Dr. Lewis Carnegie Dowdy
Chancellor of North Carolina A&T University
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[reprinted from an online obituary] Dr. Lewis Carnegie Dowdy, sixth president and first chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, died Dec. 17, 2000, in Greensboro. He was 83.Dowdy was appointed acting president of A&T, then known asA&T College, in January 1962,and he was selected president inApril 1964. He was appointed chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical StateUniversity in July 1972.

He retired June 30, 1981. During his 17-year tenure at A&T, Dowdy gained national respect as a prominent highereducation administrator. Under his leadership, A&T received national accreditation for its schools of nursing, engineering, and business and economics, andfor its programs in teacher education, industrial technology, chemistry, and social work.The Dowdy administration also brought significant growth in research and grants as A&T attracted $19.9 million in federal support for research by faculty and students that related to issues faced by the state, nation and world. Asa result, the university became thethird ranked educational research center in the state.

Under Dowdy’s urging, A&T embraced the concept of adevelopment and university relations office. This change enabled the university to gainmuch needed external supportthat totaled more than $8 million from corporations, foundations and the university’s nationalalumni association.The Dowdy Era also brought many capital improvements oncampus including a new studentdining center, a student union, five major classroom buildings, a health/physical education/recreation center and a football stadium complex.

Because of his distinguished leadership in American higher education, Dowdy was elected president of the National Association of State Universities and Land-grant Colleges in 1972. He conferred with three U.S.presidents on matters affecting higher education, and he testified before numerous congressional committees. Dowdy also served onstate, regional and national boards and commissions.

A native of Eastover, S.C., Dowdy was born Sept. 1, 1917, to William Wallace and Alice Shiver Dowdy. He was educated in the public schools of Eastover then received his bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate degrees and certificate from Allen University in Columbia, S.C. (1939), Indiana State College (1949) and Indiana University (1965) and Harvard University Management Institute for Presidents (1965), respectively.He was awarded honorary degrees from Allen University, Indiana State University, University of Maine-Orono, Indiana University and Duke University, and special commendations from Indiana State University, The Danforth Foundation and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. For many years, Dowdy was a deacon at Providence Baptist Church in Greensboro. He was amember of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Beta Epsilon Boule of the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Greensboro Men’s Club and Neighbors United.

Dowdy is survived by his wife of 57 years, Elizabeth Smith Dowdy; a brother, Sam Bernard Dowdy of Atlanta; sisters, Fannie Dowdy Jackson and Annie Lee Dowdy Wilson of Hopkins, S.C.; threechildren, Lewis Carnegie Dowdy,Jr. (Patricia) of Charlotte, Lemuel Wallace Dowdy of Greenbelt, Md., and Elizabeth Dowdy King of Greensboro; five grandchildren; a great granddaughter; and a host of relatives and friends


1. Lemuel Dowdey - (1795 - 1856) He was originally from North Carolina. He appeared in Orangeburg Co SC in the 1850 census with his wife Emma and son Joshua remaining in his household. The census enumerates his year of birth as 1801. His grave marker states: "Where death, where darkness reigns, Jehovah is my stay, His road my trembling feet sustains, His staff defends my way." Lemuel Dowdey, along with son William Henry Dowdey, are buried in the Dowdey Cemetery near McLeod United Methodist Church. The cemetery is actually in the median of U. S. Highway 378, just one mile west of U. S. Highway 601. Several of Lemuel's grandchildren are also buried there.

married Emma Sawyer she was born about 1793 and died 1856. (IGI: Married Emiline Sawyer 26 JAN 1825, Wake, North Carolina)

children: It is unknown just how many children there were, but they had at least two sons:

2.i William Henry Dowdey (November 3, 1830 - August 19, 1909)

He was a graduate of medical school, but after the Civil War his primary profession was farming. He did continue, as a "country doctor" to treat residents of lower Richland County. He would also pull teeth if anyone needed it. He passed his knowledge on to daughter, Octavia Dowdey, who also treated those who could not afford medical attention.

