage document for brother Morton Dowdy below]

3.i Alberta Dowdy b about 1915

3.ii Norfus Dowdy b about 1916

3.iii Romey L. Dowdy b Jun 9, 1918

3.iv Hal Dowdy b about 1921

3.v Omer Dowdy b Mar 4, 1923 Erma Dowdy b about 1923

3.v Ora L. Dowdy b about 1925 Lucille Dowdy b about 1926

3.vii daughter Dowdy b 20 Jul 1927 [per NC birth index]

3. viii Leona Dowdy (m) born 25 Dec 1929 at Goldston. Died 5 Mar 1930. Father Ramil Dowdy, Mother Ida Headen; buried Roberts Chapel [Death Certificate]

3.ix Mary Francis Dowdy 3 Jun 1931


2.iii Levi P. Morton Dowdy was born 19 January 1890 in Chatham Co., NC and died 25 March 1949 in Goldston, Chatham Co., NC. He is buried in the Roberts Chapel Cemetery. [NC Death Certificate], Farmer

he married Jossie Palmer married on Jan 16 1910 by Minister M. W. Brown at Gulf Township; Witnessed by E. C. Murchison, Golie Dowdy and Rosie Palmer

see the marriage record for Levi M. Dowdy and Josie Palmer

see the WWI Draft Registration Card for Levi Morton Dowdy

see this family in the 1920 Chatham Co NC Census for the Gulf Community

see this family in the 1930 Chatham Co NC Census for the Gulf Community

3.i Elmus Lee Dowdy b Mar 9, 1911

3.ii Lucille Dowdy b about 1914

3.iii Annie Levonia Dowdy b 9 May 1916

3.iv Liddell Morton Dowdy b 15 May 1918

3.v Raphael Dowdy [son] b about 1921 John Ross Dowdy b 28 Jan 1923

3.vii Edward Dowdy b about 1925

3.viii Hazel Dowdy born 2 November 1927

Death Certificate:Name: Hazel Dowdy Wicker[Hazel Dowdy Dowdy] Gender: Female Race: Black Age: 33 Birth Date: 2 Nov 1927 Birth Place: Chatham, North Carolina, United States Death Date: 14 Jan 1961 Death Location: Pittsboro, Chatham Spouse's Name: Roy Wicker Father's Name: Martin Dowdy Mother's Name: Jossie Dowdy RESIDENCE: Goldston, Chatham, North Carolina Buried Roberts Chapel

3.ix son Dowdy b 10 Nov 1928 [per NC birth index]

3.x Paul Russell Dowdy b May 6, 1929 [s/o Morton and Jossie Dowdy per descendant]

3.xi Linwood Palmer Dowdy b 14 Mar 1930 died 1 Jul 1998 at Sanford, Lee Co NC (source for dates: SSDI)

3.xii Max Reynolds Dowdy b 16 Dec 1934

Death Certificate: Name: Max Reynold Dowdy Gender: Male Race: Black Age: 36 Birth Date: 16 Dec 1934 Birth Place: North Carolina, United States Death Date: 20 Dec 1970 Death Location: Goldston, Chatham Father's Name: Morden Dowdy Mother's Name: Joshie Palmer RESIDENCE: Goldston, Chatham, North Carolina buried Roberts Chapel

possibly other children born after the 1930 census


Levi Morton Dowdy and wife Jossie Palmer Dowdy

2.iv Patrick Holliday - adopted son. Living in the household of Sandy and Louanna Dowdy in 1910

1.ii Emma Dowdy b about 1862. Living with mother Ann and stepfather Lloyd Emerson in the 1880 Gulf Township, Chatham Co NC census.

