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born about 1628

"Sheriffe of Putuxent, St. Maries, and Potomock, Maryland” 1653-1657
(Mary. Archives Vol. 1, page 347, 355, and 365. - Vol. 3, pages 318-319, and
Vol. 10, pages 271, 566. - Vol. 41, page 11.)

Assembly and Provincial Court Proceedings sourced from the Maryland State Archives online database
1654-1665, 1676, 1689

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Maryland Land Office

Mary. State Papers - Liber AB&H, Folio 146, [Liber Q, Folio 39 in 1659].

1649, James Veitch acquired land called "Veich's Cove" in Calvert Co.
October 1654 Assembly Proceedings 

By Potomock County [list of names]

To James Veitch Rests Due

1655  Provincial Court Proceedings [from personal website citing documentation]

On December 31, 1655, Sampson Waring gave bond as sheriff and James Veitch as deputy of the counties of Patuxent, St. Mary's, and Potomac


Maryland Deponents 1634-1799
x, 421

Stevens, William, [no age given], deposed 1655, mentioned James Veitch

1656 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 
x, 479
Veitch, James, [no age given] , deposed in 1656 mentions William Turner,
and Hubert Pattee 
1656 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 
x, 483
Kingsbury, Robert, [no age given], deposed 1656, mentions James Veatch
and others 
1656 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 
x, 483
Turner, William [no age given] deposed 1656, mentions James Veatch 
1656   Provincial Court Proceedings,
Liber B. No.244

At a Provinciall Court held at Putuxent the 10th  of March 1656.  Whereas Hubert Patee was arrested to this Court by George Bussey and James Veatch for having Notoriously Slander'd them in their reputations, in Saying the Said Bussey and Veatch had forsworne themselves to the pitt of hell, and the Said Bussey and Veatch having proved their Complaint, The Court doth order that the Said Hubert Patee Shall Stand Committed, untill he the Said Patee, Shall in the face of the           Court, ask the parties Grieved forgiveness and to pay 500' of Tobacco to the publick use and put in Securitie for his Good behaviour and to pay Cost of Suit. Robert Kingsberry Sworne and Examined in open Court Saith that Hubert Patee did Say that William Turners Wittnesses which were George Busse and James Veatch were foreSworne to the pitt of Hell and further Saith not. Signum Robert K Kingsberry;   William Turner affirmeth the Very Same, and farther Not. Signum  William T Turner 

1657 Provincial Court Proceedings
Goulson v.

Satisfied by mr Luke Gardiner for an Order of Court for freeing a maid for Daniell Goulson's use unto the Sheriff James Veitch.

1657  Maryland Land Office 
[from a personal website quoting documentation]

James Veitch conveyes one cow calf now in Ishmael Wright's Plantation to Richard Keene, of Putuxent, planter" dated 9/30/1657 

1657 Outlines of the History of Medicine and the Medical Profession – by Henry Handerson et al "The earliest autopsy and verdict of a coroner’s jury of which I have been able to find any record occurred also in Maryland in 1657. The subject of the autopsy was a negro Henry Gouge, who it was suspected had met foul play at the hands of his master. The court ordered Mr. James Veitch, with two chirurgeons, Mr. Rd. Maddocks and Mr. Emperor Smith, and as many neighbors as could be conveniently procured, to investigate the case. The report of this jury was rendered to the court Sept 24 1657. [note: Veitch is clearly acting in his capacity as Sheriff.]

Maryland Land Office 
Md Land Office, Annapolis, liber Q, folio 107

[from a personal website quoting documentation]

"Aug't 7, 1658: James Veitch demands lands for the Transportation of Ann Kidde this year, and Mary Gakerlin, now his wife, bought from Richard Keene"
1657-8 Provincial Court Proceedings 
Veitch v.
Nonsuit is Granted unto mr Hugh Standley in an Action wherein the Said Standley is defendant, and lames Veitch plantiffe with Cost of Suit
1658 Provincial Court Proceedings
Smith v.
Richard Smith demandeth warrt agst James Veitch, in an Debt to the ualew of 3000l Tob.warrt to the Sheriffe of the County of Calvert on to next Prouinciall Court, ut Supra.
1658 Provincial Court Proceedings 
Ferreira v.
Subpen. to the Sheriffe of County of Caluert to warne Robt Kingsberry & James Veitch to bee att the next Prou: Court, to testify &c: in a cause betwene Dauid ffereira, & James Jolly, att the request of the sd Jolly
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 

Jury: Sheriffe returneth his warrt & warned  foreman  Symon Ouerzee, Sampson Warren, Philip Land, Walter Fakes, Walter Hall, Robert Taylor, John Odber, John Ashcomb, James Lindsey, Peter Joy, Timothy Goodrick, James Veitch

1658 Provincial Court Proceedings 
Liber P. C. R. Vide Philip Hides Bill of Sale,
infra fol. 95
James Veitch sayth uppon oath in open Court, that there was an agreemf made betwixt Phil: Hyde, & Stephen Gary for 300 Acres of Land, And that Philip Hide, did confirme the sd Land unto Stephen Gary, Whereuppon the sd Gary passed his Bill for 50001 Tob, to be payd uppon demand to the best of his remembrance. Thomas Seymour allso declareth uppon Oath, That, concerning the former bargaine, the plf could not performe his Couent And thereuppon the deft would not pay the Tob. to the plf, yett after Mr Reuell agreed to giue to the plf 3000l Tob. & gett the Land how hee could.        
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings  Uppon the Bill exhibited in Chancery by John Cornelius & Walter Pake agst Philip Land. James Veitch sworne in open Court, sayth, That Mr Land sold 200 Acres of Land to the exhibiters, & was by condicon (wch this Dept drew) to procure & giue them a Pattt when Pattts were to be graunted, & to deliuer them possesn of the sd 200 Acres of Land in the winter following, And the Court finding That the Deliuery of the Land, was not made by Philip Land, as was requyred, as Capt Willm Euans testifyed uppon Oath deliuered in Court, It is Ordered tht the Exhibiters haue their Bill returned, & gyuen up to them wthout further trouble, And because the Bill was not in Mr Lands hands but by Assigmts made ouer to Mr Symon Ouerzee. It is further Ordered That the Bill being gyuen up to the Exhibiters by Order aforesd, That Philip Land pay to Mr Symon Ouerzee Two Thowsand pownds of Tob. to whom the Bill was assigned, & had the sd Bill in possesn wth Costs of suite to the Exhibiters. 
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
v. Dandy
To the honble Josias ffendall Leiutent of the prouince of Maryland & the rest of this Honble Court.The Humble Pet" of James Veitch. Sheweth Whereas yor Petr did exhibite the Accounts both for himselfe & the Clarke, for the imprisonmt, & other necessary & usuall charges & ffees, concerning the tryall executing John Dandie; as by their the sd Sheriffs yor Petr & Clarks accounts appeareth, before a Prouinciall Court held att Patuxt for the sayd prouince the 5th Octobr 1657. And the sd Court hauing examined the sayd accounts, did order tht fiue thowsand two hundd & twenty pownds of Tob to yor Petr, & six hundd Twenty Two pownds of Tob. to the Clarke, to be forthwth satisfyed unto yor Petr & Clark, or else exequuon. 
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
v. Chandler

To the honblec the Lieut* Grall & Councell of State for the Prouince of Maryland
The humble Petn & Complaynt of Thomas Cornwaleys Sheweth That whereas Co1 ffrancis Yardley & Nathaniel Batt both of Virginia for a good & ualuable consideraon to them in hand payd by the sd Tho: Cornwaleys, became bownd unto the sd Thomas Cornwaleys his heyres & Assignes….prouinciall Sheriffe untill further tryall be had in court therein. In wittnes whereof Wee haue Sett oe hands this 7th of May 1655 Signed in the pence of Vs Job. Chandler James Veitch John Goulding Geo: Burbage. 

1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Re Douty
James Veitch Aged thirty yeares or thereabouts 28 Aprill 1658 Sworne & examined sayth That hee, about the end of ffebruary, or beginning of March last, as neare as he can remember, did by chance meete one Mr Randal Reuell of Accomack, & in discourse asked him if hee knew one Mr Dowty, a Minister in Accomack. This depont continuing his discourse saying tht he knew a freind of the sd Mr Dowtyes, tht would willingly haue procured him a Benefice in Patuxt Ryuer, if the Inhabts of Accomack would giue way tht hee should come from thence, And the sd Randall replyed, tht he knew the sd Mr Dowtye would not bee for their turne, ffor tht hee knew him to bee a man gyuen to many uices, & easpecially to drinking, & further hee sayth not. Jurat Corae Ed: Scott. 
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Veitch v.

