Lumpkin County

1834 Census

# of Free Whites in HH

Charles Dowdy 4
William Dowdy 3
Baalam Dowdy 6
Amos Dowdy 7
Robert Dowdy 7


The following land sales were recorded in the Lumplin County courthouse. (Deeds provided by John Dowdie)

Balam Dowdy to Amos Dowdy 80 (Book B 1834-1835)
Dean David to Charles Dowdy 243 "
Samuel King to James Dowdy 91 (Book C 1835-1837)
A Dowdy to Richard Head 47 (Book E 1837-1839)
William Flanagan to James Dowdy 447 "
Charles Dowdy to Wm Anderson 124 (Book G 1840-1842)
B C Johnson to Robert Dougherty 215 "
Brooks Williams to James Dowdy 29 (H 1842-1845)
James Dowdy to Samuel Stainbridge 136 "
William Dowdy to David Meyeres 320 "
William Dowdy to Thomas Kemp 321 "
John & Wm Anderson to James Dowdy 231 (Book I 1845-1846)
W.W.M (?) Dowdy to Mathew Kieth 151 (Book J 1846-1850)
James Dowdy to Wm Anderson 540 "
Amos Dowdy to E K Brown 396 (Book K 1850-1852)
Wm Anderson to Amos Dowdy 37 (Book L 1852-1854)

1850 Census
Aaron Dowdy 54 NC
Rachael 29 GA
Daniel 24 GA
Malinda 6 GA
Robert Dowdy 47 GA
Alfred 27 GA
Margaret 22 GA
Mitchel 20 Ga
Mary Ann 18 Ga
Rachael 16 GA
Martha 10 GA
Amos Dowdy 75 NC
Elizabeth 41 GA
John 13 GA
Martha Johnson 15 NC
John M. Dowdy 42 NC
Annis 35 NC
William 11 GA
Juliann 14 GA
John 11 GA
Eleha (f) 9 GA
Jacob 1 GA
Mary 2 Ga
Susan 1 GA
William Johnson 75 VA

The Constitution (Atlanta)

Oct 20 1876
Jacob Dowdy of Lumpkin County raised a pumpkin measuring 30 inches in diameter and 40 in circumference

Sept 10 1887
From the Dahlonega Signal - Two strange men have been lounging around on the Cleveland road about 6 miles from town. Tuesday they entered the house of John Sargent while he was absent and began to plunder but Mrs Sargent coming up they hastily ran away. Wednesday morning while William Dowdy and his wife were away from home they entered adn stole several articles and some food. they were seen running away just as Mr Dowdy came up. Mr Dowdy organized a crowd and they searched for the thieves until twelve o'clock Wednesday night, but could not locate them, they having took to the woods.

Chesatee Baptist Association Minutes
Yahoola Church has lost two of her members...Rachel Dowdy died September 2nd, 1895, aged eighty years.


Dahlonega Signal Newspaper
August 27, 1886
Death of an Aged Lady - Mrs. Dowdy, wife of Rev. Jno. Dowdy, of this county, died on Monday night. She had been sick for many years and death was, no doubt, a pleasant relief for her. Mrs. Dowdy was about seventy-five years old, and was held in high esteem by her host of friends. She was a devoted and consistent member of the Siloam Baptist Church.
July 25, 1890
Death of Aaron Dowdy - Old Uncle Aaron Dowdy, as he was always called, since our early childhood, departed this life last Saturday, the 19th July 1890. He had been a resident of this county since it's early settlement, his occupation being that of a farmer. He was ninety-six years of age, and was a pensioner of the government for his services in the War of 1812. He and the father of the writer of this article being members of the regiment who enlisted in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1813. There are but few Jackson soldiers living, and perhaps Uncle Aaron is th elsat survivor in this county. Peace to his ashes.
January 6, 1893

Rev John M. Dowdy, one of our oldest citizens of the county, died at his home near this place on the 28th December 1892. He was buried by the Masonic Fraternity at Siloam on the following day. He leaves a large circle of friends to lament his death, although he had lived up to the full measure of his days, being more than eighty years of age. He was born April 26th 1807., and had been a citizen of Lumpkin County for more than fifty-five years and a minister of the gospel for thirty-eight years.

