Craven County
North Carolina

1758 - New Bern April 15th 1758 List of the Craven County Troop of Horse Commanded by Captain Peter Rutgers (note: this looks like names from Currituck Milita lists - source)

Daniel O'Dowd
William O'Dowd Jr

July 1760 Court. William Palmer brought into court an orphan boy named James Doude age 16 and 6 mos. asked he be bound to him to learn cord winder. Indenture approved

July 1760 Court. George Hays prayed to have letters of administration on estate of Margaret Doude as greatest creditor - bond with Richard Fenner esq and Peter Conway.

Oct 1760 Court. Ordered that Mr. Spaight be discharrged from the obligation of the indentures which he signed w/ Willoughby Doude who was bound to him. [note: the name Willoughby DOWDY is very common in later Currituck Wills/deeds]

Oct 1760 Court. Ordered that Willoughby Doude an orphan boy now age of 18 and 6 mos be bound to Thomas Haslin until 21 to be brought up as a merriner.

Oct 1764 Court John Wood agst Richard Doude enqu. verdict for plt

July 7 1767. Court. George Kellar agst Richard O. Dowde verdict for plt

1768 - Lot entries in the town of New Bern - Richard Doudy; Date_of_Event: 1768; p. 29; Event: Entries of Lots New Bern - The Quarterly Review of the Eastern North Carolina Genealogical Society Vol. 13, No. 1 (March 1986)

1787 May Court- Newbern District Superior Court Criminal Paper; N.C.ARCHIVES DCR 206 Box 326.2 Folder: 1787


1790 Craven Co. Census

Richard Dowdy, 1-2-6-0-0

1800 Craven Co. Census

Joseph Dowdie 12010 - 01010

1801 - New Bern District Court - Folder: 1802
Information: Report on inquest into the death of Sam, Negro slave of Wm. G. BERRY. Members of jury are: John C. BRYAN, foreman, James TOOLEY, Lewis FONVILLE, Wm. FULSHIRE, Wm. TIGNOR, Wm. JOHNSTON, Alexander DUGUID, Wm. TYRE, Joseph LOFTIN, Wm. GASKINS, Chas SANDERS junr., Wm. SMITH, Sacher DUBERLY, Joseph DOWDEE, James POTTER, Tucker WALDEN, Wm. ANTHONY. They find that William G. BERRY and wife Sarah, using a whip and other unknown weapons, gave Sam wounds on his back and sides, particularly a mortal wound on his right
side. Date: 14 Sept 1801 Date of: Event County: Craven

1804 Apprentice Bonds - 14 December 1804-James Reese, an orphan aged 15 years, bound to Joseph Dowdee as a block maker.

1805 Apprentice Bonds - 10 September 1805-Joseph Masters, orphan aged 15 years in December next, bound to Joseph Dowdee as a ship carpenter

1807 WILL OF BARRINGTON, JOHN--16 Nov 1807 / Dec 1807 -- Negro Woman Molley to be sold, also horse, saddle and bridle, my hogs and all my household goods and kitchen furniture and also "Every other thing that is Called mine Both with in doors and with out". Wife Nansey to receive 1/3 part and daughter Easter DOWDE to receive 2/3 part. Executor: Jesse DOWDE, Wit: William DUDLEY, William THOMAS

1810 Craven Co. Census

None found [US census is missing for Craven Co]

1812 Apprentice Bonds -10 June 1812-[Orphans presented to the Grand Jury] Manuel Dowdy, Henry Dowdy, and William Dowdy.

1815 - List of Taxables A.D. 1815 in Captn. Will. Wise’s District Craven County
Names; Free Poll; Slaves; Acres of Land; Valuation

Dowdy, Elijah N/A; N/A; 170; 120

Dowdy, Jesse
1; N/A; 245; 125

Dowdy, James
N/A; N/A; 175; 175

Dowdy, Will: 1; N/A; 450; 350

1815 - List of taxables A.D. 1815 in Cap. James Nelson Dist. Craven County
Names; Free Poll; Slaves; Acres of Land; Valuation

Dowdy, John 1; N/A; ; 150; 150

1815 - List of taxable property in Capt. John Carruthers District for the year 1815
Names; Free Poll; Slaves; Acres of Land; Valuation

Nancy Dowdy N/A; N/A; 50; 50

1815 - List of taxables in Capt. Robert R. Sparrow’s Dist. A.D. 1815 Craven County
Names; Free Poll; Slaves; Acres of Land; Valuation

John Dowdy Snr. 1; N/A; N/A; N/A

1816 Apprentice Bonds - 10 March 1817-Philip Dowdee, aged 10 years, bound to John Dowdee as a shoemaker

1816 Land Entry by William Dowdy - Acres: 94 Entry Number: 878 Entered: Jun. 10, 1816 Location: On the N. side of Bay River

1820 Craven Census

Nancy Dowdey 000000 - 00010
Richard Dowdey 110010 - 00010 (1 f slave +45)

[both enumerated in the town of New Bern]

1825 Apprentice Bonds - 14 February 1825-Bartholomew G. Howard, an orphan aged 8 years, bound to John Dowdee, Jr., as a shoemaker

1825 Apprentice Bonds - 14 February 1825-John Carpenter, an orphan aged 11 years, bound to John Dowdee, Snr., as a farmer.

1825 Apprentice Bonds - 14 February 1825-Isam Howard, an orphan aged 14 years, bound to John Dowdee, Jr., as a shoemaker.