James Veitch demandeth warrt agst Willm Robinson in an accon of the Case. Warrt to the Sheriffe of Charles County to arrest &c: Ret. next Prouinciall Court ut supra.  

June 18th
Provincial Court Proceedings 
Watts v.

Alexander Watts demandeth warrt agst James Veitch, in an accon
of the Case. Warrt to the Sheriffe of Calvert County to arrest &c: Ret. next
Pro: Court to bee held 8o Sptembr next. 

1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Instructions to Sheriffs
as to fees
Whereas by Order of Assembly the Leauies & Clerks ffees, are due & ought to be payd, by all the Inhabts of this Prouince, as they haue bene formerly assessed.
These are therfore to authorize & impower, any the Sheriffs of this Prouince to destreine the goods of all such pesons, as shall refuse, or deny to pay or satisfy, all, or any such ffees, as are due by Leauies and Clerks ffees, unto James Veitch & to deliuer the same unto the sd James Veitch, & for soe doeing this shall bee yoe warrt Gyuen in Charles County this 4thof June 1658. To the respectiue Sheriffs Josias ffendall of St Maries Charles & Caluert Counties. 
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Liber P. C. R.

Warrt to the Sheriffe for Jury. Ret forthwth Sheriffe returneth his writt, & warned foreman Mr James Langworth, Capt Sampson Waring, Thomas Turner, Mr Henry Adams, Patrick fforrest, Henry Keyne, Philip Land, John Holfhead, Hugh Stanley, James Veitch, Richard Collett. Michael Baysey

1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Lord v.
Mathew Stone
The deft being twice arrested, alleaging tht it is a Play debt only, & the plf neuer appearing to prosequute, It is Ordered tht the dft bee from henceforth quitt from all accons concerning that suite & to haue Court charges, & tht James Veitch bring in the Bill to the next Court to be cancelled. 
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Alewander Watts plf.
James Veitch deft
The plf (per Attornat Willm Mills) complayneth agst the deft for tht Ano 1657, the deft coming to the plf & demanding the Leauy wch came unto 50l of Tob, the sd deft sett the Broad arrow on a hogshead of Tob of the plfs, depryuing him thereby of the use thereof, & wch hogshead of Tob. is now rotten. Willm Ennis sayth uppon oath, That after the hogshead was soe marked, the plf promised the deft to repack that hogshead of Tob. The deft likewise promising, to lett him haue goods for the ouerplus. And the deft produced his account for Leauis & ffees, Three hundred Thirty two pownds of Tob. The Court see noe cause of suite. 
 1658 Provincial Court Proceedings 
Brooks, Adminis. v.
Mr Michael Brooke admistrator of the Estate of Capt John Smith deceased demandeth warrt agst James Veitch. Warrt to Sheriffe Caluet &c: Ret 2d day ut Supra 
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Eltonhead v.
Scarborough's Estate
 Mrs Jane Eltonhead demandeth writt of Scire facias agst the Estate of Edmond Scarborough in the hands & possn of Mr Robt Taylor & James Veitch. Writt &c: to the Sheriffe of Caluert County to warne the sd Mr Robt Taylor & James Veitch to shew Cause put in writt.
1658 Provincial Court Proceedings
Robt Taylor v.
James Veitch
The plf sueth the deft touching some accompts betweene them & to haue the deft come to an accompt wth him, Wch the deft denying to doe, Craues an Appeale to the Prouinciall Court
1658 Provincial Court Proceedings
Hugh Bevin v.
Mr Symon Ouerzee
The Jurors warned are foreman Mr James Langworth, Mr Thomas Mathewes, Mr Henry Adams, Mr Richard Willan, Mr James Lindsey, Mr Roger I sham, Robt Cole, Walter Hall, Tho: Belcher, James Veitch, Edmund Lindsey, Willm Haynes
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Abrahamson's Adminx. v.
Know all men by these pents tht I ffrances Abramson the Admistrator of my husband Cornelius Abramson doe constitute & appoynt my louing freind James Veitch my true & law full Attorney to demand, aske and receiue, & uppon denyall to arrest sue, implead & imprisone all or any such pesons as is engaged to mee as admistrator of my sd husband, & what my sd Attorney shall doe, I doe hereby ratify & confirme, as if I were pesonally present. In wittnes whereof I haue hereunto sett my hand this 29th Nouembr 1658 Test, ffrances f. Abramson ffrancis Armestrong Thomas T Browne.
1658  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Attorney General v.
Holt et al

Writt to the Sheriffe to impanell a Jury of Twelue men. Sheriffe Returneth his writt & warned Mr Thomas Righould, Robert Kedger, Nicholas Yowng, Daniel Clocker, Willm Hewes, Thomas Kedger, James Veitch, Thomas Sowth, John Hamilton, Thomas Belcher, Robt Blinkhorne, Hugh Beuin.

1658 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799
xli, 84
Veitch, James, aet 30, deposed in 1658, mentions Randal Revell of Accomack
and Mr, Dowty, a minister in Accomack 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Veitch v.
James Veitch demands warrt agst John Day in an accon of Case to the ualew of 2100l Tob. Writt to the Sheriffe of Caluert County to arrest &c: Ret next Pro: Court hold att Caluet County 20th Aprill 2d day. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings
Parrott v.
Mr Willm Parrott demands warrt agst Alice Brasse in an accon of Defamaon. Writt to the Sheriffe of Caluert County to bring Anne Brasse to Court to iustify her allegaon. Writt to warne Capt Sampson Waring & James Veitch to testify in dit. Caan sub poen. 500l Tob. each, pro plf . Writt to the Sheriffe of Caluert County to warne Anne Neuell to testify in dit pro deft, att Mr Hugh Stanleys request. Sub poena 500l Tob. Ret. ut supra. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Mrs Jane Eltonhead v.
Mr Edm: Scarborough
In this Cause John Anderton Gentn deposed Sayth, That Mrs Robt Taylor told Mrs Eltonhead when shee deliuered the note, for to demand his the sd Mr Taylors Bill from Willm Berry, That hee would pay her the Order of Court wch was fiueteene hundd pownds of Tob And tht hee was glad hee had tht note to demand his Bill in, & would rather pay it to her, then to another. And tht that Bill due from Mr Taylor, was belonging to Mr Scarborough. Whereas the plf by writt of scire-facias hath summond Mr Robt Taylor & James Veitch unto this Court, to shew cause why Judgmt should not passe, 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Veitch v.
Whereas James Veitch plf hath petitioned this Court agst John Day, Alleaging how the sd Day being arrested att the suite of Willm Chaplin, & refusing to putt in security to answere the sd suite the plf was obliged by uertue of his Sheriffs Office to secure the defts person for one hundd & seauen dayes, for wh he demands 2140l Tob of the deft. The deft sayth tht he refused not to putt in Bayle: for hauing occasion to goe ouer the Riuer about his affayres he profered him MrTho. Thomas to be his Bayle; & tht he remayned wth the plf about Ten dayes before he profered him this security, during wch time the plf tended on him not aboue three dayes att the most, & further tht the plf permitted & allowed him to goe & stay att his owne howse, (wch the plf himselfe acknowledgeth hee did) The Judgmt of the whole Board is, tht the deft pay unto the plf (for thoee three dayes hee tended on him, as his prisoner) sixty pownds of Tob & noe more, & allso pay Costs of suite. To the honble the Leiutent & Councell of Maryland 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Parrott v.
Whereas Willm Parrott hath petitioned the Court for reparaon in his credit, agst Alice Brasse, Shewing how tht the sd Brasse being his seruant, & hee correcting her, scandalously reported how her sd Master had broake Two of her ribbs, & tht if shee dyed wth in a twelue month shee would lay her death to him, &c : Capt Sampson waring sayth, tht being att Mr Stanleys, Mr Stanley requested him & James Veitch, & Mr Willm Coursey, to goe in & see his seruant hee had bought of Mr Parrott, And shee seemed then to bee lame & sayd tht if shee dyed, Mr Parrott was the occasion of her Death by unreasonably beating her wth a great stick. And that shee
thought tht hee had broken one or Two of her ribbs, And this Depont sayth tht shee then att tht time lay, as if shee were dying, but the next morning shee went about her business in dressing Victualls, & righting up the howse. James Veitch Jurat idem uerbatim quod Capt Waring, Anne Neuell sayth tht Veiwing Anne Brasse & searching her, shee fownd her all black & blew ouer one of her shoulders & ouer the back & sweld downe the back. Mr Stanley informeth the Court, tht it was a fortnight or three weekes after Anne Neuell searched her, from the time Mr Parrott beate her & tht it was wth a stick, as big as her little finger, & tht shee still complaines of the payne in her back. The Judgmt of the Court is There appeares noe cause of Accon & both parties dismissed. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Waring et al. v.
Mitchell's Estate
Vid. fol. 320 & fol. 370
Capt Sampson Waring & James Veitch demand Writt of Attatchment agst the Estate of Capt Wm Mitchel deceased for 2000l Tob. Writt to the Sheriffes of St Maries & Caluert Counties to attatch &c: Ret. next Prou: Court to bee holden in St Maries or Caluert Counties aforesd. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Re Smith's Cows
These psents wittnes tht I Mathew Smith Planf in Patuxt Riuer, doe hereby sell, alienate, assigne & make ouer unto Thomas Hopkins & Robert Hopkins ioyntly & seuerally, them or eyther of them Two Cowes & One heyfer (marked in the right eare wth a slitt downe in the eare & a peice cut out before, & the left eare Cropd) And I the sd Mathew Smith bind mee my heyres to beare harmelesse the sd Thom-
as Hopkins & Robt Hopkins, their heyres or assignes from any tytle right or interest from the sd Mathew Smith or Arthur Manship his Wife, or his Children. Wittnes my hand the 18th of January 1656 Teste James Veitch Mathew C Smith Jos Hambleton. Elizabeth A Smith. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings  James Veitch sworne 22th Nouembr 1659 before Philip Caluert Esqr Sayth, That being att the howse of John Waghop sometime in Aprill last hee saw Two or Three Seamen wth baggs of Tob, carrying from the Tobacco howse, And tht being in Company wth Capt Waring & Robt Kedger to looke uppon a hogshead of Tob wch Capt Waring had receiued of Robt Kedger, hee saw some of the seamen take Tob out of a hogshead tht had the broad arrow uppon it & marked wth R. C. That hee did heare John Waghop say, That hee had gyuen the Seamen that Tob, they were carrying away; & tht looking uppon some of the sd Tob, hee sayth tht it was sownd & of a good coulor, & further sayth not. James Veitch. Robert Cornish deposed in open Court sayth That the hogshead of Tob now in dispute was damnifyed; Lying in the Tobacco howse one whole summer uppon the grownd, wth one head out, & part of the Tob. out allso. George Mackall Jurat idem quod Robt Cornish Supra, This suite is dismissed, & Ordered That each pay their owne Charge, in Consideraon of their neglect. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Capt Sampson Waring and James Veitch v.
Capt Mitchells Estate
Vid. fol. 264 & fol. 320
Whereas the plfs tooke out writt of Attatchmt agst the Estate of Capt Willm Mitchell deceased 25o of Aprill last, Ret att the Prouinciall Court following, the ffowrth day of Octobr, for 2000l Tob, Wch Attatchment was att tht Court held 7o Octobr continued, & respited till this Prouinciall Court. And the Admistrator to the sd
Mitchells Estate, not appearing eyther att the last Prouinciall Court, or att this Court, & being in due Order called Judgmt is graunted unto the plfs agst the defts Estate for Two Thowsand pownds of Tob, according to the sd writt of Attatchmt. 
1659  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Pakes v.
The said Walter Pakes the same day demanded a Sumons in Chancery against James Vech assignee of Mr John Hollyes Subpa then issued to the Sherr of Calvert County retorn 19 ffebr next accordingly. Walter Pake assignee of John Hollis demands a writt agt James Vech in an action of the Case Writt thereupon issued directed to the Sherriffe of retorn 19 ffebr next 
1660  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Pake v.