Marriages 1829-1922+ (source: Lumpkin County GenWeb)
Dowdy, Ada Earle, F. E. June 27, 1915
Dowdy, Brilla Grizzle, Wilburn August 27, 1905
Dowdy, Carrie Smith, Charley C. October 13, 1907
Dowdy, Emma Palmer, Joseph C. Feburary 25, 1883
Dowdy, Emma Wehunt, Jahu R. August 18, 1907
Dowdy, Emma Wilbanks, W. F. November 9, 1903
Dowdy, Julia A. Brady, Basil December 4, 1873
Dowdy, Julia A. Satterfeild, John W. October 6, 1872
Dowdy, June Hipp, John B. March 7, 1866
Dowdy, Lou Lingerfelt, John C. January 27, 1924
Dowdy, Mary Burgess, G. C. October 2, 1912
Dowdy, Mattie Gibson, J. R. December 10, 1926
Dowdy, Monnie Jones, Clarence November 8, 1931
Dowdy, Mrs Mary White, John September 28, 1919
Dowdy, Nancy Head, Joseph December 17, 1882
Dowdy, Nettie Anderson, A. J. September 14, 1907
Dowdy, Ollie Beasley, Charley April 4, 1900
Dowdy, Sallie Barnes, James December 25, 1904
Dowdy, Sallie Smith, Ollie March 20, 1921
Dowdy, Sallie Thompson, J. F. August 26, 1909

Grooms (note: marriages which seem to have incomplete dates appear to be referring to years after 1900)
Dowdy Amos Johnson,Mrs Elizabeth November 25, 1847
Dowdy, A. L. Corner, Sallie 8-Apr-17
Dowdy, A. M. Hicks, Josephine December 22, 1889
Dowdy, Arch W. Davis, Brilla 3-Feb-07
Dowdy, B. J. Seabolt, Huldy Belle 23-Aug-25
Dowdy, Barney Moose, Ollie 6-Aug-10
Dowdy, Claude Jones, Odelle 12-Sep-26
Dowdy, Cliford Marlow, Clydie 28-Feb-25
Dowdy, F. L. Jones, Estelle 22-Dec-29
Dowdy, G. S. Smith, Nellie 5-Nov-23
Dowdy, Homer Evans, Myrtle 16-Sep-18
Dowdy, Isaac L Finley, Minervia November 12, 1839
Dowdy, J. M. Price, Sarah November 23, 1886
Dowdy, Jacob Findley, Lucy November 8, 1846
Dowdy, James R. Swansey, Frances K. Feburary 10, 1876
Dowdy, John J. Satterfield, Nancy L. March 8, 1896
Dowdy, John M Johnson, Ann August 5, 1835
Dowdy, John Wesley Robertson, Mattie 19-Dec-01
Dowdy, R. M. Anderson, Mary 18-Sep-04
Dowdy, Richard M. Rider, Sarah Ann November 9, 1884
Dowdy, Richard M. Brady, Julia Ann July 31, 1879
Dowdy, William Beasley, Sarah December 19, 1878
Dowdy, William J. Anderson, Carrie 5-Mar-05
Dowdy, William R. Smith, Cora 11-Oct-13
Dowdy, William T. Head, Rebecca Jane October 5, 1879

Marriage Book B 1849-1865 page numbers (seems to be different than the list above)
Dowdy, Emiline Berry, Henry 31
DOWDY, J. C. Jackson, Sarah T. 286
Dowdy, Mary Ann Campbell, John 118 July 12, 1853
Dowdy, Nancy Johnson, William F. 46
DOWDY, William R. Berry, Mary A. 304

John Dowdie provides the following additional marriage listings from the Lumpkin Co Library (some are duplicates but some are not)

Alfred Dowdy to Sarah Kershaw 97
Robert M Dowdy to Lucretia C Payne 187
Joseph Dowdy 216
William Dowdy 297
Richard Dowdy 311
William T 314
Richard 405
Julia A Dowdy to John W Satterfield 195
Mary Ann Dowdy to J Lockaby 115

Lumpkin Cemeteries

MIll Creek Baptist Church

Robert Dowdy 6/12/1803 - 10/14/1876

Cavender's Creek Church

Nancy O.(?) Dowdy 5/30/1829 - 7/21/1896
Clarence Dowdy 2/14/1900 - 2/25/1900
Lizzie Dowdy 3/14/1876 - 10/17/1881
Sarah Dowdy 5/29/1873 - 8/9/1884
James R Dowdy 4/12/1828 09/05/1915
Francis L Dowdy 6/6/1853 - ?
J M Dowdy (Inf) 4 days
Effie B Dowdy age 33y 2m 24d
Mary K Dowdy 11/24/1871 - 5/28/1884
George Dowdy 12/31/1867 - 6/7/1884

Civil War

Read the biography of Private John H. Dowdy of Lumpkin GA (killed in service) - with photo

Isaac Leander Columbus Dowdy

b. 28 Jan 1820 in Hall County, Georgia;
d 30 Jun 1848 in Lumpkin County, Georgia;
buried Siloam Cemetery Lumpkin County;
s/o Amos Dowdy and Effie Carlton of Moore Co NC.
Married Minerva Fendley 12 Nov 1839 in Lumpkin County, Georgia