Emma Dowdy the daughter of Annie Dowdy was born in 1861 in Chatham Co., NC. She died 29 January 1934 in Gulf, Chatham Co., NC and is buried in the Roberts Chapel Cemetery. She was the wife of W. M. Reaves. [NC Death Certificate]

Email received August 21, 2007

Hello my name is Lateasha Dowdy
All I Know Is That My Family Is From Goldston NC
My granddad is Paul Russell Dowdy And His Parents Names Where Joies and Morton Dowdy.I Went to a family reunoin this year and we were all out of wack when it came to our family tree.. it was said that the family lived on what now called J Dowdy road .I Know that my granddad has two sibling left that Levonnia Wicker Dowdy & J Ross Dowdy Here Is A Photo Of My Great Grand Parents Right Now I'm Trying To Find Out Some My Info On My Greatgranddad which is Morton I Know He Only Had 32 other Siblings.And That He Really Made A Name For His Self In Goldston.I Heard Something about him Buying His property Foe Slave Owners .Well I Know I'm Just Ramblin on but iI'm Just Intrested In My Family History.

Contact Lateasha Dowdy at lateashadowdy (at) if you have any information on her family.

Email received August 24, 2007

Well Levi Morton Dowdy Is My Great Grandad Paul R Dowdy Is My Granddad He Died May 7 1976 he was born may 6 1929 thats what it says in his obit. he was Married To My Grandmoms Midred Brown Sometime in 1960 .He had 8 kid 5 kids with Midred Brown. Irma Dowdy born Nov 17 1960. She died April 13 1999.Lueray Dowdy April 16 1962. Sylvester Dowdy May 4 1963 Morton Dowdy july 10 1964 Barry Dowdy july 11 1966His Kids Prire to his marriage.Timothy Reaves Age 47 His Mom Name is Peggyand Althia 51 Ross 62 .Thats wha i know about my grand dad Pual Russel Dowdy He Died Before iwas Born.Paul Has 28 Grandkids

Email received September 25, 2007 from Michael Cotton (descedant of Golie Dowdy)

Golie's 1st husband: Lee Oldham (you have him listed). To this union, a son was born by the name of William Mckinley Oldham Dowdy (you have him listed).

Golie's 2nd husband: Henderson Goldston (+ 2 H.G. Goldston) - my great-grandfather.

Golie and Henderson Goldston's children:
Romey Goldston..born about 1915 (deceased)
Mary Lou Goldston...born 1917 (deceased 2006)
Delphus Goldston..born about 1920 (deceased)
Raba E. Goldston..born about 1924 (deceased 1992)
Ionia Goldston..born about 1925 (still living!!)
Lita G. Goldston..born about 1927 (deceased)
#2 Mary Lou Goldston (my grandmother)..married Walter H. Cotten (my grandfather). To this union, 4 children were born:

Goldia Ann Cotten
Bettie Lou Cotten (MY MOTHER!)
Walter O'Keith Cotten
Deborah Sue Cotten

Well, that's alot of info! Let me know if you have any questions ~ i'll try to answer.


Genforum Posting:

I am related the Dowdy family near Gulf.A Mulatto Ann(Dowdy) Emerson who married a Loydd Emerson.(1880 census).
Ann Dowdy had had 3 children when she was a slave by a white Dowdy.The white James Dowdy. Peter, and Mary Dowdy are relatives.Slave Ann (Dowdy) Emerson daughter Emma (Dowdy)Lambert- Reaves was married to a Reaves(Rives) and a Lambert. She had a brother named Sondy Dowdy and a sister named Goldie. Emma had Children by both husbands (Lambert and Reaves) Lela (Lambert) Snipes was her daughter and my great grandmother. If you know anything about this family please contact me at or 314/383-2521 leave a number and name. Thank you!

ERROR ALERT: This is the death certificate for Sandy Dowdy who was born 1871. His wife is also named Louanna and his mother's maiden name is Womble. Are all of these just coincidences?





Sources: Thanks to Latesha Dowdy for the original email data and photo of Levi Dowdy. Other sources used by the website editor to construct the lineage include Chatham NC census, marriage records, birth/death records, SSDI, Chatham Co deed records, etc.