To the honnoble Governor & Councell The humble petition of Walter Pake Sheweth that whereas James Veitch stands indebted to the petr the full sufhe of ffower hundred .... hand doth appeare, And the Petr accepting of his note with the Consent of the said James Vech, and since Mr John Hollis being fatally killed your petr is outed out of his Tobacco to his great loss and damages. May it therefore please this honnoble Court to consider the premisses, and grant your petr an order for his Tob with Cost and damages. And hee shall euer pray as in duty bound :  Whereupon the petr produced the ensuing note and assignmts thereupon, Vizt Maior Hallews Sr haueing this opportunity I thought good to write to Concearning John dandy, Belleys and other Tulls that you haue in your Custody Mr Smyth has gott a order for you
upon John Dandyes estate for 498l Tob that I will ingage to pay to whom you will please to appoint, Sr I had order from the Court to write concearning the Tooles of John Dandy wch I hope you will deliuer to his wife In soe doing I rest yours to comand James Veitch This 15th of October 1657 Assignmt Mr Veitch pray pay this Tobacco to Walter Pake Oct 30th1657 John Hollowes. And the defendt by his Attorney Gyles Sadlier appearing and not makeing any thing appeare matteriall why the petr should not be paid fowre hundred Nynty Eight pounds Tob and Caske due by the note aforesaid. The Court thought fitt, and soe ordered that the petr be paid the said 498l Tob and Caske wth Costs suite by the deft. Veitch his letter of Attorney to Sadlier Know all men by these presents that I James Vech doe constitute and appoint my loueing freind Giles Sadler gent my true and lawfull
Attorney for me & in my name to answere any suite or suites depending in this Prou11 Court, and what my said Attorney doth I doe hereby ratify and confirme as if I were personally present, As wittnes my hand this 16th of ffeb 1660 Signed James Veitch Testes John Reede ffrancis Jackson.             

1661  Provincial Court Proceedings  This bill bindeth me Thomas Belcher of Patuxent my heires Administrators or Assigns to pay or cause to be payd vnto John Lord of Hartford in New England Merchant his heires Executors or Assigns the full and Just Sume of three thousand and Eighty three pounds of good tobacco and Caske according to Act of Assembly on all demands after the tenth of October in the yeare 1658 as wittness my hand this tenth of June 1658 Tho: Belcher Testes James Veitch William u Dorrington his marke Reed of this bill Eight hundred forty seauen pounds of tobacco for the Acco of Mr Richard Mattox I say by me received John Lord 
1661  Provincial Court Proceedings 
v. Vetch
John Hammond demands a writt to arrest James Veich in an accon of the case
Warrt Hide Lu the Sheriffe of Calvert County to arres t &c ret ut Supra
1661  Provincial Court Proceedings 

Then was impannelld a Jury for the tryall of Mary Bradnox the Relict of Thomas Bradnox (vizt) Richard Smith Foreman. George Macckall William Greene, Humphry Haggett William Hatton, Robert Kingsbury Francis Anketill, Walter Pake Daniell Clocker, James Veiche John Bogue, Zackary Wade, William Kennedey, Walter Beane, Richard Collett, Daniell Johnson

1661  Provincial Court Proceedings 
Veitch v.

To the honoble the Leiuetennt General and the rest of the Councell The humble peticon of Robert Peyton as Attorney to James Veich Sheweth That whereas at a Provinciall Con held at St Marys the 25th day of November last past John Hammond obtayned Judgemt agt yor peticonr vpon default of his appearance Now yor petr humbly craues that yor Honors takeing into Consideracon the Tenor of this affidt will vouchsafe to grant a Supersedeas vpon the said Judgemt And he shall pray &c. Knowe all men by theis prsents that I James Veich .... riuer doe constitute ordeine and appoynte .... Attorney in any suite wch... Veich and Jno [Hammond] .... shall .....Capt Samson Waring aged 43 yeares or thereabouts sworne and Examined this 26th dec. 1661 Sayth That comeing to the howse of Hugh Lee the 25th day of November, presently upon the riseing up of the Cort James Veich there meeting with Mr John Hammond he demandd wherefore he the said John Hammond arrested him The said John Hammond answered that it was for a bill of Robert
Taylors in James Veiches hands but since that they were mett together that they would not trouble the Cort with itt but adjust accts betwixt themselues And for the same purpose the said John Hammond chose me this depont to arbitrate this busines betwixt him and the said Ueich, and this depont sayth that the said Hammond promised to send his accts within 14 dayes to the said Ueitches howse, but hath not yett sent them and further sayth not Jurat coram me Philip Calvert Samson Waring
upon the peticon of Robert Peyton Attorney to James Veich The deft accknowledges the sd peticon. 