Both William Henry Dowdey and Susan Alberta Morgan are buried in the Dowdey Cemetery in Eastover, SC. Also buried there are: daughters Lillie Carolyn Dowdey Garner Young, Annie Lemuel Dowdey Garner and sons Lemuel Charles Dowdey, Cleveland Walker Dowdey and William Henry Dowdey, Jr. Photos of their markers/tombstones are shown there also. Daughter Octavia Dowdey Garner is buried in the McLeod United Methodist Church Cemetery just across the street from the Dowdey Cemetery.

married 1) Rosa Belle Jackson (1824 - 1870?)

married 2) Susan Alberta Morgan on December 1, 1870. She was born December 24, 1849 and died June 22, 1932

children by Rosa Jackson:

3.i Octavia E. Dowdey (1859 - 1935)

children by Susan Morgan:

3.ii William Gilbert Dowdey (September 20, 1871 - December 10, 1952)

3.iii Lillie Carolyn Dowdey (September 27, 1873 - December 1, 1952)

3.iv Eunice "Eva" Evangeline Dowdey (January 8, 1877 - June 30, 1926)

3.v Annie Lemuel Dowdey (October 4, 1879 - November 17, 1970)

3.vi Lemuel Charles Dowdey (May 8, 1882 - December 29, 1922)

3.vii Cleveland Walker Dowdey (November 4, 1885 - June 24, 1940)

3.viii Joshua Heyward (or Haywood) Dowdey (June 6, 1887 - May 14, 1957)

3.ix William Henry Dowdey, Jr. (June 8, 1891 - December 8, 1909)

3.x Tillinghast Morgan Dowdey (August 8, 1894 - April 20, 1969)

2.ii Joshua H. Dowdy born about 1833, age 17 in the 1850 Orangeburg SC census. In 1860 census, he was enumerated as age 25 born SC, working as an overseer in Orangeburg Co SC. He died in 1872.

married Margaret ______. She later married Sam Clark


3.i William Wallace Dowdy - (1864 - 1950) lived Eastover, Richland Co. SC; Likely the William Dowdy age 15 "mulatto" who appears in the 1880 census HH of Sam Clark age 60, black, wife Margaret age 40, black, in Lower Richland Co SC. Listed as "son" in the HH. Apparently, William is the son of John H. Dowdy, enumerated as white in the 1870 Columbia, Richland Co census. It appears his mother Margaret remarried Sam Clark since William was listed as "son" in the 1880 Clark HH.

John H. Dowdy 37, white b SC (he is Joshua, not John)
Margaret Dowdy 23, black b SC
William Dowdy 6, black b SC (b abt 1864)
Ema Dowdy 4, black b SC
Elizabeth Dowdy 2, black b SC
Margaret Clark 60 black b VA
Rachel Dowdy 9 black b SC
Peter Davis 35 black b SC
Eliza Davis 24 black b SC
Alexander Davis 4 black b SC
Peter Davis 1 black b SC
Thomas Williams 8 black b SC

married 1) Rebecca Wright (1858? - 1897?)

married 2) Alice Shiver (1874 - 1942)

married 3) Rosa Scott (1918 - 1998)

children by Alice Shiver:

4.i Harry L. Dowdy - b abt 1900 (source 1920 SC census)

4.ii Earnest Dowdy - b abt 1902 (source 1920 SC census)

4.iiiCatherine Dowdy b abt 1904 (source 1920 SC census)

4.iv Fred Dowdy - b abt 1906 (source 1920 SC census)

4.v Alice Dowdy - b abt 1908 (source 1920 SC census)

4.vi Annie M. Dowdy - b abt 1910 (source 1920 SC census)

4.vii Dr. George T. Dowdy - b abt 1912 (source 1920 SC census) - professor of Agriculture Economics at Tuskeegee Institute.