1840 Craven Co. Census

Hilary Dowdy 1000001000000 - 1212000000000

Richmond E. Dowdy 1000100000000 - 0000000000000

Jesse Dowdy 3001001000000 - 0010100000000

William Dowdy 0000000100000 - 0100000010000

Nancy Dowdy 0000000000000 - 0000000100000

Elizabeth Dowdy 1000100000000 - 0001000100000

John Dowdy 0000001000000 - 0010000000000

[note: Hilary, Richmond, Jesse and William all live nearby each other]

1841 School Student Enumeration - Listing of children between the ages of 5 and 21 years

District 24
George Dowdy

District 25
Lavinia Dowdy

District 26
Mary Dowdy
Crecy D.[owdy]
Chally D.[owdy]
Dorcas D.[owdy]
Emeline D.[owdy]

John A. Dowdy

1849 - Letters to Clerk of County Court- Craven County NC
10 Jan 1849. . From James Wolf, of Mount View Davidson Co TN to CCC of Craven "I wish to know what disposition has been made of the property of one Nancy Doudy late of your county...whether said Nancy Doudy made a will and who she willed her property to...the said Mrs. Doudy is my wife's grand mother."

1849 Apprentice Bonds - 11 September -Herman Dowdey, an orphan aged 9 years, bound to Thomas Lupton as a farmer

1850 Craven County Census

Eliza Dowdy 65 NC (New Bern)
Uphemy Dowdy 29 (f)
Richard Dowdy 10
Emeline Dowdy 7
John Dowdy 6
Mary Dowdy 3

Thomas Hill 90 (bl) NC (New Bern)
Nancy Dowdy 60 (wh) NC
Susan Stewart 70 (bl) NC

George Dowdy 30 NC (no location)
Phebe Dowdy 40
William Dowdy 4
Mary Dowdy 2
Martha Dowdy 1

Isaac Flowers 33 NC (no location)
Drucilla Flowers 19
Margery Flowers 1
Eliz. Dowdy 21 NC
Thomas Jones 16
Christopher Flowers 21
Solomon Ives 20
Brittain Driggers 19

next door to

John R. McCotter 22 NC (no location)
Susan McCotter 21
Serenia McCotter 19
Clarissa Dowdy 65 NC

nearby to

Jesse Jones 36 NC (no location)
Mary Jones 50
Eveline Dowdy 15 NC
Issac Blango 50 (bl)

Mary Dowdy 33 NC (no location)
Riley Dowdy 8
Susan Dowdy 6
Redding Dowdy 4
Samuel Dowdy 2

John R. Riggs 40 NC (no location)
Sarah Riggs 28
John Riggs 13
Dorcas Riggs 11
Thomas Riggs 8
Henry Riggs 5
Cornelia Riggs 4
Joseph Riggs 2
Alfred Riggs 2/12
Eliz. Dowdy 48 NC

Richmond Dowdy 38 NC
Nora Dowdy 50
Nora Shepard 12 (bl)

1850 Slave Schedule

Elizabeth Dowdy (no names given) 1, 1, 1

1880 Note of indebtedness

Reced of Richard McCotter
On Oct 5 1880 Ten dollars
On act also Dec 22 1880
Ten dollars on act of H. H. Dowdy
To date Stonewall Dec 22 1880
C. W. Fowler

Marriage Bonds
Emery Dowdy to Anna Linton 7 May 1828 Bondsman Joseph Phipes
Hillary Dowdy to Betsy Harris 23 Feb. 1820 Bondsman Barnum Lincoln
Jesse Dowday to Susannah Harriss 19 Apr. 1820, Bondsman Hillary Dowday
John Dowday to Penelope Howser 24 Apr. 1814 Bondsman Wm. Jones
John Dowdy to Sally Howard 2 July 1819 Bondsman Major Tingle
John Dowdy to Mary Carroway 5 Feb. 1827 Bondsman Robert Scott
John Dowdy to Lucinda Foscue 8 Apr 1833 Bondsman John Flibus
John Dowdy to Euphamia Leggett 30 July 1839 Bondsman Thomas Jones
Joseph Dowdee to Esther Barrington 8 Oct. 1795 Bondsman Saml. Easton
Richard Dowdy to Alsey Styron 18 Aug. 1816 Bondsman John Dowdy
Richmond E. Dowdy to Noah Jones 1 June 1837 Bondsman Jesse Jones
William Dowdy to Betsy Harris 28 Sept. 1832 Bondsman Bartholomew Paul
William R. Dowdy to Margaret Gaskill 21 Nov 1865 Bondsman William Wallace
William Dowdee to Rachel Sadler 14 June 1819 Bondsman Jesse Riggs

Female Marriages 1780 - 1867
July Dowde to Adam McElroy Dec 3 1785
Sarah Dowdy to Richard Hickman July 19 1796
Polly O Dowdy to Wiloughby Perkins Jan 5 1797
Jiney Dowdee to Wiloughby Perkins Mar 10 1798
Whiney Dowdy to Levi Johnston Dec 5 1799
Mary Dowdee Nathaniel Phipps Aug 21 1807
Mary Dowday to Levin Wheelton Sept 23 1809
Ann Dowday to Church Lindsay Apr 4 1819
Olivia Dowdee Edmond Jones Mar 5 1819
Sally Dowday to Jesse Holton May 5 1819
Maria Dowdy to Charles Herrington Sept 13 1824
Nancy Dowdy to Joseph M Morris July 2 1828
Sally Ann Dowdy to Whitney Ball - Dec 2 1828
Sally Dowdy to Thomas Bennett Jan 23 1832
Mary Dowdy to George G. Smith Dec 26 1832
Mary Dowdy to Elijah P Daniels Jan 29 1839
Betsy Dowdy to Robert Phipps Feb 21 1843
Sarah A Dowdy to James A Suydam Sept 9 1843
Lucretia F Dowdy to Jackson Gatlin Dec 18 1845
Mary A Dowdy to Thomas Lupton Dec 6 1848
Eliz J Dowdy to Reden W Mason Sept 24 1851