 1661 Provincial Court Proceedings 
Devorax Browne p. Attorn. Jno. Bateman v.
Sinkler & Kingsbury
Knowe all men by theis prsents that I John Sinkler and Robert Kingsbury doe Engage our selues to binde over both our Estates for the sattisfaccon of a debt of twelue thousand three hundred Seaventy foure pounds of Tobacco and Caske And wee both doe Engage our selves to give bond, and to owne the same bond the next Cort As Wittnes our hands this 26th of February 1660 Bond being taken and
owned in Court this to be voyd and none Effect John l S Sincler his marke
Robt K Kingsbury his marke Testes James Veitch John Sutton : Ordered that they doe giue bond according to the Tenor of the Obligacon produced in Cort 
1661  Provincial Court Proceedings 

Warrt mde to the Sherriffe of St Marys County to impannell a Jury the Sherriff returned his writt and warned Capt Thomas Manning John Hamond Humphry Haggett James Veach   Tho: Bennett Hugh Stanley Wm Hatton Wm Bretton    
Robert Slye Fran: Batchelor Henry Spinke John  

1661  Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 
xli, 520
Waring, Capt. Sampson [no age given] deposed 1661, mentions James Veich 
1662  Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 
xlix, 12
Dunkin, Tobias, [no age given] deposed 1662 mentions James Veitch 
March 15 1662  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  

Tobias Dunkin aged 32 yeares or thereabouts sworne sayth. That this Depont went on shoare to the plantaon and asked whose plantaon tht was? and a woeman told this Depont it was Patricke Dues, & I further asked her, if it was not the plantaon tht was Bromalls? & shee sayd yes it was, then I enquyred If there was not some Tob of Mr Cookes? & the man sayd there was a hogshead, & I enquyred also for James Veitch & John Addams their plantaons? And he sayd tht James Veitch was on the other side the Creeke. Then hee asked mee where I landed? And I told him in the Coue, where the Canow was. Hee sayd There were Oysters in the Canow & did hope the Seamen would not take them away. And I promised him, when I gott downe, They should take none of them away. Soe I went to roule the hogshead of Tob out of the Tobacco howse, And in the interim the man went downe wth his Gun (as the woman told mee, for I did not see him) And further hee sayd They might eate oysters, soe they did not carry them away. And I promised him they should not. And further sayth not. Tobias Dunkin. Sworne before us John Bateman William T Turner. 

1662  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  

Know all men by these prsents tht I John Bogue doe lett & make ouer unto Mr Mathew Stone one Boy named Walter Oyle, to serue the sd Mr Stone from the 21th of this prsent month till last of Octobr next in any seruice tht the sd Mr Stone doth employ him, as wittnes my hand this 18th of ffeb. 1662. John Bogue his Marke.Wittnes Humphrey Warren James Veitch.  

1663-4  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings

vide folio Know all men by these prsents that I Willm Singleton of Petuxent plantr doe Ordaine and appoint James Veach of the same Riuer plantr to be my lawfull Attorney to answere all bussinesses or suites at tending this Prouinciall Court as wittnes my hand this Second of Willm Singleton Teste George Philips Robert R Chysick


1663  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings

Sheriffe Returnes his writt & warned for the Grand Jury. fforemã Mr Hugh Stanley Robert Done Thomas Glouer Rich: Creekbone George Richardson Samuel Graues Thomas Ireton James Veitch John Grammer John Murth Micheal Catterton Peter Joye Enoch Cumbs John Norton Henry Keene Patrick Cambdell Mathew Stone All sworne: 

1663 April  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings

Anne Hammond dds writt agst James Veitch Accon Case.Wart to the sheriffe Caluert County to arrest &c: Ret next Prou: Court to bee holden att St Maries 2° Junij next. 

1663  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  

Summons to sheriffe St Maries County to warne James Veitch to testify in caã Mathew Stone agst Joh Bogue. 

1663  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  

To the honble the Gour & Councell of Maryland.The humble Petn of Anne Hammond the Admistratrix of John Hammond. Sheweth That James Veitch is indebted unto yor Petr the sume of 2000£ of Tob & cask, for a woman serut bought by the sd Veitch of yor PetTs Deceased husband, Wherefore shee humbly Craueth order of this honble Court for the sd 2000£ Tob & Costs of suite, And shee shall pray &c: Anne Hamond plf The plf sueth as in her Petn for 2000£ Tob, the price of a woman Serut. The deft owneth tht hee James Veitch deft had a woman serut of John Hammond a little before his decease, But sayth tht hee hath allready payd for her, & produced an acct in Court intending thereby, if not to ballance, att least to cutt or stop most part of the plfs demand, Wch acct not being admitted the deft then further alleageth tht hee hath Bills of the Ptfts, wch hee hath not now by him, whereby to satisfy tht demand, And thereuppon Craues Respite till next Prouinciall Court, wch was graunted by the Board.Leiut Coll John Jarbo, att the instance of the plf sayth uppon OathThat on the 14th day of ffeb. last past, James Veitch bought a mayd Serut of Mr Hammond, And hee the sd Veitch promised the sd Hammond goods att Patuxt, And desyred him to make hast & come whillst goods were to bee gotten, And this Depont understood that those goods soe promised to bee deliuered were towards the paymt for tht mayd serut. 

1663   Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  
Liber B B

Att a Prouinciall Court held att St Maries on Twesday 9° ffebruary 1663. Pope Aluey plf John Samwayes offering himselfe to pleade in James Veitch deft this Cause, & not hauing any. Letter of Attorney from the plf to tht end, The Cause is dismissed, wth Charges to the deft, according to Act of Assembly in tht Case prouiding. 

1663  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings

Att a Court held att New Towne for the County of St Maries 27th Octobr 1663. prflt Mr Robt Slye Mr John Lawson Commisrs Mr Tho: Dent Mr John Nutthall To the Worll the Commisrs of St Maries County. The Petn of Giles Brent Humbly Sheweth [p. 210] That whereas John Hammond hath bene yor Petrs Attorney agst Benjamin Gill, & receaued one Thowsd and odde pownds of Tob. & Cask in the yeare 53 or 54, And the sd Tob. was payd by Mr Tho: Gerard, or his order, The wch Tob. the sd Hammond not yett restored to yor Petr. Therefore yor Petr craueth of yor worps an Order agst the 8d Hammonds Estate And yor Petr shall pray/ Mr Thomas Gerard maketh oath tht in the yeare 53 or 54 Mr John Hammond the Attorney of Capt Giles Brent did impleade Mr Ben jamin Gill for a Debt of one Thowsd Eighty & Eight pownds of Tob. & cask, And the Gill being brought to his howse by the sheriffe James Veitch, Hee the sd Gerard did then pay one Thowsd pownds of Tob, by his sonne Mr Slye, & Eighty & Eight pownds of Tob. in Sugar & a Payle to the sd Hammond, & further Sayth not. Tho: Gerard. John Lumbrozo AttorneyIfThe deft pleading tht Capt Giles of Capt Giles Brent Brent is Out-Lawed by his LPS Anne Hammond Admistx -Declaraon, and ought not to have th Bemfitt of any Law in this Prouince, And desyres Respite to the next Court to proue the same.Whereuppon It is Ordered tht the Case be referred to the next Court. 