Dr. George Theodore Dowdy, Sr. - Professor Emeritus, Tuskegee University:
one of 14 children of (mulatto) South Carolina plantation owner William Wallace Dowdy and Alice Shiver Dowdy. George T. Dowdy was born on March 11, 1913 in Eastover, South Carolina. He received his elementary and secondary school education in South Carolina. He earned a B.S. degree at South Carolina State College in 1937. He completed his M.S. (1947) and Ph.D. (1952) degrees in agricultural economics at Ohio State University and did post-doctorate work at Case Institute of Technology. After receiving his Ph.D. from Ohio State University, Dr. Dowdy came to Tuskegee Institute, in Alabama, to head its Division of Agricultural Economics. While heading the Division of Agricultural Economics at Tuskegee Institute, Dr. Dowdy did consulting work and was instrumental in securing financial aid for farmers in Macon County, Alabama. In the mid-1970's, he became Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences at Tuskegee Institute and was vitally instrumental in securing grants in excess of $1.6 million for Tuskegee Institute's adult educational program affecting about 10,000 functional illiterates in Macon County, Alabama. Dr. Dowdy was a very active member of the Tuskegee, Alabama community and served as a Director of the Tuskegee Federal Savings & Loan Association and simultaneously served as Chairman of both the Building Committee and Appraisal Committee of The Tuskegee Federal Savings & Loan Assn. In 1979, Dr. Dowdy was appointed by the Governor of Alabama to serve on the Macon County Board of Equalization and in 1988 he was re-appointed by the Governor to continue to serve on that Board. Dr. Dowdy was also the author of AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND RELATED TERMS (1966) and authored several published articles in professional and trade journals. When Dr. Dowdy retired in 1980, Tuskegee Institute President Luther H. Foster, bestowed upon him the honor of Professor Emeritus. Dr. Dowdy was a World War II veteran and an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in Tuskegee and The Greenwood Missionary Baptist Church. Dr. Dowdy died (at age 87) at his Bibb Street home in Tuskegee Institute on August 30, 2000. He was preceded in death by his wife of 55 years, Ruth Ball Dowdy, who died in 1997. They are survived by their two children, Brenda Dowdy-Robinson and George T., Jr. of Tuskegee Institute, Alabama.

See photo and newspaper biography here

4.viii Jack Dowdy - b abt 1914 (source 1920 SC census)

4.ix Lewis Carnegie Dowdy - born Sept 1 1917 Eastover SC, Chancellor of NC A&T University [see photo and info above]

Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, Sr. (sixth President and first Chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University). Lewis C. Dowdy, Sr. was born September 1, 1917 in Eastover, South Carolina; he was the brother of Dr. George T. Dowdy of Tuskegee Institute, and also one of the 14 children of William Wallace Dowdy and Alice Shiver Dowdy of South Carolina. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, Sr. was educated in the public schools of Eastover, S.C. and then received his Bachelors, Master's, Doctorate degrees and certificate from Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina (1939), Indiana State College (1949) and Indiana University (1965) and Harvard University Management Institute for Presidents (1965) respectively. Because of his distinguished leadership in Amercan higher education, he was elected President of the National Association of State Universities and Land-grant Colleges in 1972. He conferred with three U.S. Presidents on matters affecting higher education and he testified before numerous congressional committees. [see The Aggie Report, a BiWeekly Newsletter of N.C. A&T State Univ., Jan. 19, 2001). Dr. Dowdy was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Beta Epsilon Boule of the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, and was a deacon at Providence Baptist Church in Greensboro. Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, Sr. died December 17, 2000 in Greensboro, North Carolina. He was 83 years of age at his death. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth Smith Dowdy of Greensboro, N.C., his sons, Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, Jr. of Charlotte, N.C., Attorney Lemuel W. Dowdy, Sr. of Washington, D.C., his daughter Elizabeth Dowdy King of Greensboro, N.C.

married Elizabeth Smith


5.i Lewis Carnegie Dowdy Jr. - of Charlotte NC

5.ii Lemuel Wallace Dowdy - of Greenbelt MD

5.iii Elizabeth Dowdy - of Greensboro NC , married ____King.

4.x Sam Bernard Dowdy - lived Atlanta

4.xi Fannie Dowdy - married ___Jackson

4.xii Annie Lee Dowdy - married ____Hopkins (this may be a duplicate)