Currituck County
North Carolina


An Enrolment of the Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Mount Zion Meeting House; Currituck County, North Carolina...Commenced in the year 1829

Rebecca Dowdy W Died in peace 1832
Mariam Dowdy M Died in peace 1829
Julia Dowdy M
Director Dowdy S Married to Mercer
Nancy Dowdy M


Book A

John A. MELSON Polly DOWDY 22 Jan 1852
William S. SOLOMONS Margaret DOWDY 31 Jan 1852
Thomas CRANE Keziah DOWDY 27 Aug 1855
Thomas DOWDY Sabrina TILLOTT 28 Jul 1855
Israel PERRY Sabra DOUDY [Sabra Tillett who was widow of Thomas Dowdy] 8 May 1857
D.L. DOWDY Cintha DOWDY 2 Jun 1859
Samuel DOWDY Mary DOWDY 20 May 1861
Caleb EVERTON Lucinda DOWDY 25 Sept 1861

Dowdy, Matilda father: Dowdy, Caleb mother: Dowdy, Grizzell groom: Evans, Heny father: Evans, Jesse mother: Evans, Polly Sep. 16, 1869 married by: H. B. Ansell

Dowdy, Susan father: Salier, Frances mother: Sallier, Polly groom: Perkins, John father: Perkins, Jeremiah mother: Perkins, Edny Oct. 21, 1869 married by: Joseph Mercer



Dowdy, Elizabeth [birthdate not known] Mar. 12, 1917 Married; Father: Joseph Harris Mother: Mary Scarbough Buried: Auston Burial Ground

Dowdy, Ida Smith Oct. 19, 1897 Apr. 23, 1991 Widow; Father: Dempsey Smith Mother: Barbara Evans Buried: Westlawn, Elizabeth City, N.C.

Dowdy, Samuel B. May 28, 1855 Oct. 17, 1921 Spouse: Elizabeth Dowdy Father: William Ivy Dowdy Mother: Leary Ellen Boughton Buried: Austin Cemetery

Dowdy, Willis Nov. 2, 1888 Apr. 30, 1968 Spouse: Ida Smith Dowdy Father: Edmond Dowdy Mother: Louisa Burgess Buried: West Lawn, Elizabeth City, N.C.