1663-4   Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  Pope Aluey dds writt agst James Veitch in an accon of Case in March 7th beha!fe of his Wife Anne Admistrix ix of the Estate of hem husband John Hammond deceased. Warrt to sheriffe Caluert County to arrest &c: Ret next Prouinciall Court, 50 Aprill next.
1663-4  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings
Liber B B  
To the Rt honble Charles Caluert Esp Leiutt Grãll of the Prouince of Maryland, & the honble Councell. Vide fo: 261 The humble Petn of Pope Aluey, Humbly Sheweth That whereas James Veitch stood indebted to yor Pet” as Admistr of John Hammond Deceased for 2000£ of Tob. & Cask for a woman Serut & Likewise some other Debt due to the Estate wthout the sd James Veitch proues this Debts payd, yor Petr humbly Craues an Order for his Debt, & yor Petr shall euer pray &c: 
1664 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799
MD ARCH xlix, 271-272 
Vines, Samuel, [no age given] deposed 1664, mentions James Veitch, -  
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings
Liber B B 
John Cooper aged 24 yeares or thereabouts sayth That Debory Webb was sent away by John Hawkins Order by Mathew Armstrong to the Easterne Shore as a Seruant belonging to the said Hawkins and further sayth not— Francis Riggs Michaell Basey Rob: Hendley Thomas Bennitt James Veitch Thomas Hussey Richard Dodd Robert Chysicke 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings   Warrt to sherriffe to impannell a Jury ret forthwth sherriffe returnes his writt & warned fforernan Walter Peake John Anderton Rob: Hendley ffran: Riggs Francis Armstrong Geo: Newman Geo: Beckwith James White James Veitch Rob: Chysicke Samuell Garland Thomas Bennitt 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  Pope Aluey plt the plaintiffe being undr restraint, Ordred it bee Vide fo: 222 James Veitch respited till next Prouinciall Court— 
April 5
Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings   These may Certifye whom it may Concerne that George Holmes is intended for England this shipping if any one haue any thinge to Alleadge to the Contrary let them underwrite theire names and I shall giue them Sattisfaccon—Certifyed by the Clarke of Caluert County that no man hath underwritt Wee doe ingage Our selues to see all Debts due from George Holmes to any prson or prsons in this pruince, for wee are Confydent hee owes none excepting the passe which wee will see sattisfyed as wittnes Our handes this 20th day of Aprill 1663— Mathew Stone James Veitch 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings
Liber B B 
Sometime in ffeb: 1663 att the house of John Grammers Wee did heare Thomas Pagett Call Mr Standley Cheating Knaue and did say hee would proue it and other Odious words, and all was Concerning a Bill of Giles Sadleirs as wittnes Our handes this 24th ffeb: 1663 Mathew Stone James Veitch 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings   June 25 Hugh Standley dds Summons for Thomas Sprigg Mathew Stone and James Veach to testifye &c in Causo, ditto Standley ptt: & uide folio Thomas Paggett defendt ret 5th July next—uppon forfeiture each 500lb tob: 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings 
Pope Aluey ptt: James Veitch dfft
the ptt: being under restraint the Cause not heard— 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings   Court 4th Octobt next ditto Standley dds summons in ditto Causo for Henry Thickpenny Jno Reed Nathaniell ffrench Margarite ffrench Henry Pope Ann his wife and Alice Godsgrace to ditto Court to test &ca in a Cause depending betweene Hugh Standley plt: & Thomas Paggett deft in an accon upon his Case for slander and defamacon, to the uallue of 30000lb tob: ut supra upon forfeiture of 500lb tob: each person in not appearing—— another summons in ditto Causo for Mathew Stone James Veitch and Thomas Sprigg, to testefy ut infra Retuf the 4th day of Octobr next in ditto penulty
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  Henry Tripp his Declaracon of Appeale from the County Cort of Caluert unto the Prouinciall Cort held 4th Octobr next To the honble the Gouernot & Councell of Maryland The humble petcon of Henry Tripp sheweth That yor petr was arrested to Caluert County Court held in Aug° last past by James Veitch in an accon upon the Case of Trouer & Conuersione and the said Veitch in his Declaracon did lay Claime uide Ordr to a Cow a yearling and a Calf e as in his DecIaracon more att large may appeare and to proue his title to the said Cattle did supcena one Samuell Vines to be his wittnes who was sworne to declare the truth and the whole truth in that Case depending betweene the said Veitch and yor petr and when the wittnes was Declaring what he could say the said Veitch the said wittnes did disturbe and abuse before the Court saying hee did subpcena him to bee his wittnes and not to bee the Defendts wittnes, And the said Veitch did alleadge to the Court that the wittnes (though subpcena'd by him) was not fitting to speake saying that the wittnes was a Rogue & had been found upon the bed wth that whore his Mistris And would Sweare any thinge for her and many other abusiue words the said Veitch did speake in the Court to disturbe the Wittnes and when the said Veitch could not haue Sworne what hee would hee told the Court that hee would put a little more Charge to it and Craued a Iury to haue his Cause tryed by, whereupon yor petr Appealed to yor Honnors which yor petitionr did obtaine but the said Veitch did urge the Court and would not be otherwise sattisfyed till yor petr had put in Security to pay double Costs and dathages which was Ordered— Yr Petr doe in all humility throw himselfe and Case upon yor Honnors not doubting but yor Judgment will bee according to Justice and equity, And yor petr shall pray &c. Henry Tripp demands writt of Summons for Joseph Horsley William Euans and John Torner in ditto Causo Summons to sherriffe of Caluert County to warne &c ret 4th Octobr next undt the penalty of 5lb tobb 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  James Veitch dds writt of Summons for Samuell Vines Demetrius Cartwright James Price & Willm Euans to testifye &c in a Cause depending upon an Appeale from the County Court of Caluert inter ditto Veitch deft and Henry Tripp plt: under the penalty of 500lb uide 337: tob: each person not appearing, to the next Prouinall Court being the 4th October next— 21th Then Came James Veitch and desires the marke of his Cattle may bee entred which is as fott (uizt) both Eares Cropt and a halfe moon on the upper part of both Eares 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings 
Pope Aluey plt:
James Veitch deft
this Cause discontinued— 
1664  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  James Veitch sometime in ffeb: last Mr Sprigg Mr Stanley and Thomas Paggett was at Mr Mountforts store and after this Mr Stanley said I doe questione whither I shall bee trusted here or noe, being askt, yow doe not know whither Mountfort did not sell him Goods upon these words, he said he could say nothing in that bussiness—And further saith not— 
1664   Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings
Liber B B 
Att the County Court of Caluert held the 16th August 1664 Major Thomas Brook Francis Anketill prsent Thomas Truman Richard Collett Gentn [Thomas Leitchworth George Peake Charles Brooke James Veitch plt The pit: declares agst the deft in an accon of Hen: Trip Attof Trouert and Conuersion for that whereas the Capt Manning deft plt:: hath right unto property in, and being absolute owner of one blackish browne Cow, and yearling and one Calfe, the encrease of the said Cow, now or lately in the possession of the deft wch Cow and her Encrease as aforesaid the deft hath and doth Conuert to such use and uses as unto him seemeth meet, & al though the pit: hath made often demand of the deft them, the said Vide petu Cow and her encrease unto him to deliuer, yet neuertheless Contrary to law and equity them the said Cow and Calf e to the defendt hath and doth refuse to the pit: to deliuer which is unto the damage of the pit: fifteen hundred pounds of tobacco or thereabouts for which, and for the deliuery of the Cow and her encrease unto the pit: he humbly Craueth Order of this worship” Court agst the defendent and for Cost of suite and he shall pray &c The pit: sues the deft prout in petn the deft pleads not guilty and desires the pit: to proue his Trouert—The pit: Craues a Jury but the deft Craues an appeale to the Gouernor and Councell in Chancery— Ordered the Deft enter into Bond to pay double Datnages if he be Cast— True Copie p mee James Thompson Clke Samuel Vines deposeth in Court saith that he Cannot Declare that One Blackish browne Cow and yerling and Calfe James Veitch hath right unto propertie in and absolute Owner of, and further saith that James Veitch did bring downe a Calfe to weane about flue yeares agoe to the best of my memory and that that Cow is the Calfe wch James Veitch did bring downe to the best of my knowledge and that that Calfe which is now the Cow did aliwayes goe by the name of Veitch, & further this deponant saith that this Cow was in Michael Brook's possession, aboue three yeares to the best of my remembrance, and that my Master did giue John Winfeilds boy a paire of shooes by James Veitch Order as my Mastr said to looke after the Calfe and did deliuer them on the Sabbath day, and that he did heare his mastr oftentimes say that he bought this Calfe of James Veitch and that Michael Brookes had three yeares before his decease a quiet possession and to the best of my knowledge James Veitch did know of it, and that to the best of my knowledge there is an yearling and a Calf e of the encrease of this Cow, And that this Cow had both eares Cropt, and did neuer take notice that it had any other marke, And further saith not— Demetrius Cartwright deposeth in Court saith that that Cow which James Veitch Claimes is of the same marke the rest of his Cattle (uizt) both eares Cropt and an half e moone cut out of the upper part of the care, and that James Veitch did make demand of this Cow, and her encrease, and Mr Tripp did deny to deliuer them, and further saith not— James Price deposeth in Court saith that this Deponant was not att home, when the Cattle of Michael Brooks were appraysed, and that James Veitch did desire me to goe into the penn to see the marke of the Cow which he Claimed and I found the marke to be Cropt on both cares and an halfe on the topp of each care and further saith not William Euans deposeth in Court saith that James Veitch made demand of a Cow and her encrease that he said was his, of Henry Tripp, and he said he would not deliuer them wthout Order of Court and further saith not—Hen: Tripp upon appeale plt : the foregoeing appeale undr the James Veitch defendant Cla rkes hand of Caluert County uide pete Court being read, which appeale was in Chancery, James Veitch the dleft alleadgeth that the pit: could not appeale in Chancery by reason there was no injunction on it therefore Craues a dissmission— The Court adjournes till afternoone againe rnett the Leiutennt Generall alsoe prsent But Mr White absent by reason of his indisposedness in health The foregoeing pit: and deft againe at the Board appearing Both partyes Ioyne issue, and Craues to haue the meritt of the whole Cause, tryed by the Gouernor and Councell which was allowed, now James Veitch plt— James Veitch plt: The appeale againe read, to which the deft Hen: Tripp defendt pleads not Guilty And desires John Turners Oath may be taken who in open Court was sworne and saith I heard my Mastr Michael Brook say if he had not taken that Calfe for a debt he had not had any thinge he Came into the Country in Nouembr last was twelue months and about that time this was done And further saith not—The deft desires Iudgmt of the Court Coil: William Euans opinion herein, is, that if James Veitch had any property or Claime to the said Cattle he would haue taken some Course to haue had them home in all this time—The Opinion of the whole Board is the same wth Coilonell William Euans—which was Ordered as Judgmt to be entred And further Ordered that from this prsent time of tryall James Veitch is to pay all the Charge likewise 90lb tob: for Capt Mannings attorneyship and One dayes attendance— Pope Aluey in behalfe of his wife Ann Administratrix of the Decembr Estate of her husband John Hammond decd demands writt agst James Veitch in an accon of the Case to the uallue of 2000lb tob: warrt to the sherriffe of Caluert County to arrest &c ret 20th instant—--To the Gouernor~ and Councell of Maryland The humble pet” of Pope Aluey Sheweth That whereas James Veitch stood endebted to yor petr as Administrator of John Hamond deceased for 2000lb tob: and Caske for a woman Seruant and likewise some other debt due to the Estate wthout the said James Veitch proues this debts paid yor petr humbly Craues an Order for his debt And hee shall pray 
1664 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799
MD ARCH, xlix, 269
Veitch, James, [no age given], dep in 1664,  
1665  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings
Liber F F  
Pope Aluey on behalfe of his wife Anne Administx of the Estate of her husband John Hammond decd demds writt agst James Veitch in an accon uppon his Case to the uallue of two thowsand pounds of tobacco.Warrt to sherriffe of Caluert County to arrest &c Ret: 13th June next Prouinall Court 
1665  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings  Att a Prouinciall Court held att St Maries on Twesday the Tenth day of Octobr 1665 Charles Caluert Esq Mr Edward Lloyd Philip Caluert Esqr Chancelr Mr Henry Coursey Mr Baker Brooke Coll William Euans Mr Thomas Truman The Court being mett & Oyes proclaymed, The Grand Jury of Enquest called (Vizt) foreman Richard Smyth ff rancis Carpenter John Bowles Robert Blinkhorne Michael Baysey Thomas Smoote William Euans Henry Tripp George Macall Arthure Ludford Thomas Innis James Walker George Collins Peter Mills Thomas Thorowgood James Veitch Robert Henly John Cage Who being all sworne The Chancelor deliuered their Charge; As Concerning witchcraft, Burglary, felony, murther, & other Trespases where a Penalty or ffine is imposed by the Law of the Prouince. 
1665  Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings 
Pope Aluey plf
James Veitch deft
1665/6 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 
MD ARCH., lvii, 73
Veitch, Mary, Calvert Count aet 26, dep in 1665/6 mentions Stephen Clifton deceased, Demetrius Cartwright.  
1667 Maryland Deponents 1634-1799
MD ARCH, lvii, 169 
Varlow, James, [no age given], deposed in 1667, mentions James Veitch and his wife Mary Veitch and the felonious killing of their servant Sarah Feakeley –  
1670  Maryland Land Office
Mary. State Papers - Liber 13, Folio 54 and Liber 14, Folio 69. [from a personal website quoting sources] 
1670 James Veitch received a patent for land called "Veitch's Rest"  
1676  Provincial Court Proceedings 

James Veitch agt Ambrose Bayley

Ambrose Bayley late of Charles County otherwise called Ambrose Bayly of Charles County Carpenter was Sumöned to answer unto James Veitch in a plea that he render unto him five hundred poundsof tobacco which to him he oweth & unjustly deteineth.And whereupon the Said James by Robert Carvile his Attorny Saith that whereas the Said Ambrose upon the eight & twentith day of January in the yeare of Our Lord 1675 by his certaine bill orwriteing Obligatory sealed with the seale of him the said Ambrose & here in Court produced whose date is the day & yeare aforesaid did confesse and acknowledge himselfe to owe and stand indebted unto the said James the just sume of five hundred pounds of good Sound merchantable tobacco in caske to be paid conveniently in Charles County upon demand Yet notwithstanding the said Ambrose the said summe of five hundred pounds of tobacco to him the said Veitch though often thereunto requested hath not paid but the same to pay doth deny to the damage of the said James One thousand pounds of tobacco And thereupon he bringeth his suite. And the said Ambrose by John Jones his Attorny cometh & defendeth the force and injury when &c and prayeth liberty of Speakeing hereunto untill next Court & it is granted him the same day is given to the said James Veitch. Afterwards to witt the seaven & twentith day of April in the second yeare of the Dominion of Charles Lord Baltemore &c Annoq Dom 1677 Came the said James & Ambrose by their said Attornyes and the said Ambrose Saith nothing in barr or avoidance of the action aforesaid: of him the said James but is content that judgment passe against him for the debt aforesaid without costs of Suite Whereupon it is granted by the Court here that the said JamesVeitch recover against the said Ambrose Bayly the Summe of five hundred pounds of tobacco the debt aforesaid & the said Ambrose in mercy. 



Long arm of the law reaches back to Maryland's colonial days

Past is Prologue / By Dr. Kent Mountford

November's midterm elections have seriously stirred the nation's political pot, and the roiling is felt all the way down to local offices, like the county sheriff.

Such periodic political uncertainty is not new to Maryland, nor is a profound shift in political winds a solely modern phenomenon - and sheriffs have often been in the thick of it. In Maryland, they've been elected since colonial times and thus had to play politics. Here is the genesis of one "sheriffe," as he was then styled, and his resolution of one man's violent crimes.

James Veitch was born in 1628 amidst the turbulence of Scottish politics at the time of the Protestant Revolution. During Veitch's youth, his family - the house of Dawyck - fought on the side of King Charles as he battled Oliver Cromwell, a decision that placed them on the losing side.

James was the third son and one of seven children. He could thus expect little inheritance or much gentlemanly advancement in Scotland. Facing, as historian Lou Rose put it: "a land seething with religious, political and military struggles," the young Veitch chose to emigrate to England's Maryland Colony.

He wisely sought and received a modest land grant in Lord Baltimore's plantation while still in London, and thus had holdings and the beginnings of stature in the colony when he sailed across in 1651. He arrived in Southern Maryland alone, without support of family or friends, and found that political unrest had migrated across the Atlantic before him, ready to complicate his life yet again.

According to land records, dated 7/2/1649 in London, he was granted a parcel of land lying on the north side of the Patuxent River near a creek called St. Leonards. The 70 acres were named Veitches Cove.

Earlier, in 1644, Capt. Richard Ingle - half activist, half pirate - claimed that he had a letter of marque authorizing drastic action around the Chesapeake. He joined William Claiborne, who had established an Indian trading post on Kent Island, and together they essentially usurped the government of Maryland. Fighting for the Protestant (or Puritan) cause, they deposed Roman Catholic Gov. Leonard Calvert, Lord Baltimore's representative in the colony. Calvert fled to Virginia when Ingle seized the capital, St. Mary's City. Calvert regained control in 1647, although he became ill and died the following summer.

Back in England, a civil war was raging. Parliament troops defeated Royalists and seized power. King Charles I was beheaded Jan. 30, 1648, an act that Parliament thought would end the English monarchy. In Maryland, the Assembly tried to create some stability among the factions and crafted the Maryland Toleration Act in 1649. Protestant adherents in the colony had expected that Lord Baltimore would be shown the gate, but in England his deft diplomacy enabled him to never quite lose control of his interests in Maryland.

The insecurity and level of fear for both Catholic and Protestant planters was incredible. They could not serve two masters and in choosing one they could be expelled, attacked or even have their belongings plundered by the other side.

Young James Veitch arrived in the thick of this terrible situation. His family had fought on the side of the Royals, and even though they had briefly decided to support Cromwell's Interregnum, the Veitches were on uncertain footing.

James occupied his small parcel of patented land on the north bank of the Patuxent River's Saint Leonard Creek.

His influential neighbor, Richard Preston, who lived just down river, commanded the Calvert County Militia, responsible to Gov. William Stone, who was a Protestant. Veitch, like most gentlemen planters, was commissioned as a lieutenant in the militia, and undoubtedly attended sensitive political meetings at Preston's home. His name appears on a list of those enlisted to ensure eventual complete Puritan (Protestant) control of the colony. Veitch's superior in the militia was Capt. Sampson Waring of Calvert County. For a young man whose family had been on both sides, this must have been an uncomfortable berth.

Veitch was likely a big man. (Exhumed relatives in Scotland had large skeletons.) In his mid-20s, he would have been a disciplinary asset in a colony rife with dissension.

The political and violent military machinations that accompanied the Puritan assault stretched across tidewater Maryland. It included naval as well as land combat, and "breach of quarter" (executing surrendered prisoners) at the Battle of the Severn. (This latter offense violated the code set forth in Cromwell's military manual.) It's not clear how much of this involved Veitch directly.

Starting in 1653, Veitch was elected a deputy or "undersheriff." In this capacity during 1653 and 1654, he answered to a high sheriff named John Smith (not the Smith of Jamestown fame). Their jurisdiction encompassed the entire Maryland province. There was also a "constable" designated in each of the province's "hundreds," or subdivisions.

Veitch's duties included serving on the grand jury, and he was called to act as ordinary juror at Calvert County Court. In 1655, he was sworn in again with the new high sheriff, Sampson Waring, his former militia commander. Both posted valuable quantities of tobacco - the colony's currency - as bond and took an oath to assure they would perform "truly faithfully and diligently, both to the Lord Proprietor and to all the people."

In provincial Maryland, the high sheriff and his deputy were not only responsible for law enforcement but also the elections held during four days each year when landholders (the only voters) expressed their choice for the burgess (representative) from each settled hundred in open forum - and without secret ballot.

James Veitch succeeded Capt. Waring as high sheriff in 1657, at age 29 and in only his sixth year in Maryland. This, in addition to his land, and presumably the tobacco grown thereon, assured him of some income. Sheriffs invoiced colonial government for their services on each case encountered.

Many of the colonists arrived as ne'er-do-wells from England, or distressed commoners bonded to indentured service for four to seven years. All sought a fresh start, but many brought with them personality disorders and violent, unsavory, or even criminal histories. There was little vetting of immigrants in those days. In consequence, there were some pretty rough characters abroad.

Rafael Semmes, in his engrossing book, "Crime and Punishment in Early Maryland," catalogs many crimes, along with the difficulties and errors in their prosecution.

From just 150 settlers in 1634, Maryland's population grew to 583 in 1640, then swelled to 4,504 people by 1650, just before Veitch's arrival. It nearly doubled in the next decade. This many people spread widely over the rural province left many characters to lead unregulated and undisciplined lives.

Young John Dandy was one of them. A gunsmith, Dandy had the potential of being a rare and valuable tradesman when, with eight other men, he was indentured as servant to Clobery and Company in the 1630s. His next appearance, though, is on an "endorsement of writ" by John Lewger to the sheriff of St. Mary's City." Dandy is in some unspecified trouble with the law. In 1649, while aboard a "shippe then riding in (Saint) George's river," he quarreled violently with Capt. Richard Husband, who told Dandy: "you long to raise a second Ingle here" (a reference to Richard Ingle's 1644 rebellion), then prepared to punish his unruly behavior.

His hand was stayed in this by William Eltonhead, a gentleman who then held a royal patent on thousands of acres in Calvert County. It's thought Eltonhead wanted to assure Dandy's gunsmith skills were not lost to the colony. In 1650, Dandy opened a forge to ply his trade at Newtown in what today is St. Mary's County. Dandy and his wife, Ann, had two children.

They appear to have had a young female indentured servant, who on pickling some peaches for winter, gave some to Thomas Maidwell, an employee of Dandy's. Ann Dandy observed the exchange and pursued Maidwell (likely with tongs) holding "a smith's cinder," the glowing dross or slag from their forge. John Dandy joined in the attack and struck Maidwell with his forge hammer. The youth regained his feet and fled crying out for aid. Maidwell sued Dandy for assault and battery, but inexplicably withdrew his claim. He died shortly after. Both historians, Rose and Semmes, suggest it was most likely from injuries inflicted by his employer. Perhaps he was too ill to appear and so the charge was dropped. This was the first man to die at Dandy's hand.

Dandy was indicted in another case, the death of an Indian boy named Edward. The indictment reads:

"Dandy's gun charged with bullets against said Edward did discharge and…wound (him) in the right side of his belly, near the navel, so that he pierced his guts, of which said wound the said Edward within the space of three days died…"

Found guilty of murder and felony in a subsequent jury trial, Dandy managed to have his sentence commuted on some technicality. He was ordered to serve the lord proprietor for seven years. One of his duties was to be the public executioner for the colony. It was a strange penance, given that Dandy's reputation as a tempestuous and abusive man was by then apparently widespread in the colony.

In May 1657, Dandy lost control again. His apprentice Henry Gouge had been sent to get live coals from a nearby kiln for the forge and when he was too slow at this task, Dandy pursued him. Neighbors said they heard screams, cries of pain and distress. Dandy returned saying the boy had run away. His body was found the next day naked and floating down a creek near a still at Newtown. A search for his clothes - suspecting he'd disrobed to swim - revealed nothing. The corpse was black and blue, with the marks of a savage attack. Strangely, Dandy was with the search party and volunteered to help drag the body ashore. Bystanders claimed that when Dandy touched the corpse, Gouge's mouth and a deep cut in his head started to bleed. In the 17th century, this was admissible evidence at trial as it was supposed to indicate the corpse identifying its slayer.

Not long after the killing, Sheriff Veitch and two physicians were charged with investigating, and had the then-decomposing body exhumed, examined and to "cause the said head to be carefully lapped up and warily brought to the court with what convenient and possible speed as maybe." One supposes the purpose was so that the wounds could be examined.

Dandy in the meantime, escaped from custody and fled across the Potomac to Virginia. There he was pursued by Sheriff Veitch, who apprehended him and returned him to Maryland. The sentence pronounced by the provincial judges was death, and Veitch conveyed Dandy to an island in St. Leonard Creek.

I view two possibilities for the location of the site where Dandy was taken. First, the tip of Petersen Point at St. Leonard Creek's mouth was a low sandy erosional hook before modern shoreline stabilization and might periodically have cut off as an island. Second, there is still a free-standing island in the creek above its confluence with Johns Creek. As recent as 40 years ago, it had high banks and large trees, although it has since eroded to a symbolic remnant. Nearly 350 years ago, it would have likely had high old growth trees - unlike the adjacent mainland where clearing for tobacco agriculture had taken place. It was also near the sheriff's original 70-acre land holding on Veitch's Cove.

Whichever site it was, on Oct. 3, 1657, Veitch did his civic duty, and John Dandy was hung by the neck until dead—the first Englishman tried and executed in Maryland.

Two days later, Veitch submitted his invoice to the court for "the imprisonment, and other necessary and usual fees concerning the trial and executing of John Dandy."

He continued as sheriff into 1658 and was a grand or petit jury foreman in five subsequent years.

Transferring a cow as payment, he bought the transport and indenture of two English girls, Ann Kidde and Mary Gakerlin. He later married Mary, and she bore his six children, ensuring, after his death in 1685 at age 57, a line of descent that dots North America today.

In an ironic footnote, his descendant, Deputy Sheriff Will Veach of Sheridan, WY, was gunned down in June 1914 during a confrontation with a notorious horse thief and outlaw. The papers that day cited his law enforcement ancestor, Sheriff James Veitch, in the eulogy.
Dr. Kent Mountford is an environmental historian and estuarine ecologist. Send Kent an e-mail. Read more articles by this author.

F. P. Veitch Collection
MSA SC 727

Collection Dates:


Collection Description:

Letters sent from Scotland by the father and other relatives of John Veitch who settled in Prince George's County around 1760.




No restrictions


Microfilm only

Film No.:

M 1092, M 1098


Microfilm Inventory

Posting to by Fletcher Veitch September 2003. Ken, on your website, you list the F. P. Veitch Collection MSA SC 727 as relating to James Veitch. I am the owner of the originals of those letters, and would like to make two comments that may be of interest. First, the Archives have transcriptions (done by my father) of the documents, not the originals. I have recently spent a great deal of time trying to extract as much information as possible from them, and will be updating the transcriptions when finished. There are some significant errors. Second, John Veitch (Abt. August 25, 1728 - c. 1784 Bladensburg, MD) of Peebles and Bladensburg was the son of Alexander Veitch (c. 1693-1780), Mason and Burgess of Peebles. While there may be some familial relation to James the Sheriff, I am unaware of it at this time. I would love to be able to establish any relationship between Alexander of Peebles and anyone prior to 1700. Any information related to this branch of the Veitch family is of great interest to me.


Will of Nathan Veatch Prince Georges' Co., Md. Bk #1, p. 26

I Nathan Veatch being of weak body but of shure and perfect memory doe make

this my last Will and Testament. In manner and forme folowing: I comitt my

sole unto the hands of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and my body to be

buried att the Decision of my Dear and Loving Wife whome I make ordaine and

appoint to be my sole Executricks.


First I give and bequeath to my Sons James Veatch and John Veatch all the

Land which I have lying in Pr Georges Co. on the west branch to be equally

Divided between them both and to there ares (heirs) lawfully begotten and for

want of such ares to fall to my Daughters Mary and Elizabeth Veatch and their

ares Lawfully begotten and for want of sutch each share then to fall to my

brother William Veatch and his ares forever forth.


I do order that my Wife should Hold and enjoy all my Lands until my Sons

James and John Veatch comes to the age of twenty one years but if in case my

Wife marries then my Sones James and John to be at age of sixteen years old

to have and enjoy the lands and when the division comes to be made that my

Sons shall allow there mother any part of the said Land that sheshall see

fitt to have and enjoy during her natural Life and then to fall to the ares

and aforesaid .


I give to my daughter Mary Veatch my track of Land called Hopeful Blessing

formerly lyind in St. Mary's County to her and her ares Lawfully begotten and

for want of sutch ares to fall to my Sons James and John Veatch and thare

ares forever and I doe order that if my Wife should die then that my

Daughters Mary and Elizabeth Veatch shall have the Privelidge to live with

there brothers until they shall be married.


I bequeath and give to my brother William Veatch all that tract of Land

wheron he now liveth to him and his ares Lawfully begotton and if no are then

to fall to my Sons James and John Veatch and there ares lawfully begotton

and for want of sutch ares then to fall to my Daughters Mary and Elizabeth

Veatch and there ares forever.


Also I give and bequeath to my dear and loving Wife all my Personale Estate

whatsoever and if my Wife should die before my children comes to age then I

leave my children to the care of my Brother William Veatch and Thomas Clagett

that my brother should have my Daughter Mary and my sons John Veatch and that

my friend Thomas Clagett shall have my Sone James and my Daughter Elizabeth

Veatch and I doe apoint and leave my Dear and loving Wife, Brother William

Veath and Thomas Clagett to be my Trustees and do revoke any former Will by

me made and one this to be my Last Will and Testament


Witness my hand and seal this 19th Day of April anna Dom. 1705.

Thomas Clagett

Richard Clagett Nathan Veatch
Mary Clatgett

Henry (X) Hows


Came the 31 day of May 1705......



Historical Documents: 1689


Dated in Maryland the

3rd day of August Anno. 1689.


Address of the Inhabitants to the King.

Recd from the Earl of Shrewsbury

31st Decer 1689.


Calvert County.

Whereas divers Persons have lately taken up Armes and

have taken into their custody the Magazine of Armes and

Amunition, and also the Records of this Province and doe

pretend their designe is nothing more than the publick good

of this Province and in order thereto (as they pretend) are now

Endeavouring to have an Assembly called but we whose

Names are hereunder written being very confident and having

good ground to believe their Majestys King William & Queen

Mary (whom God preserve) will most certainly take care to

protect us, their Majesties Loyall and Protestant Subjects, and

wee may expect it to be done the more speedily considering

how great a Revenue rises to the Crown of England from this

Province, therefore believe ye in a short time wee shall have

some person come from England with a full and Lawfull

Authority and Commission to govern this Province, and most

assuredly he will then call an Assembly which wee doubt not

will be in October next at farthest time enough to perfect and

settle the Affairs of this Province therefore are not willing to

run ourselves into the Extraordinary Charge of two Assemblies

immediately one upon the back of the other, wee likewise

are satisfied that noe persons doe nor will disturb those per

sons that have the possession of the said Magazine and

records and doe expect that they will Keep them safe and

deliver them to a lawfull Authority when it comes from Eng

land, therefore wee will choose no Burgisses or delagates to

sitt in Assembly until a lawful power from England require

the same

Witness our hands this 20th day of August in the first year

of their Majtes reign Anno. Dom. 1689.

Mich: Taney Sheriff: Richd Ladd

of Calvert County Nath: Dare

Richard Smith Junr Geo. Lingan

John Griggs Richard Shepherd

Tho: Clagett Richd Johns










 Elisha Hall

Robert Day

Geo. Yongue

Frances Maldin

James Duke

Hezekiah Bussell

John Geyall

John Hume

John Smith

J n Holzworth

Jno Chillan

Jno Gurner

Tho. Sedwicke


Jno Holloway

Jno Manning

Frances Higham

Robt R. Spickernell his


Wm Kesoyd

Wm Derumple

Tho Butterfeild

Andrew X Bradde his



Thomas Hillary

John Wilmott

Benjamin Hall

William Wadsworth

John x Godegreave his


Nath: Manning the

merke of

Edward B blackborne

Tho: Guenest

Joseph Dawkins

Robt Anderson

James Veitch

William Smith

William Dawkin

Wm x Whittington his


Tho: x Hinton his


Hugh HC Chintons his


James + Baddock his


James Dossey

John Stone.

John Haunce

Frances Hutchings

Wm Smith

Wm Gurner

John Scott

John Soften

John Groner


8 Baines his


John Renell

John Veitch

Frances Freeman

John x Kent his


Edward Battson

Jeremiah x Sherridon his


Paule P Kisby

his mark

Wm W Grenall

his mark

Tho: Tasker

Francis Buxton

Edmond Howe

 Historical Documents: 1689


Kent County in the Province of Maryland.

Address to His Majesty.


To their most Exclt Majties King Willm

and Queene Mary.

The humble and hearty Address of yor Majties

most dutiful and loyall Protestant Subjects

Inhabitants in Calvert County in yor Majties

Province of Maryland under the Dominion of

the Rt Honble Charles Lord Barron of Baltamore etc.


Dread Sovereignes.

We have at this distance to our great comfort and felicity

beheld and admired your Majties like the Sunne in the Firma

nent not only dispersing all malitious and threatening Clouds

of Popery but also nurrished and cherrished the Church of

England the which we hope will prove a sweete smelling

flower to your Majesties and your posterity for ever.

We humbly beseem yor Majties to believe that we have a full

sense of this our present happinesse and esteem this last

blessing of Almighty God not only an an earnest of His mer

ciful kindness unto us and such as shall succeed us but as of

a royal stamp of heaven upon your Majties dignity and under


We take the boldness to assert yor Majties that we will

behave ourselves in all the Circumstances of duty and loyalty

as senseable and worthy of so great a blessing as by me shall

not deface the Character,which (if soe small remote a handfull

can add anything to yot Majesties Service) shall be for ever

legable in our Actions and effections.

We esteem this our Interest and Duty and therefore pray

that Almighty God by whom Kings reign and who hath so

signally crowned your Majesties with this favour would add

length to your days and Tranquility. These are and shall be

for ever our apprehensions and wishes which being sincere

and hearty imbouldene us to lay before your most sacred

Majesties our at present most deplorable condition which is

that several persons who call themselves Protestants have

overturned the Lawfull and peacable Government here of

the Lord Baltemore under pretence of doing your Majties Ser

vice, whereas in truth we have just cause to believe, and doubt

not but your Majesties will find they intended noe other than

to gratifle their own ambitions and mallitious designes this not

being the first tyme that some of the Ringleaders of them

have attempted to make a rupture in the peace and govern

ment of this Province being persons that little regard either

religion or justice furthur than to carry out their designes but

denying us the benefitts of Lawes and Priviledges due to

Englishmen terming us worse than Papists for that we would

not joyne with them in overturning the said Government of

the said Lord Baltemore whom we were well assured at the

same time was a subject to your Majesties whose Orders to

proclaim you there we dayly wished and hoped for the lives

and conversations of which persons as also of us the subscri

bers we presume to say that divers merchants in London and

Traders hither are capable to give a satisfactory account of

these, terrifieing us with Troops of armed men and hauling

several of us to prison with martial force and sometimes show-

ing no cause why which seems so much the more uneasey us P.

for that we have lived many happy days under the Govern- Colonial Papers

ment of the Lord Baltemore and his Agents and enjoyed

peacably and freely the exercise of our rdigion, libertys and

properties and never had just cause to pray any other Govern

ment But now ernestly pray and humbly beseeche your most

sacred Majesties will be pleased with all the convenient speed

as may be either to reestablish the said Lord Baltemore in

his Ancient power and Government or by such other wayes

and means to order the Settlemt of this your Majesties Prov

ince as in justice shall seem to you most meet and convenient

That wc may again reape the benefit of the Laws of England

as heretofore we have done is the humble petition and desire

of those which cannot esteem any happiness more agreable

than in being, Dread Soveraignes







 Geo. Lingan

Thomas Johnson

Richard Smith


Waltr Smith

Enock Comes

Will Brookes

Henry Orton

Robert Davy The

mark of

Robert RI Johnson

Hugh Chinton

Richd Rake

John Faney the

mark of

Francis F H


J on Leach Junr

Saml Holdeworthy

Jno Holdeworth

Wm Dawkins

J os. Edwards

Mitch. Dandy

Richd Keene

Hugh Hepenell

John Nutthall the

mark of

Symon G V Garling

Wm Chaplaine

Dann. Rawlings

James Wamless

Your Majties

most Loyall dutiful

and obedient

Subjects and


Jno Smith

John Smith

Wm W Whittington his


W A Keroyd

Joseph Hall

Nathan. Veitch

John Pawman

Jno Veitch

Elisha Hall

Francis Buxton the

mark of

Jno T Maydowe

the mark of

Wm x Wood

Richard Looke

Roger Skime

Edward Dickinson

Tho. Clagett

Rd Clarke

Joseph Wright

Robert Shepheard

William Hutchings

William Winning

James Veatch the

mark of

Edward E Blackburne

James Ante

Wm Turner